Best Speakers with Google Assistant in 2023

Best Speakers with Google Assistant

Many electronic brands have manufactured smart speakers by installing Google Assistant. If you are looking for the best smart speakers running Google’s Assistant, check this list of high-quality Google Assistant speakers. We’ve researched and got our hands on some of the best speakers with Google Assistant. Many claim that most of the speakers work with Google Assistant, but the fact is, they work with Alexa most of the time.

  1. Bose
  2. Harman Kardon
  3. RIVA
  4. Bose SoundLink
  5. Sony
  6. iHome

1. Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose 500 Speaker with Google Assistant

When it’s a speaker from Bose, you better know about the sound quality it delivers. With an eight microphone array, it easily picks up your voice from a minimum distance by using Google Assistant or Alexa, which ever you’re using on the speaker.

Not just assistants, but it’s also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 to that you can stream everything wirelessly. Besides this, the integrated Wi-Fi services like Spotify Connect always keeps you on your toes with some grooving music. And you can change the voice tracks just with a voice input through the assistant.

Moreover, you can control the Bose Home Speaker 500 by using the top controls and the Bose Music App as well. The speaker is available in Black and Silver color variants.

USP: Works with Alexa Also
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2. Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon Speaker with Google Assistant

With over 1400 positive reviews on Amazon, Harman Kardon’s speaker speak volumes of its features and the ability to amplify your listening experience. The speaker can be connected with the help of Bluetooth and you can connect up to 2 devices at a time without any hassles.

The rechargeable battery can play music up to 8 hours which is sufficient for a routine use. Of course, you can use it when you’re camping or trekking for longer hours. The best part is, it works with Siri and Google Now just with a single press of a button from the speaker. 

To connect Google Now or Siri with the speaker, you can configure the same by using the HK Connect App. On top of all, the fabric finishing on the speaker got my attention right away! It’s available in blue, black and white colors.

USP: 8 Hours of Playtime
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3. RIVA Festival Speaker

RIVA Festival Google Assistant Powered Speaker

RIVA isn’t that popular in terms of branding but it’s sure to win hearts with the quality of sound and other functionalities of the Festival Speaker. It’s a bit costly if we compare it with other speakers but it has equally got more set of features which other speakers fail to offer.

The built-in Chromecast is what we haven’t seen in any of the speakers till date. It also works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, DLNA, AirPlay and most importantly, Google Assistant as well. To set up voice assistant with this speaker, you need to either download Google Assistant app or a Google Assistant device. Once you get it, the set up process is simple to get started. 

That was about the features but when it comes to sound quality, it’s far beyond your imagination. Crystal clear sound with Trillium audio technology is a perfect recipe to enjoy with your friends in a large room as well. It’s available in black and white color variants.

USP: Built-in Chromecast
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4. Bose SoundLink Speaker II

Bose SoundLink II Google Assistant Speaker

Bose SoundLink Speaker II has certainly won many hearts and the 3600+ positive reviews (that’s HUGE!) says the rest. With bold sound and water resistivity features, you can enjoy the music even when your speaker is around the swimming pool. Of course, you cannot take it inside the pool, it’s water resistant but not waterproof.

The tough silicone exterior makes it looks like a real boss along with a soft touch. It can easily connect to your smartphone or laptop which has Bluetooth support. You can even pair it with NFC devices too and that’s something which isn’t available in most of the speakers.

And last but not least, the built-in mic of speakerphone can be used to connect voice assistants like Siri or Google Now. Ensure that your mobile is within the range of the speaker, else, it might not work as you want it to. It’s available in Aquatic Blue, Coral Red, Polar White, Soft Black and Yellow Citrus color variants. 

USP: Pairs with NFC Devices Too
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5. Sony

Sony google assistant speaker

Experience 360-degree realistic audio sound that creates an immersive feeling, just like you’re in a concert or a recording studio! The sound booms across the whole room both horizontally and vertically to create the perfect atmosphere anywhere in your home. 

It also utilizes Sony’s unique algorithm to adjust the speaker’s settings to be perfect for the room it is placed in. Further, you can access your favorite music streaming services. It’s got a built-in Chrome cast to stream music, online radio, and podcasts from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop too. The design, too, is pretty attractive and will blend into any space. Choose from black and light grey colors. 

USP: 360 Reality Audio
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6. iHome Color Changing Speaker

iHome Color Changing Google Assistant Speaker

If you’re looking for a cheap or affordable Google Assistant powered speaker, iHome is your way to go! The color changing technology in the speaker is what I loved about this speaker apart from the sound quality. The color modes are fast color blend, favorite color, slow color blend and pulse to music color changes.

You can easily connect your devices using Bluetooth to play music from your smartphone. The speaker comes with a dedicated button for Siri and Google Assistant and this makes it easy to connect with the voice assistants at a rapid speed.

With melody voice control, you can easily play music from iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and a lot more. This is a worth Google Assistant speaker that comes at an affordable price tag. I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a temporary option.  

USP: Melody Voice Control
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So, that’s it for today, folks!

Summing Up…

Virtual assistants built inside the speakers make them better alternatives of Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home. By using one of the smart speakers, you can make your life more comfortable at home. Select the one that fulfills your needs to create a smart home.

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