Update: The team at Hackulo.us have stopped further development on Installous. Installous and the related repos and tweaks are no longer available on Cydia.

Installous is the best third-party cracked app downloader for iOS devices hands down but for some of us, the thing doesn't work at all. If you're bogged down by continuous Invalid IPA and Unavailable API errors and can't fix the bugs, you are probably frustrated and need an alternative.


Although Installous was a pretty good app, it still has got alternatives that you can readily download and get going. In our quick roundup today, we'll look at some of the popular alternatives to Installous that you can download on your iOS devices.

8 Best Installous Alternatives that Work

Disclaimer: We don't recommend Installous or any other Installous alternatives in any manner to Install .IPA files. iGeeksblog is not affiliated with any website/developer mentioned in this post, and we don't encourage app piracy. Developers put a lot of effort to create apps and what’s a dollar or two to spend on buying these apps? The only reason we post on these alternatives is to help users try out costly apps before they decide to purchase it. Under no circumstances should this be misconstrued as supporting piracy or piracy-related apps.

1. i-Funbox

It's one of the finest Installous alternatives you can get your hands on. One of the best things about i-Funbox is that even though it comes as a desktop app, it's easy and fun to use. There is not much of a learning curve in installing IPA files that you can either search directly on the software or the ones you download from elsewhere.

2. vShare

vShare was formerly AppVV and it uses pretty much the same resource as Installous. In a sense, it's the same thing as Installous with only some interface changes that a few users would prefer over Installous. vShare requires that you download AppSync on Cydia – this means you'll need to install “repo.appvv.com” repo. One great thing about vShare is that the community and the developers are as professional as Installous.

3. AppTrackr

AppTrackr.cd doesn't work anymore. You can instead go to http://iphonecake.com.

4. IPA Search

This Installous alternative isn't all that popular but it's quite versatile and good in bringing up relevant and working results. If you're looking to download IPA files directly to your iPhone or other iDevices, IPA Search will get that done for you.

Now, even when you download IPA files directly, you won't probably get to install them till you use something like i-Funbox.

5. AppCake

AppCake is something we posted on recently. It's one of the finest Installous alternatives that has gained popularity. AppCake comes from the iphonecake repo which is quite popular too. What makes AppCake a very good Installous alternative is the fact that the usage is pretty much similar to Installous so users of Installous would certainly find AppCake familiar.

6.IPA Installer Console

This doesn't usually happen but grab it while it lasts. There is a Cydia tweak called IPA Installer Console in the BigBoss repo (default) which lets you install IPA files and edits the iTunesMetadata.plist file to bypass update checks. The default repos usually do not allow such tweaks to be hosted, and it sure looks strange but IPA Installer Console works just fine. With it, you can install IPA files that you've downloaded from various sources. The IPA Installer Console will also let you play/run apps on a device that is not supported officially by the app.

7. AppAddict

AppAddict is a relatively new service which works very similar to AppTrackr. It's an online repository of several cracked apps you can install on your iPhone. If you visit their website from your iPhone, you'll also be able to get to the iOS version of the website so finding and downloading apps becomes easier.

8. IpaStore

IPAStore.me is another new alternative that hosts a ton of cracked apps you can try on your iPhone (before buying them from the App Store). Like AppAddict or AppTrackr, you get to download the cracked apps from externally hosted sources but the website itself serves as a large repo for app discovery.

I'm sure we missed some really good ones so tell us your favorite alternatives.

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  • absolutely cool

  • Jacob LaFlash

    I use this to get apps that were taken down.

  • Marcus Greenhouse

    You missed Zeusmos and ipastore. Both work extremely well on my 4S

  • We really don’t recommend using cracked apps except for testing them/trying them before purchasing them from the App Store. If you updated the app through iTunes after installing it through iFunbox, you will mostly be billed.

  • Sabip Sagaz

    Please, help me. I’m from Brazil and last week I jailbroke my iPad. I installed Cydia and nice tweaks. I’d like to have a good app to have remote access to my pc and so I installed iFunbox in my PC and started to download ipa files as Ignition app.It’s U$129,99 in itunes stores, but now I received the bill!!! I saw my email and it’s there, as a normal purchase in iTunes Store. Is this common to happen? Some ipa files as Omnifocus did not appear in my account as a purchased app, itunes stores still show me it as an app to buy, but it’s installed in my iPad and it’s working. How do I solve this, cause if I have to pay why download cracked apps????

  • Guest

    Appcake sucks, there’s hardly any selection

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JikV5KUERnM

    That’s my review on your blog!
    Thanks for the post. :)

  • macuser123

    recently a new
    cydia source kicked off ive installed it i have to say its a very
    interesting cydia source it has everything you need there the source
    links below

  • kevin

    i went into installous and went into the downloads and i saw appvv, i clicked on it and hit install and installous would just crash

  • Tigran Avetisyan

    I have a problem…when I click “Install” it does not start downloading…it stucks in 0.00 B/s and says “Source may changed, please try to redownload.”.

    • Ayush

      You just have to pause and resume to make it work again ;)

  • Gsa1772

    How do I sync to iTunes… Does not detect my phone … Do I need another thing to download .. So I can sync ?

  • ??

    How can you “download” App VV from installous after you download it from Cydia if installous doesnt work anymore..?

  • matann@me.com


    Install that app , its so easy to use :)



  • iTunes can’t be used to install cracked ipa files because these lack the DRM data required for iTunes to accept and install them on a iDevice so apptrackr.cd can not be used without a DRM patching cydia app. That was mainly what installous used to do.
    So your point #3 is wrong.

    Please at least check before posting something.

    • Simon

      That was not what installous was used for Anmol Jain. To accept and install DRM-less ipas through iTunes you only need AppSync from Cydia, which is still available in different repositories even though the cydia.hackulo.us repo is down.
      So point #3 is perfectly valid although it should mention AppSync and the fact that apptrackr.cd has been taken down as well.

    • “Please at least check before posting something.”

      Says the person who is flat wrong. I used apptrackr forever before even considering installous. What a noob.

  • Rapey

    It’s not about the dollars. Here in Maldives, for appstore we uses addresses from India, srilanka, Malaysia or Singapore and add our credit cards. But it doesn’t work anymore. We use to cheat to buy from the AppStore, but that option is invalid which forces us to jailbreak and download cracked apps. those of us who use to pay has no other options now. Most of my friend converting to galaxy tabs now.