It’s Halloween in a couple of days! It’s that time of the year when you carve spooky Jack O’Lanterns, dress up for the party and go trick-or-treating. If you’re yet to think of a cool design for Jack O’Lantern or a Halloween costume, we’ve got something for you: awesome Halloween apps for your iPhone/iPad!

Besides some cool Halloween games for the iPhone, there are also other Halloween-themed apps that can help you pick a costume this season, or get ideas for totally spooky pumpkin carvings. Check out this list!

Best Halloween Games and Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Halloween Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Digital Dudz

Digital Dudz iPhone and iPad App
Digital Dudz is an app where you can pick/buy costumes, masks etc. The folks have a bunch of Halloween-themed costumes (besides almost everything else) that you can buy from within the app. If you are running out of time to design a costume/mask yourself, this is something you should check out.

Price: Free
Download Digital Dudz

#2. Pumpkin Creation

Pumpkin Creation iPhone and iPad App

Start decorating your Jack O’Lantern with this simple, made-for-kids app/game. The app has a ton of designs/templates to choose from and you can spend hours trying to customize the pumpkins. It’s designed for kids as a fun, interactive app but feel free to steal ideas from this to make your very own real Jack O’Lantern. Some cool effects like flickering lanterns, customizable backgrounds make this even more interesting.

Price: Free
Download Pumpkin Creation

#3. The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

The Walking Dead iPhone and iPad App

This one’s my favorite. For all Walking Dead fans, this is an app you should definitely try this Halloween. It makes very realistic zombie/walking dead modifications of your photos that make your jaw drop. Click a pic in the app, start adding tons of effects. Ultra-realistic!

Price: Free
Download The Walking Dead

#4. Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar iPhone and iPad App

Ghost Radar is based on the original Ghost Radar. It’s fun and if you can add your own effects to it, it’s really spooky outdoors. The app has a cool interface and uses sensors on-board to tell you where ghosts are in the vicinity! Great app for some outdoor games.

Price: Free
Download Ghost Radar

#5. Halloween Spooky Soundbox

Halloween Spooky Sound Box iPhone and iPad App

With some 50 ghostly, spooky and scary sound effects, this app can send shivers down your spine. All bundled in a wonderful interface that’s easy to use, Halloween Spooky Soundbox is a must-have if you’re taking your Halloween party to the next level. Plug it in to a speaker.

Price: Free
Download Halloween Spooky Soundbox

#6. Halloween Wallpapers HQ

Halloween Wallpapers HQ iPhone and iPad App

Dozens of high-quality Halloween-themed wallpapers for your iPhone. As simple as that. The app is actually ad-supported so you might get a little annoyed by them. But a great collection of wallpapers, so that should make up for it.

Price: Free
Download Halloween Wallpapers HQ

#7. Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Pumpkin Carving iPhone and iPad App

Halloween Pumpkin Carving has, probably, the largest collection of Jack O’Lantern designs to view. This is just a gallery of hundreds of interesting Jack O’Lanterns where you can get some ideas. You can search through categories or browse through trends. (Doesn’t contain instructions to carve the pumpkins though).

Price: Free
Download Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Best Halloween Games for iPhone and iPad

#1. Math vs Zombies 2

Math Vs Zombies 2 iPhone and iPad Game

The popular Math vs. Zombie game returns with more puzzles and more cooler graphics this time. The fun begins with you answering math puzzles quickly so as to escape being eaten by the zombies. There are a ton of puzzles to solve. It’s designed to target grade school.

Price: $4.99
Download Math vs Zombies 2

#2. Buddyman: Halloween Kick 2

Buddyman iPhone and iPad Game

Buddyman: Halloween Kick 2 is a very interesting arcade where you slay zombies and ghosts of every kind. They can crop up from anywhere: the ambiance of the game makes it quite spooky, scary and fun at the same time. There’s a huge collection of mystical weapons to attack the equally mystical creatures that are lurking in the shadows. (Lots of in-app purchases limit the game though. Still, you should give it a shot!)

Price: Free
Download Buddyman

#3. Jewel Mania Halloween

Jewel Mania Halloween iPhone and iPad Game

If you’re a fan of match-3 puzzles, Jewel Mania’s Halloween themed game should be a nice way to relax. There’s cool backgrounds, new haunted levels to play and not to forget, some really cool Halloween-themed music to set the tone!

Price: Free
Download Jewel Mania Halloween

#4. Doctor X: Zombie’s Halloween Surgeon

Doctor X iPhone and iPad Game

This one’s a game your kids will love! Forget escaping from zombies. This is a game where you get to play Dr.X who “treats” zombies. With 2 amazing doc kits and a variety of instruments to start with, you will be treating zombies for all the wounds and scratches and stuff.

Price: Free
Download Doctor X

#5. Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania Halloween Game for iPhone and iPad

This is one more match-3, Candy Crush-like puzzle but themed for Halloween. It has simpler graphics than Jewel Mania Halloween but equally addictive if you like these candy puzzles.

Price: Free
Download Candy Blast Mania