24 Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile in 2023

Best guns in Call of duty Mobile

Battle royale games are all the rage now, with PUBG introducing the multiplayer format to the world a few years ago. The genre has become so famous now that Call of Duty, one of the oldest and longest-running shooter franchises, has also jumped the bandwagon with Call of Duty Mobile. 

As a shooter game, it has lots of guns to choose from. So I’ve decided to make things a bit easier by listing the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile. This should help beginners choose from the exhaustive range of guns in the game to find what suits their playstyle best.

Assault rifles in Call of Duty

GunDamageRate of FireAccuracy

Assault rifles are a staple of any shooter game, whether first- or third-person. These guns are usually quite balanced and have a good mix of damage, accuracy, and rate of fire. They’re also relatively easy for beginners to use.

However, not all assault rifles are made the same. Some focus more on damage while others compensate for less damage through accuracy and rate of fire. Ultimately, it comes down to your preference.

When you play in a squad, you’re most likely to have certain roles that require different guns as the primary choice. For the beginners and solo players out there, assault rifles are usually the most common choice for a primary weapon.

Here are some of the best assault rifles in the game for you to choose from. Remember – assault rifles are easy to play with but difficult to master.

1. M13

M13 assault rifle in Call of Duty

The M13 is one of the best assault rifles in the game; there’s no doubt about that. It rose to popularity when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was remade in 2019. Keeping this popularity in mind, the gun was brought into Call of Duty Mobile as well.

The biggest draw of this gun is that it’s one of the most easily accessible assault rifles for beginners. Besides, it’s also highly balanced.

In terms of stats, the M13 has a damage of 24 points. It’s slightly more accurate with 56 points, and it hits it out of the park with the rate of fire – 88 points. While the stats don’t seem too impressive, the M13 performs quite well in-game, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more balanced gun.

To unlock the gun, players have to complete seasonal challenges. Thankfully, these challenges aren’t too daunting, and the gun can be availed easily.

2. AK-47

AK-47 assault rifle in Call of Duty

The AK-47 is a classic assault rifle that has been a part of the biggest shooter games, from Counter-Strike to Call of Duty. Thus, it only makes sense that you’re able to use this gun in Call of Duty Mobile as well. It’s highly compatible with a whole host of attachments.

While the bare AK-47 is good enough on its own, with the right attachments, it can rival most modern guns that you find in Call of Duty Mobile.

Further, the AK-47 is consistent with a high amount of damage at 33 points, an accuracy of 67 points, and a moderate but respectable rate of fire at 55 points. The gun has a slightly larger recoil than other assault rifles in the game. So, it’s better to use the right attachments to reduce the recoil and use it more efficiently.

For attachments, I’d recommend an RTC Light Muzzle Break for the muzzle, a MIP Strike Stock for reducing the recoil, and a Ranger Foregrip for the Underbarrel.

3. ASM10

ASM10 assault rifle in Call of Duty

The ASM10 is a rather weird weapon for me. On the one hand, it’s got a significant amount of damage and rate of fire. You can also use a few attachments to transform this gun into a long-range weapon. On the other, the main caveat with this gun is its low mobility. Being a heavier weapon, it will slow you down on certain occasions.

The ASM10 has a damage of 34 points for the weapon stats, slightly better than the average crop of assault rifles. The rate of fire is similar to the AK-47, with 55 points. With 72 points for accuracy, this gun is ideal for attachments that support long-range sniping.

Like an assault rifle, this is a good choice if you can deal with the lack of mobility.

4. DR-H

DR-H assault rifle in Call of Duty

The DR-H is often touted as one of the best assault rifles in the game, especially post-Season 8. As a player, you have to reach a minimum of tier 21 in the Battle Pass for Season 8 to unlock this gun. Considering the amount of effort you have to put in to get this gun, the developers have ensured that the effort is worth it.

This gun has good damage of 32 points, a rate of fire capped at 57 points, and 63 points for accuracy. All things considered, the gun is balanced well and works in most ranges. It’s excellent for mid-range combat, and with the correct attachments, you can also transform this gun into a marksman or sniper rifle.

However, you have to be careful with the attachments you use for the gun, as even the most compatible attachments will reduce its mobility.

Many players consider this assault rifle to be the best new gun since Season 8 of the game. It’s high time that you give the DR-H a try to validate this opinion!

5. M16

M16 assault rifle in Call of Duty

The M16 has been a vintage choice for many gamers who have been playing different shooter games. It’s one of the most popular guns in most battle royale games, and Call of Duty Mobile is no different. What makes this gun different from other assault rifles is its burst-fire mode.

The burst-fire mode is highly effective for close-range gunplay due to the high rate of fire and low recoil. One burst shot in the right conditions can kill your enemy instantly.

Further, it has 30 points for damage, 48 points for the rate of fire, and 81 accuracy (which is ridiculously high for an assault rifle).

You have to reach level 46 to unlock and use the M16 in Call of Duty Mobile. Let me tell you – the satisfaction of unlocking this gun and using it to rain down a shower of bullets on the enemy is worth it.

Best Light Machine Guns in CoD

GunDamageAccuracyRate of Fire

Light Machine Guns (LMGs) always bring something new to the table. If you’re an avid gamer and have played your fair share of shooter games, you’d be aware of the fact that there’s a certain rush when you kill enemies with strategy and tactics. Using these strategies and tactics, players often use guns such as assault rifles for their versatility.

Despite it, it sometimes helps to just go Rambo against a whole host of enemies. You can spray them with bullets fired at a high rate, to the point where you’re showering the enemies with tonnes of damage.

Light Machine Guns allow you to just let loose. They may be difficult to control due to the high recoil and heavyweight, but they’re some of the most damaging guns in the game.

Let’s have a look at the best LMGs in Call of Duty Mobile.

6. M4LMG

M4LMG Light Machine Gun in Call of Duty

Most light machine guns are difficult to utilize appropriately due to the lack of control and recoil. Their high rate of fire can end up spraying the bullets in different directions if the trigger is pressed for too long.

While it’s impossible to reduce recoil to a considerable extent for light machine guns, the M4LMG does an excellent job of reducing the recoil to maximize control. It also has a good amount of damage for the shorter bursts.

For the stats, the M4LMG has massive damage of 46 points, a rate of fire of 63 points, and an accuracy of 61. This is quite a balanced light machine gun. However, be careful with the attachments you use, as even the best combination of attachments for this gun might reduce the accuracy while increasing mobility.

To unlock the M4LMG, you have to reach level 9, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

7. S36

S36 Light Machine Gun in Call of Duty

While most light machine guns in Call of Duty are good, none of them stand up to the beast that is the S36. This light machine gun is surprisingly versatile for its class and can be used for long-range as well.

Of course, you will have to sacrifice a bit on the damage and usual fun of spraying bullets on your enemies, but its capabilities of being a long-range gun are quite the catch.

The S36 has a damage of 40 points, a fire rate of 75 (which is relatively high, even for a light machine gun), and an accuracy of 45. I know that the gun doesn’t seem accurate on paper, but it makes up for the lack of stats with high damage and versatility.

You have to be at a level 27 to unlock the S36 and be careful regarding the attachments as they reduce their accuracy.

8. RPD

RPD Light Machine Gun in Call of Duty

The RPD is another vintage gun featured in numerous Call of Duty games for video game consoles. It now makes its debut on mobile devices with Call of Duty Mobile.

While this gun doesn’t have a significant amount of damage, its accuracy and rate of fire work quite well to compensate for it. If nothing else, I’ve personally used this gun for nostalgia.

The stats are respectable for the RPD. It has 31 points of damage, a firing rate of 66 points, and a good accuracy with 61 points. The latter stat is high for a light machine gun, making it ideal for long-range gunfights.

With the available attachments, you can increase the accuracy even further. However, you will have to sacrifice control.

9. Holger-26

Holger-26 Light Machine Gun in Call of Duty

The Holger-26 is a special gun, with many Call of Duty Mobile players stating that it is one of the best guns in the game. Considering the efforts you have to make to unlock this gun, anything less would be a shame. Firstly, the gun can only be unlocked through the Holger Strike Seasonal Event. There are 4 other requirements for unlocking the gun.

Firstly, you have to kill 20 enemies with an assault rifle that has 5 different attachments. Secondly, you have to kill 15 enemies by headshots while using a light machine gun. Thirdly, you have to kill 30 enemies with a light machine gun that has 4 different attachments. Lastly, you have to kill 30 enemies with an assault rifle with a charm attached to it.

Further, the gun seems impressive. It’s got 31 points of damage, 71 points for firing rate, and an accuracy of 53 points. It has struck a nice balance with its stats, and the recoil is mostly horizontal (which is easy to control).

Sniper rifles

DL Q33905999
Rytec AMR806290

Sniper rifles are a specialist’s weapon. They’re challenging to use, and you have to keep multiple factors in mind. You have to adjust for bullet drop, wind speeds, and the speed of the bullet itself when shooting your enemies. Headshots from afar with your favorite sniper rifle are satisfactory.

That being said, not all sniper rifles in Call of Duty are made the same. While you can choose a sniper rifle based on your preference, some just don’t work well. However, some work like a charm with the correct attachments. Their base stats are pretty strong, too, so even without attachments, you shouldn’t be facing too many issues.

Here are the best sniper rifles in Call of Duty Mobile.

10. DL Q33

DL Q33 sniper rifle in Call of Duty

The DL Q33 is one of the best sniper rifles in the game. The best part is that you don’t have to work at all to unlock this gun. It is available from the beginning. However, it will take some time to get habituated to. This sniper rifle has been at the top of its category for over 4 seasons in Call of Duty Mobile.

It’s got a stunning amount of damage at 90 points and an accuracy of 59 points. The range with this rifle is excellent, at 99 points. All in all, an excellent sniper rifle to use, even for beginners. With the correct attachments, this gun gets even better.

Make sure to equip an extended magazine attachment for faster reload speeds.

11. Locus

Locus sniper rifle in Call of Duty

While the DL Q33 is heralded as the best sniper rifle in Call of Duty Mobile, the Locus sniper rifle is not far behind. It’s got great stats that rival the DL Q33 closely. With the correct attachments, it can reach and even surpass the DL Q33.

The base stats for the Locus sniper rifle are great, with 95 points of damage, 59 points for accuracy, and a range of 95 points. It’s got better damage than the DL Q33, but its range lets it down. You’ll also have to strategize when using attachments for this sniper rifle.

Even the best loadout of attachments for the Locus sniper rifle can decrease its rate of fire and accuracy. Nonetheless, you can compensate for this with an increase in damage and range.

12. Rytec AMR

Rytec AMR sniper rifle in Call of Duty

The Rytec AMR sniper rifle was introduced in Call of Duty Mobile in Season 6 of the game. It’s an automatic sniper rifle, which means that it has a considerably higher rate of fire than its other counterparts. It’s also good in terms of damage, to the point where you can kill an enemy with 1 shot if you aim between the head and chest.

The gun has 80 points of damage, an accuracy of 62 points, and 90 points for range. These stats are respectable, even if the damage points are lower than the other sniper rifles. It has a firing rate of 31 points, though, higher than most sniper rifles.

The Rytec AMR can be unlocked after you’ve completed all events in the Sharpshooter challenge. It might take a bit of time to complete these events, but the sniper rifle is definitely worth the wait.

13. Outlaw

Outlaw sniper rifle in Call of Duty

The Outlaw sniper rifle is the most mobile sniper rifle to carry in Call of Duty Mobile. It also has the shortest scope-in time, compared to other sniper rifles in the game.

This means you can zoom in through the scope and take shots much quicker than you would with other sniper rifles. It indirectly increases its rate of fire as well.

For the stats, the Outlaw sniper rifle has 90 points of damage, an accuracy of 71 points, and a range of 90 points. These are competitive stats, putting this sniper rifle almost at the top of its category. To unlock the gun, you have to reach tier 12 in the Season 6 Battle Pass for the game.

When using attachments with the sniper rifle, ensure that you’re using the OWC Laser-Tactical for even higher accuracy. For Perks, the Dead Silence Perk is a good option for silent movement when hunting your opponents.

Top submachine guns

GunDamageAccuracyRate of Fire
PP19 Bizon266265

Submachine guns(SMGs) are usually used as secondary weapons for close-range gunfights. They have a very high rate of fire, moderate levels of accuracy, and a damage output that’s on the lower side. Due to these stats, submachine guns are never a good choice for a primary weapon (unless you can’t find any other option).

Nonetheless, they make for great guns when you want to clear buildings and floors teeming with enemies. Since they have a high mobility rating, you will be faster in a gunfight than opponents using assault rifles.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best submachine guns in Call of Duty Mobile.

14. Razorback

Razorback submachine gun in Call of Duty

The Razorback is a stylish and futuristic submachine gun that can only be unlocked after you’ve reached Level 55 in the game. It’s often compared to some of the assault rifles in the game due to the low amount of recoil that it produces. Let’s have a look at some of its stats.

The damage is high (for a submachine gun) at 42 points. The firing rate is at a staggering 75 points, and the accuracy is at 49 points. This submachine gun excels in multiple key areas and even rivals some sniper and marksman rifles in accuracy. The gun is an absolute beast at close-range gunplay and lets you demolish your enemies in certain situations.

You can increase the stats even further with the right attachments, such as the OWC Marksman barrel and an extended magazine. The best part? No other stats will see a reduction.

15. QQ9

QQ9 submachine gun in Call of Duty

If you’re an avid Call of Duty fan, you must have admired the MP5 submachine gun. This gun has featured in multiple Call of Duty games and continues to be a fan favorite. The QQ9 is a modern version of the MP5 submachine gun, and it comes with a few improvements.

The QQ9 has a damage of 25 points, an extremely high rate of fire at 83 points, and an accuracy of 40 points. While the accuracy and damage aren’t great, the rate of fire is good enough to cause severe damage to your opponents.

Use this gun in close-range gunfights, and if you’re good at the game, medium-range gunfights as well. For the attachments, the MIP Strike Stock does an excellent job of reducing the gun’s recoil. The OWC Tactical Laser is also a good investment for increasing its accuracy.

16. MX9

MX9 submachine gun in Call of Duty

In Season 6, many crowned the MX9 as the best submachine gun in the game. It’s not difficult to see why they – it’s got fairly impressive stats and can stand up to some of the more superior submachine guns. It has high recoil, though, which makes it slightly tricky for beginners to use.

The MX9 has a base damage of 30 points, a high firing rate of 86 points, and a respectable accuracy of 45 points. It’s also a mobile submachine gun, allowing you to make quick turns and run faster when using it. You can unlock the gun after reaching Tier 21 in the Battle Pass of Season 6.

Use the Infiltrator Foregrip and Agile Stock to reduce the recoil without sacrificing other stats. Large Caliber Ammo will also increase the damage you can cause with the MX9.

17. MSMC

MSMC submachine gun in Call of Duty

Smaller submachine guns often go underappreciated in games such as Call of Duty Mobile. I’ve often played games where picking up a UZI submachine gun only worked as a temporary measure before I got hold of a better gun.

This changes with the MSMC submachine gun. This gun is power-packed and even requires you to reach level 45 to unlock it.

For the stats, the MSMC has a base damage of 40 (pretty high for a submachine gun) and a crazy firing rate of 92 points. Its accuracy isn’t bad for a submachine gun either, with 37 points. This makes the gun highly effective if you are in close-ranged combat.

For the attachments, opt for a Strike Foregrip, a Red Dot Sight, and 30 Round Fast Reload ammunition for taking care of your opponents quickly and accurately.

18. PP19 Bizon

PP19 Bizon submachine gun in Call of Duty

The PP19 Bizon was first introduced in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3, with the “Tokyo Escape” Battle Pass. You have to reach Tier 21 in this Battle Pass to unlock the gun. Frankly, I believe that the PP19 Bizon is one of the best submachine guns in the game.

With the right attachments and Perks, you can increase the gun’s damage from 26 points to 38 points. In addition to this, it has a firing rate of 65 points and a very high accuracy of 62 points. Its low recoil helps you inflict severe damage on your opponents, even at the base damage points.

In terms of attachments, use the MIP Extended Stock Barrel and an extended magazine for getting the upper hand in close-range gunfights.

Best shotguns in CoD Mobile

GunDamageRate of FireAccuracy
KRM 262982851

Shotguns are perfect for players who love to establish their dominance in the game through sheer power. These guns have incredibly high damage and spray bullets that spread out in the direction the gun is pointed at.

This is like a double-edged sword. The shots cause great damage in close-range gunfights, but as their bullets spread out, anything more than 30 to 40 meters away will not face too much damage.

For this reason, you should only use shotguns in close-range combat when you want to kill an opponent nearby. You can also use it to clear the smaller rooms, hallways, and corridors in buildings. Now, let’s see some of the best shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile.

19. HS0405

HS0405 submachine gun in Call of Duty

The HS0405 has the functionality of a basic pump-action shotgun but takes it to a higher level. It’s got high damage and is practically lethal in close-range gunfights. However, the rate of fire is low. This means that you will have to dispatch your enemies quickly to avoid getting caught off guard reloading.

For the stats, the pellet-style bullets magnify the damage by 10; therefore, the base damage is 39×10 points. The firing rate is 27 points, with an accuracy of 45 points, which isn’t bad at all. You can use this gun mid-range to create some space for yourself if you feel overwhelmed by enemies.

When equipping attachments, use the Choke for the muzzle and a MIP Laser 5mW to increase accuracy.

20. KRM 262

KRM 262 shotgun in Call of Duty

You need to reach a level 43 to unlock this shotgun. It was introduced in the Season 3 update of the game and has been a popular shotgun ever since. The KRM 262 is considered highly by the current crop of Call of Duty Mobile players as it also supports long-range combat.

The shotgun has a high base damage of 98 points, a low firing rate of 28 points, and good accuracy of 51 points. Despite the low firing rate, its accuracy and damage compensate well. You can one-shot an enemy with this shotgun.

For the attachments, use a Marauder Suppressor, Extended Barrel, and an RTC Steady Stock for the best output from this shotgun.

21. Striker

Striker shotgun in Call of Duty

The Striker shotgun is a gun that is available relatively early into the game, with the player having to reach level 12 to unlock the gun. It’s a semi-automatic shotgun that is an excellent secondary option when dealing with enemies up to a medium range.

It has lower damage of 70 points than other shotguns, but its accuracy of 85 points compensates for it. It has a lower firing rate of 15 points, so you have to consider this when using the gun.

For attachments, I prefer using an extended magazine, and a laser sight with this shotgun for faster reload times and accuracy.

Marksman rifles

GunDamageRate of FireAccuracy
Kilo Bolt-Action812870
SP-R 208722763

Marksman Rifles are often confused with being smaller sniper rifles. This is partially true, as marksman rifles form a balanced hybrid between assault and sniper rifles. They can be used with larger scopes while also firing semi-automatic rounds for mid-range firefights.

Due to their hybrid nature, they can be versatile in different situations. If you’re caught in a firefight, you can swap the scope to another, more useful for close to medium range, and use the gun as an assault rifle. If you want to scope and headshot your enemy from a long distance, you can also use it as a sniper.

Let’s have a look at a few marksman rifles in Call of Duty Mobile.

22. SKS

SKS Marksman rifle in Call of Duty

The SKS was one of the first marksman rifles featured in the first season of Call of Duty Mobile. To unlock the rifle, you had to complete the BR Buff Seasonal Event. Since then, the gun has been popular is still quite reliable in the game, despite being rivaled by better marksman rifles in the successive seasons.

It has a high base damage of 60 points, a firing rate of 43 points, and an accuracy of 82 points. While its base damage isn’t as significant as other marksman rifles, it compensates through its accuracy. It is still one of the best guns in the game if you use the right attachments.

Speaking of attachments, you can equip the MIP Extended Light Barrel and a Strike Foregrip with this gun. These will increase the damage range and accuracy.

23. Kilo Bolt-Action

Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman rifle in Call of Duty

To unlock the Kilo Bolt-Action marksman rifle, you must reach Tier 21 of the Battle Pass in Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile. This gun is extremely popular amongst the current players as it provides severe damage, and its iron sight is good enough to be used as a sniper rifle.

The gun has a significantly high base damage of 81 points and an accuracy of 70 points. Its base range, with just an iron sight, is 81 points. The firing rate is relatively low at 28 points, so I’d recommend not using this gun for assault scenarios, even though it is a marksman rifle.

To increase accuracy, you can also attach the 3x Tactical Scope, an OWC Light Suppressor, and a MIP Extended Light Barrel. For the ammunition, use the OWC Stopping Power Reload attachment.

24. SP-R 208

SP-R 208 Marksman rifle in Call of Duty

The SP-R 208 is one of the more difficult marksman rifles to unlock in the game. You have to complete Season Challenges in the Elite Marksman event. The requirements for this include killing 5 enemies with a sniper rifle, earning the long shot medal at least 5 times, and killing 10 enemies with the Agile Perk.

If your enemy is within 20 meters, this gun can kill them with one shot. The base damage is 72 points, accuracy is 63 points, the firing rate is low at 27 points, and the range is good enough at 56 points. There are a few attachments that you can equip to make this gun work better for you.

Use the Tactical Suppressor, a 6x Tactical Scope, and .338 5 Round Reload for the ammunition. These few attachments will increase the effectiveness of the SP-R 208.

Summing up

There’s such a huge range of guns to use in Call of Duty Mobile that it often becomes challenging to pick the best out of the lot. The guns keep getting updated periodically, and their stats may change in the future. However, I’ve picked what seemed to be the best out of each category of the available guns.

Have I missed listing your favorite gun? Let me know in the comments below.

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