The stock iOS 7 calendar is good but it’s just not good enough for a lot of users. People rely on calendars for various things ranging from simple birthday reminders to mission-critical stuff. While Apple’s stock iOS 7 calendar appears good enough on the surface, it just doesn’t cut it when you are talking about intense calendaring.

A stroll through the App Store shows you thousands of alternatives – and not everyone of them is going to fit your bill. We picked four calendars based on a few criteria: design+aesthetic, function/features, popularity/reviews. Here you go:

Best Stock iOS 7 Calendar App Alternatives

#1. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 iOS 7 Calendar App

The original Fantastical won rave reviews when it launched and continues to enjoy an enormous support from its users. It just got updated and the changes are largely cosmetic to meet the new iOS 7 design trend. And frankly, it just kicks ass when it comes to being the best calendar ever.

On iOS 7, Fantastical 2 has almost everything that the first version had. For users who have already been using Fantastical, the switch should be very smooth.

The coolest thing about Fantastical is the intelligence. Natural-language input is interpreted and events are created/scheduled automatically. But you have complete control even as the event gets created. Fantastical 2’s interface focuses largely on the week and is designed to look more like a to-do list.

It’s one of the coolest calendars around and comes with a design and functionality that beats the stock Calendar by leaps and bounds.

Price: $4.99 (limited time, $2.99)
Download Fantastical 2

#2. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise iOS  7 Calendar App

A free app doesn’t get any better. The Sunrise Calendar doesn’t support natural-language event addition but it more than makes up for all that by pushing the limits on design, context, shared calendars and weather integration.

A two-week glance followed by contextual bird’s eye view of upcoming events makes Sunrise Calendar’s design aesthetic fall closely in line with Apple’s minimalism. When you use the Sunrise Calendar, you are not very far from the stock Apple Calendar but the powerful features, the contextual displays make the app quite useful.

Sunrise Calendar does come with other limitations: it can sync with Google and iCloud only. If you use Exchange/Outlook, you are left out. But seeing as it is that a lot of people are switching to iCloud for their Calendar needs, Sunrise Calendar could just be the thing you’re looking for.

Price: Free
Download Sunrise Calendar

#3. Cal

Cal iOS 7 Calendar App

We’ve written about Cal earlier and it is almost impossible to miss this one on a list of calendars designed for iOS 7. Cal is a smart natural-language calendar that identifies locations, times, people and purpose.

The context that Cal sets for your calendar events makes the app totally worth. Well, it’s free so there’s one of the best selling points. The interface is simply gorgeous beyond words. It’s a combination of Fantastical 2 and Sunrise Calendar in terms of the home interface but Cal adds its own individuality to the information. The best things about Cal are the ease of creating an event and the context that is added to your event.

Cal provides a lot of associated information: maps, directions, weather, social connection and integration with Any.DO – to-do app.

Price: Free
Download Cal

#4. Tempo Smart Calendar

Tempo Smart Calendar iOS 7 App

It’s actually hard to describe Tempo Smart Calendar as a calendar app at all. It’s far more than that, with integration of people-centric functions and data-rich interfaces.

Tempo Smart Calendar is the perfect calendar for business folk. If you are thinking of a full-featured calendar app that integrates reminders, calling abilities, reminders and alerts, document search, flight status report – Tempo Smart Calendar is the app for it.

Sometimes, Tempo Smart Calendar is more of your smart assistant than just a calendar.

Price: Free
Download Tempo Smart Calendar

  • Kendon Black

    I like Calendar Event Pro It’s so simple and it works with the native iOS Calendar app, so you do not have to have a separate calendar. It gives you all kinds of custom options when adding an event. For example, it allows you to add an event that recurs on the second Tuesday of every month. The old version has some bad reviews because it didn’t work on newer versions of iOS, but the recent release fixed this and it should now work on all versions of iOS.

  • If you’re using Google Calendar as the backend calendar with any of the above apps, I think you should also consider trying out ClipPod. We’ve been using it to chat and share meeting related files inside our calendars and it’s worked out quite well so far! :)

  • Matthew Livingstone

    I am looking for an iOS-based calendar app that has the ability to sync the color coded categories from Outlook. Do you know if any of these apps have this capability?