Best Gimbals for iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2020

Where the camera has a high-definition 4K video clarity, the Photos app now allows video editing options. Now isn’t that a complete package, though only one thing is missing from this perfect picture; a gimbal that can keep your videos steady, sharp, and pro-grade. Here’s a list of some of the best gimbals for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and 11. These gimbals can do much more than just mere stabilization. With unique modes such as auto-tracking, timelapse, selfie, and panorama mode, you can never run out of ideas for innovating and experimenting with your video-making.

#1. DJI OSMO Mobile 3

DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Gimbal for iPhone 11 Pro Max

A power-packed performer that can fold down and fit effortlessly in pockets or bags. An ergonomic design that can easily fit in your palm, giving a handy grip. Both the front and rear camera incorporates gesture control that recognizes your gesture and automatically starts recording or snaps a picture.

A one-tap template in the story mode allows basic editing; add movement, music and other preset effects in mere seconds. Share the polished result to all social media or anyone of your liking. The gimbal also offers dolly zoom for Hitchcock effect, sport mode and ActiveTrack 3.0 to capture the moment perfectly and powerful EIS for hyper-lapse videos.

USP: Intelligent gesture recognition
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#2. Hohem

Hohem Gimbal for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

If you loved Inception and are fans of such trippy shots, then this gimbal is your match made in heaven. It has a 600-degree panning rotation feature that is literally dubbed as 3D fantasy and inception mode. This feature also simplifies switching from horizontal to vertical level to shoot.

Stocked with some fantastic features, including versatile time-lapse, sports mode, selfie mode, and re-center mode. The handheld device is ergonomically designed for ease of access. A direction joystick on its control panel seamlessly switches between different modes. While zooming and focus are smoothly handled via a multi-function slider. The Hohem phone gimbal has around 12 hours of runtime and supports two-way charging as well.

USP: 600-degree panning
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#3. Snoppa

Snoppa iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Gimbal

For any gadget, portability has become an important feature. No one wants to carry heavy equipment, wherever they go. Snoppa Atom gimbal is as portable as they come; it just weighs 15.5 oz and can fold and fit in your pocket. Though this does not affect its payload capacity or any features.

The compact gimbal has a run time of 24 hours; what’s more, it can even charge your iPhone wirelessly. So, you don’t have to worry about juice between shoots. The device also offers built-in a mic interface for third-party microphones, improving the audio quality of your videos. Further, you don’t have to stress about phone balancing, just place it in the middle of the mount.

USP: Portability meets functionality
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#4. Zhiyun

Zhiyun Gimbal for iPhone 11 Series Device

Dubbed as Smooth 4, the Zhiyun gimbal is a great accompaniment to your iPhone 11 series. A handwheel facilitates your zooming and focusing needs with a simple, smooth roll. It also incorporates a PhoneGo mode, which can respond to every delicate movement, capturing shots without delay.

The brand pronounces itself as a timelapse expert and rightly so, with features such as freestyle timelapse, motion-lapse, hyper-lapse, slow-motion, recording lives, and displaying the art of time flow. A precision object tracking feature can recognize and track the moments of humans and objects in the frame. Along with two-way charging support, the gimbal sports a 12-hour battery life.

USP: Smooth handwheel
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#5. MOZA

MOZA iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Gimbal

One of the best companions for beginners, easy to set up and simple to operate. First and foremost, this Mini-S model is foldable, slim, and pocket-friendly. Moreover, the gimbal is strategically designed with a unique 10° lopsidedness for an ergonomic and anti-slip grip and usage.

Playbacks, shifting between vertical and horizontal mode, zoom & focus can be controlled by one-key buttons on the control panels. The gimbal also incorporates multiple shooting modes, including sports mode, inception mode, object tracking, and time-lapse. The best part is that making a switch between these modes is quite simple, easy, and quick.

USP: Novice friendly
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#6. Freevision

Freevision Gimbal for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

A Pandora’s Box of features, the Freevision gimbal has motion time-lapse, slow motion, POV mode, face tracking, full follow, panorama, Bluetooth microphone, 4K, beautify, and a unique focus marking. Oh Man!! Imagine all the fun videos, vlogs, pictures, and selfies that you can take with this gimbal.

In support of all these features, the stabilizer has a battery capacity that can last all day long. Additionally, you can share the juice with your iPhone via wired or wireless charging. Further, an intelligent indicator LED keeps you updated on the mode status, so you don’t get confused. A smart shutter button design similar to DSLR adjusts focus when lightly pressed and takes a photo when a little pressure is applied.

USP: Packed with features
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#7. EVO

EVO iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Gimbal

Really a pro companion to your iPhone, the gimbal incorporates seamless mode transitions, with built-in trigger buttons on the handle. A built-in zoom and follow focus wheel, further enables you to encapture creative, precise, and amazing shots quite easily. To view these shots or photo library is also just a button press away.

Integrated hotkeys lend freedom to quickly adjust advanced camera settings such as WB, ISO, SEC, EXP. A Smart lock feature engages a standby mode when its arm is rotated downward, saving battery life when not shooting. The EVO PRO is fully integrated to some of the best video recording iOS apps, FilMic PRO and ZY PLAY.

USP: Quick photo library access
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#8. Freefly

Freefly Gimbal for iPhone 11 Series Device

As per the brand, Freefly is designed to be ready-for-anything, and it certainly is, whether portrait, landscape, or selfie shooting mode. Depending upon the device used, it offers support for 4K or 1080 shooting and 24 up to 60 frames per second setting. Moreover, the gimbal offers 7 modes, namely, majestic, echo, timelapse, movie lapse, orbit, barrel, and smartpod mode.

Its unique shape lends a better grip and allows you to steadily place it down anywhere, including ¼ 20 mount for your tripod, dashboard, or selfie stick. The strong, lightweight, and durable accessory is also quite flexible and adaptable. It supports external lenses with additional counterweight and external microphone.

USP: Unique Shape
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#9. Feiyu

Feiyu iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Gimbal

Thanks to an eagle wing-shaped design, the Feiyu VLOG pocket stabilizer can fold-down to fit snuggly in a pocket or bag. Being calibration-free, it keeps balancing issues at bay, while saving ample time. You can just mount the phone, power up, and start shooting. Though don’t be fooled by its compactness, the beast has 14 hours of battery life and has a payload capacity up to 240g.

Further, a one-key orientation toggle flips between orientations easily, without the need for turning off the device. There’s also a one-key selfie mode, triple-click the shutter button. A powerful AI tracking system swiftly responds to movements while tracking faces or objects. Moreover, it also incorporates a Hitchcock dolly zoom mode to video shoot like the classics.

USP: Portable yet power-packed
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FUNSNAP Gimbal for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

FUNSNAP Capture 2 is compatible with both iPhone and GoPro, ensuring you can have fun while recording Youtube videos and Vlogs. With a 4000mAh built-in battery, it could for 12 hours in a row and can be charged by portable power banks you use for your iPhone. A standby mode further ensures that the battery is preserved when not in use.

Understanding that you may need to hold the gimbal for long, the brand incorporates a comfort grip handle to make even long-time handling comfortable. It also has a built-in quick start for several shooting modes, including full-follow, lock, and pitch-follow. Advanced modes such as PhoneGo and FPV can be accessed via the Capture 2 app.

USP: Comfort grip handle
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Signing Off

While the art of photography/videography relies majorly on the talent and vision of the artist, the right equipment has an important role to play. For instance, you might have a brilliant dramatic idea of shooting under the night sky. But if you don’t have the right night mode setting or perhaps your video is shaky; the dramatism will lose its charm and effect. Whereas a right gimbal can offer support to your skills. Even if you are a hobbyist or an amateur videographer, a good gimbal can enhance your work to the next level.

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