Range of Best iPhone 6/6 Plus Docking Stations from iHome

Best iHome Docking Stations for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

With the release of Apple’s latest and technically the most advanced iPhone series (6 and 6Plus), a slew of different multi-use docks have also become commercially available. The iHome range of Clock Radio Dock Stations offer you some exciting features by combining important tasks like charging your iPhone, playing music, etc.

This range has four models that offer you more or less similar facilities differing only in their dimensions and aesthetics. Keep reading to know more about these four models and how they can complement your latest iPhone.

1. iHome iPL23

iHome iPL23 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Docking Stations

The model iPL23 by iHome comes with a flexible dock, which is a lightning connector compatible. Having this compatibility, it easily charges as well as plays the iPhone 6 or 6Plus. Now with the help of the docking station, you can wake or sleep to your iPhone. There is a facility to program and store 6 FM stations in the memory.

The stereo comprises of Hi-Fidelity drivers in specifically designed Reson8 speaker chambers. As a result, they render bursting, high-quality sound. The Auto Sync option helps you set the clock to your iPhone’s time. The option to gently increase or decrease alarm or sleep volume reduces your difficulty to wake up and sleep.

USP: Reson8 Speaker Chambers
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2. Home iDL44

iHome iDL44 iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Station with Speaker

If you rich sound quality is what you are after, go for Home iDL44. Loaded with Reson8 speaker chambers, it offers impressive sound quality. Dual alarms ensure you can stay at pace with your hard time.

Apart from letting you charge your smartphone securely, this dock is also designed to your power up your Apple Watch. With the neat design, it can make an excellent match for any home or office décor. Besides, you can choose iDL44 in two colors like gunmetal and white/silver.

USP: Superb sound quality
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3. iHome iPL24

iHome iPL24 iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Station with Speaker

iPL24 is pretty much in line with its sibling iDL44. It has a more compact design and holds your iPhone steadily while charging. You can comfortably check out the latest notifications and interact with your device while it’s charging.

Aside from being a competent charger for your smartphone, it also works as an efficient charger for your Apple Watch. So, you can use this dock to juice up both your devices at night with complete peace of mind. Incorporated with Reson8 technology, you have the luxury of top-quality sound to infuse life into your music. Moreover, you can pick out iPL24 in two colors: rose gold and gray.

USP: Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio
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4. iHome iPL23 (2-in-1)

iHome iPL23 iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Station with Speakers

Unlike the iPL23 mentioned above, this one is primed to be a beautiful charger for both your iPhone and Apple Watch. As for qualities, it’s as good as any iPhone dock from iHome.

The dock comes with FM radio with six presets, which you would find sufficient for basic needs. It’s also equipped with Reson8 technology to inject firepower into your music. And with a sleep timer, you will be able to embrace your sleep peacefully. Furthermore, this charging stand comes in two colors like black and white.

USP: Sleep timer
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That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

Among these appreciable docking stations which one have you chosen for your smartphone? Share your valuable inputs in the comments.

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