Best Google Assistant speakers in 2023

Best Google Assistant speakers

Google Assistant has become an inevitable part of our lives. Whether a personal task or a professional obligation, this voice assistant caters to all our whims. It started its journey with smartphones and today sits proudly in all our devices, including smart speakers. The popularity of Google Assistant speakers has skyrocketed over the years, spoiling customers with a diverse collection to pick.

If you plan to buy one of the best portable speakers with Google Assistant, you have come to the right place. In this article, I have curated a list featuring the best Google Home smart speakers that stand out from their competitors regarding audio quality, design, and cost. The pros and cons will further help you choose the most feasible speaker. Let’s go! 

  1. Google Nest Audio
  2. Google Nest Mini
  3. Sonos One (Gen 2)
  4. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4
  5. Bose Smart Speaker 500
  6. Sonos Move
  7. Belkin SoundForm Elite

1. Google Nest Audio – Editor’s Choice

Google Nest Audio

Do you need a smart speaker that excels in audio delivery, is space friendly, and comes light on your budget? Congrats! Your search has come to an end with Google Nest Audio. This rectangular speaker features a 75mm woofer and 19mm tweeter, promising a balanced audio and voice delivery. Its minimalistic design and superior-quality fabric enclosure give the device a stylish look.   

The audio delivery of the speaker gets further enhanced with the Ambient IQ feature that syncs with the background noise to deliver a smooth experience. In addition, the device supports all primary streaming services like Apple Music to help you satiate your musical fantasies. Its seamless connectivity with the Google Home ecosystem is an expected but much-needed advantage. 

The compact size of the Google Nest Audio might leave you surprised with the power-pack, room-filling audio delivery it creates. Further, living up to its hands-free status, you won’t find many physical controls besides the volume points and mute switch on the device. The speaker only supports wireless audio; you cannot connect it to an existing sound system. 


  • Superior audio output 
  • Compact, easy-to-move build 
  • Full voice controls with Google Assistant 
  • Chromecast integration 


  • No significant cons found

Check out on Google Store 

2. Google Nest Mini – Small but powerful

Google Nest Mini best google assistant speaker

Powerful performance hiding in a small round body awaits you with Google Nest Mini smart speaker. No matter your audio requirement, Google Nest Mini ensures that you get the best listening experience every time. Additionally, Google Assistant support ensures that your commands are adhered to instantly by the smart speaker. Get ready to get 2x better bass than the original Mini.  

Get into your Swiftie mode with songs, stream podcasts, and more in style with Google Nest Mini. This speaker features a top-notch fabric enclosure with easy-to-use volume controls with LEDs that light up whenever you give commands. You get two touchpoints to adjust the volume, a mute switch, and three microphones. The single 40mm Nest Mini driver is powerful enough for a 360-degree musical experience. 

As expected, you get seamless support for the Chromecast integration with this tiny smart speaker. Let me tell you that space will never be a hassle with this Google Nest Mini. The spherical body does not consume ample space. Its lightweight, compact body gives you easy portability and freedom to move around.   


  • Compact, lightweight build 
  • Portable and consumes less space 
  • Includes Chromecast support 
  • Smart Ambient IQ feature for managing surrounding noise 


  • No significant cons found

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3. Sonos One (Gen 2) – Perfect audio everywhere

    Sonos One (Gen 2) best google assistant speaker

    With Sonos One (Gen 2), the brand brings you an efficient and pocket-friendly audio device. Though the smart speaker comes with Sonos’ native voice assistant, Voice Control, it efficiently integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Bring Apple AirPlay 2 onboard and make your Sonos One a powerful multi-room speaker with 10 watts maximum output.   

    The speaker has a round, tall body and is easy to place in small spaces and move around your house. Easy portability paired with an efficient audio layout makes Sonos One (2nd Gen) a strong competitor in the market. Every time you plug in the speaker, you get smooth audio, rich bass, and ear-pleasing soundscape you won’t get in other pricey devices. You can connect two Sonos One speakers for a more impactful experience.   

    Adding Trueplay tuning ensures that the audio output perfectly adapts to your surroundings. The subwoofer and radio are notable additions to this speaker. Further, setting up Sonos One is super easy. All you need to do is plug in the power cable, follow the steps in the Sonos app, and start streaming. You can also connect multiple Sonos speakers and build a robust home audio setup.  


    • Excellent sound delivery 
    • Seamless voice control with Google Assistant  
    • Humidity resistant  
    • Space efficient build  


    • Occasional glitches while using it with content streaming 

    Check out on Amazon 

    4. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 – Budget-friendly audio

    Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 best google assistant speaker

    Packed with impressive features, Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 is a good consideration for a flawless audio experience. This becomes possible with the powerful outlay comprising four independent speakers, two 75mm woofers, two 20mm tweeters, and one radiator. Additionally, the unique sphere-like design of the speakers makes it easy for you to place them on even the most petite side tables.  

    The in-built 3000mAh Li battery lets you enjoy up to 8 hours of uninterrupted audio output. Further, the Bluetooth 4.2 version helps you control the Google Assistant-powered speakers offline and outdoors. You can enjoy Bluetooth wireless streaming in at most two smart devices simultaneously. In addition, with noise and echo cancellation support, you can have crystal clear calls irrespective of your surroundings.    

    Onyx Studio 4 has three interfaces- AUX Audio input, Micro USB, and power input. Further, the smart speaker boasts a new function called HK Connect+ app that can help you connect multiple ONYX speakers and build a multi-channel setup. Whether you love soft music or are a high-frequency sound lover, Onyx Studio 4 will serve you well.  


    • 8 hours battery 
    • Noise and echo cancellation  
    • A powerful speaker and woofer stack  
    • HK Connect+ helps to create a multi-speaker setup 


    • Limited portability  

    Check out on Amazon 

    5. Bose Smart Speaker 500 – Best Portable smart speaker

    Bose Home Speaker 500 best google assistant speaker

    Bose Smart Speaker 500 is one of the best google home assistant smart speakers you can get your hands on. Coming from a premium brand like Bose, you can easily assess the audio quality this top-notch speaker can deliver. The stack of eight powerful microphones allows you to give instructions to the speaker using Google Assistant or Alexa. No matter your distance, the speaker responds to your voice instantly.  

    Feel free to pair your device with this Bose speaker using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, or Spotify Connect. In addition, the two custom Bose drivers housed in the speaker point opposite directions to bounce audio wall to wall, creating a better sound experience. The aluminum outer covering offers high-end durability to the device. 

    The Bose Smart Speaker 500 allows you to manage your audio using your voice, the Bose Music app, or six presets on the speaker. As the speaker is part of the Bose Smart Family, connecting with other Bose devices is easy for a multi-room audio experience. 


    • Perfect audio experience 
    • Eight high-power microphones  
    • Integrated with streaming services 


    • Complex setup process

    Check out on Amazon 

    6. Sonos Move – Audio that fits your surroundings

    Sonos Move best google assistant speaker

    I don’t know about you, but speaker portability is as essential as audio delivery. Luckily, Sonos Move blesses you with a perfect combination of the two characteristics. The in-built Google Assistant support ensures that you are always in complete control of what and how you want to enjoy your audio. The 11-hour-long battery support pair keeps you safe from the burden of frequent charging.   

    One of the best features of Sonos Move is the inclusion of Auto Trueplay tuning. The technology uses in-built microphones to create balanced sound experiences in all surroundings. Regarding connectivity, this battery-powered speaker supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Use it inside the room or outdoors; you will always get a superfluid musical experience with this portable Google speaker.   

    In addition, Sonos Move is weather and water-resistant speaker, so you don’t have to worry about its frequent damage. The ultra-durable texture saves the speaker from accidental falls and drops. Enjoy deep bass and impressive outdoor or indoor soundscape with this amazing Google Assistant-supported speaker. 


    • Excellent audio quality 
    • In-built Automatic Trueplay technology 
    • Easy portability  
    • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support 


    • Heavyweight 

    Check out on Amazon 

    7. Belkin SoundForm Elite – Stunning 360-degree surround sound

    Belkin SOUNDFORM Elite best google assistant speaker

    Belkin is known to create top-notch products catering to user requirements at a pocket-friendly cost. So, when listing the best google home assistant smart speaker, we couldn’t miss mentioning the Belkin SoundForm Elite speaker. Its unique design gives SoundForm Elite a powerful audio experience without glitches and turbulence from noisy surroundings.     

    One of the USPs of this smart device is the presence of an in-built wireless charging pad that keeps your smartphone charged with a 10W power output. In addition, SoundForm Elite provides high-fidelity audio at 16-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution, which is quite impressive considering the speaker’s small size. You will fall in love with this device’s 360 degrees, room-filling musical experience.   

    If you are an iPhone owner, you can use AirPlay to stream content or pair the speaker with other AirPlay-supported speakers. The speaker thrives upon its wireless technology, which brings a great audio experience to your fingertips. With everything wireless, the speakers cannot be integrated into the existing home systems.   


    • The in-built wireless charging pad 
    • Compact design  
    • Superior sound quality 


    • Overpowering bass 
    • No wired connectivity 

    Check out on Amazon 

    Wrapping up!

    Smart speakers powered by Google Assistant make your work easy-peasy. On a single command, these speakers deliver music, play news, control your smart home appliances, and tens of other things.

    The list here is a teeny-tiny step to provide important information about the best Google Home smart speakers. All the options here are portable, efficient, and cost-friendly smart speakers that will likely fall on your good side. If you find one, do share it in the comments section. We would like to hear your views. 

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