Best image download Chrome extensions in 2023

Best image download Chrome extensions for Mac

It’s pretty straightforward to save images from the web when browsing by right-clicking and selecting the “Save Image As” option. But the best image download Chrome extensions make the job even easier and provide additional options.

For instance, an extension can be a bulk image downloader, or it can help you grab the thumbnail of a YouTube video you’re watching. If you want to take advantage of this, check out the below list of the best Chrome extensions to download images. 

How do I download a photo extension in Chrome?

Downloading a Chrome extension is super easy. Make sure you’re browsing in Google Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store to browse and install extensions.

For the extensions listed below, click the download button to view an extension in the Chrome web store. Next, click Add to Chrome to install the extension.

You can then access it from the right side of the address bar in Google Chrome and pin it for quick access.

8 Ways to use Chrome extensions to download image on Mac

  1. Image downloader – Imageye
  2. Image Downloader
  3. Download All Images
  4. Unsplash for Chrome
  5. Image download for YouTube
  6. Loadify
  7. Lightshot

1. Image downloader – Imageye: Editor’s choice

image eye image download chrome extension

This extension is my top choice for its ease of use and dependable efficiency. When you click it, it finds and showcases all the images on the webpage you are viewing. You can then look through and download whichever images you want.

Moreover, you can filter based on pixel width or height and use this extension to download all images from the website at once. You can also copy the URL of the original image. It works with all kinds of websites, so it’s an ideal Chrome extension to download Instagram images or photos from other social media platforms.


2. Image Downloader: Best for organized downloads

image downloader chrome extension

Here’s another top image downloader chrome extension that can help you quickly save photos from a webpage.

You can filter by width, height, or URL and download with a single click. Or get a closer look by opening any single image in a new tab.

Further, the best part about this extension is its ability to save images in subfolders and rename them. This keeps things organized when handling multiple images. 


3. Download All Images: Best bulk image downloader

Download All Images chrome extension

I love this highly customizable extension that lets you easily download multiple images at once. You can filter according to file size, dimensions, and file type (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP) to get precisely what you want. 

It’s good at detecting all images on a page accurately. Then, it displays them in a handy gallery view so you can have a look before downloading. 


4. Unsplash for Chrome: Best for content creators

unsplash image download chrome extension

This is one of my favorite Chrome extensions that’s perfect for downloading images to use in your blog posts, social media, or other projects. It lets you quickly find and download beautiful free photos from Unsplash that you can use without paying. 

Just enter a search keyword, and you’ll see some great image options. Right-click and save the image or click the creator’s name at the bottom to view the image on the Unsplash website. 


5. Image download for YouTube: For downloading video cover images

Image download for YouTube chrome extension

Do you ever watch YouTube videos and want to download the cover image? Maybe you want to feature it somewhere or keep it for inspiration. Well, this image download Chrome extension makes it super simple. 

Whenever you’re watching a YouTube video, just click this extension for the option to download the video thumbnail or cover image. 


6. Loadify – Smart Image downloader: Best features

Loadify - Smart Image downloader chrome extension

Here’s an image downloader with some nifty extra features such as the ability to get the colors used on a webpage too. This can help inspire you with creating color palettes or just matching the shades in different images. It can be a helpful tool for graphic designers, artists, and brand strategists.

When you click this extension, it opens a new tab displaying all the images found on the open webpage. From there, you can choose to download individual images or all together. I appreciated the sleek interface and the speed with which it extracts images.


7. Lightshot: Best screenshot downloader

lightshot image download chrome extension

Screenshots have taken over our lives and are a feature that every one of us uses every day. So you must try this convenient tool to select an area of the screen and download its image, print, or upload it to the cloud quickly.

What I love about this app is that it’s super easy to use and very intuitive. It’s quick and customizable, allowing you to edit the screenshot too. You can even search for similar screenshots.


That wraps up my list of the best image download Chrome extensions that you can use on both Mac and Windows. Are there any other kinds of extensions you’re looking for? Let me know in the comments below.

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