Best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Glass Screen Protectors in 2023

Best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Glass Screen Protectors

Although the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s got some real “out of the world” tech features, its popularity has been hyped from air-cooled conference rooms to oil fields and war fronts. Henceforth, to protect the screen from unwanted scratches and shocks, a thin plain sheet is not enough.


MaxBoost iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protectors

A generic product with 99.9% HD glass, gives you clear, uninterrupted access to the touch screen. The installation is very easy. The installation process is a cake walk. While keeping the scratches and shocks at bay, it repulses against water and oil too. The screen touch will be protected not blocked with a touch-sensitive glass.

USP: Ballistic glass
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2. Supershieldz

Supershieldz iPhone 6-6s Glass Screen Protector

Supershieldz is a well-known brand that deals in screen protectors for iPhones. This tempered glass screen protector offers multiple features. This film is made from the highest quality tempered glass with bubble-free adhesives. You can easily install the guard without any bubble left on the screen.

The 0.3mm 0H hardness protector is anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint, thanks to hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that prevent sweat and oil residue. Enjoy 99.99% HD clarity and feel original touch experience every time you interact with your phone.

USP: Original touch experience
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JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6

There is no compromise with quality when it comes to securing the “front.” Are you going to work or a party? The .33 mm thick glass makes your front screen safe. The glass cover is molded precisely to fit the curves of your iPhone.

The screen guard will keep dust and fingerprints away, with grace. So, use the iPhone as you like, just get the right protection first.

USP: Rounded edges
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4. iCarez

iCarez iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector

What if you have a shield which can even sacrifice itself to protect your phone? A 9H protection assures ZERO scratches or bruises. A .33 tempered glass is there to absorb all kind of hits, shocks, and drops.

The hardness affects nowhere to the clarity and touch sensitivity of your iPhone. It seems just the perfect protection package, isn’t it?

USP: Dry Application
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5. Power Theory

Power Theory iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector

Power Theory has designed a premium tempered glass screen guard for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The brand has used high-grade Japanese Asahi tempered glass to protect your phone screen from dirt, scratches, and cracks.

Use Power Theory’s installation kit and you will get a perfect and bubble-free alignment. To better transparency, Power Theory has used super thin glass, which is made of 9H rated hard glass. Thus, the screen protector protects your iPhone screen and delivers an excellent viewing experience.

USP: 3D touchscreen sensitivity
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6. LK

LK iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector

LK uses double-defense technology, which makes easy and accurate alignment and installation. LK’s lifetime replacement warranty powers this 3D touch-enabled screen protector. LK has used top grade oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprint and oil smudges. Its 9H tempered glass protects your phone screen against scratches and shatters.

For precise fitting, LK has used laser cut tempered glass with rounded edges. Experience superior HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy with LK’s iPhone 6s screen guard.

USP: Double-defence technology
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RKINC Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s

A notable feature of RKINC glass screen protector is 3D touch compatibility. Apple introduced 3D touch with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and therefore, a screen guard with 3D Touch compatibility can be a perfect accessory.

The screen guard is ultra thin with just 0.3mm thickness but promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. RKINC has crafted this resilient screen guard with 9H hardness and oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints.

USP: Reliable and resilient
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8. Ailun

Ailun Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s

Ailun has manufactured a 0.33mm tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone. This case-friendly screen guard has a 2.5D rounded edge, which is exquisitely polished and laser cut for easy installation. 99.99% touch-screen accuracy delivers amazing user-experience; hydrophobic and oleophobic coating prevents sweat and oil smudges on your phone screen.

Among other notable features of Ailun’s screen guard, aesthetic design and polished edges. To improve durability, Ailun has polished the film with extreme precision.

USP: Exquisitely polished
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ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s

ZAGG has made an invisible tempered glass screen protector, and nobody gets to know there is a film on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. Clarity is the natural outcome when you have an invisible screen guard for your iPhone.

The 0.4mm ultra-thin glass is easy to install on the sensitive touchscreen. Once the film is installed, you will feel the smooth and polished surface; you would love to caress your fingers on the touchscreen.

USP: Ultra-smooth surface
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Signing off

Screen protector should be the next thing you should purchase once you have your smartphone in your hands. It is the skin of your phone’s screen. For your iPhone 6s, make sure you buy a screen guard that is compatible with 3D Touch feature.

What is your mantra for screen protection?

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