6 Best iPhone/iPad Gadgets: Cameras, TV Gadgets, Flexi Keyboards, and More

iPhones are one of the most popular things to come out of technology. Since 2007, buyers have been making the most out of the amazing advantages of the iPhone and all the apps it contains.

Apple never failed to impress and are still doing all they can to impress us further.

The app store that is accessible on the iPhone has over 1 million applications available for download. In the past few years, these apps have included programs that help in almost any life situation. It is incredible that one small phone can be the most used device in the whole world!

With over 25% of people in the world owning iPhones and using them every single day, what more could they want but the best out of their mobiles?

If a digital sat nav, music detector app, or a voice detecting search engine aren’t enough, you will be pleased to know that there are some fantastic gadget out there that comply with iPhones and are designed to be used with them.

Here are 6 of the Best Gadgets for Your iPhone:

#1. iPhone Camera Lenses

Sure we have a camera already installed in our iPhones but they’re not exactly of an incredible standard, are they?

Photographers will absolutely love some of the camera devices that are made to be connected to iPhones as they give you the ability to control the ISO and the exposure of each photograph. Most of the gadgets we have found come with extra lenses to add onto your iPhone, or camera accessories such as tripods.

Why own a camera and an iPhone when your iPhone can essentially be your camera too?

Kogeto Dot iPhone Camera Lense

Kogeto Dot is a lens that snaps onto your camera lens and turns it into a 360 degree angle video camera, capturing action from all angles without the need to move around and alter your positions. This gadget is available to use as a combination with the Looker app, which helps you to take the perfect panoramic video.

Price: Range Starts from $49.00 ($14 on Amazon)
Buy it from Amazon.com

Oloclip Dot iPhone Camera Lense

The Olloclip is a multi functional lens that will give your camera a total of 3 different effects including fishbowl, wide angle, and macro lenses. This small lens will be a useful device for capturing different shots. If you are a lover of photography but can’t always get the desired effect when shooting up close, the Olloclip will give you the perfect macro lens to get that fantastic close up image.

Price: Range Starts from $49.99 ($36.99 on Amazon)
You may shop it from Olloclip.com or Amazon.com

#2. Logitech Powershell Controller

Game Controllers for the iPhone are extremely niche with only a handful of companies manufacturing these. Adding a game controller to the iPhone makes it appear like a PSP but the experience is truly novel.

Logitech Powershell Controller

The Logitech PowerShell Controller for iPhone is a cool gaming controller that lets you play games on your iPhone just as you would on a PS-portable. Featuring a sleek, minimalist design, the Logitech Controller fits on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. You can play a whole lot of games without having to rely on the touchscreen. It raises the level of gameplay and the overall gaming experience on iPhones.

But what about battery? The PowerShell Controller also features a built-in battery (1500mAh rating) that not only keeps the controller going but also charges your iPhone 5/5s.

There’s also MOGA Ace but Logitech’s is sleek, simpler but equally great in terms of experience.

Price: $69.99 ($34.84 on Amazon while writing this.)
Buy it from Amazon.com

#3. TV Gadget for iPhone

Owning a TV gadget can turn your iPhone into a viewing screen for all the TV stations that you can find on a normal TV.

EyeTV Mobile Lightning for iPhone 5-5s and iPad

EyeTV Mobile is a small device that connects to your mobile, almost like a freeview box. The greatest part is that there’s no need for internet connection, therefore you can watch loads of programs without eating into your data plan or waiting for a slow Wi-fi connection.

Price: €99.95 (30 Pin EyeTV Mobile for iPhone $95.99 on Amazon)
Buy EyeTV Mobile Lightning from Elgato.com or 30 Pin EyeTV Mobile for iPhone from Amazon.com.

#4. iPhone Holders

Sometimes, it gets very tiring holding onto your iPhone on a daily basis; especially when you could do without having it in your hands. If you are taking a photo, for example, you can buy a tripod device. If you want to keep your phone attached to a tree while you’re self timer records you, a grip device would be perfect.

The High-Rise stand for iPad Mini and iPhone 5 5s

The HiRise stand is as simple as it sounds. It really just holds your iPhone up for you securely, making it a hands-free device.  This can be a really useful device for at home when you’re facetiming or skyping with friends and family. It can also be a great device in a working environment where you may want to showcase videos in a meeting or face-time other employees.

Price: $34.99
You may buy it from Twelvesouth.com or Amazon.com

Kit Sound Table Chargers for iPhone 4

Table Chargers are small tables that can come in tray-style holders. They have a small slot for you to insert into your iPhone and it’ll charge your mobile while acting as a secure stand. This is a brilliant device for watching films or catching up on programs, because you can lie down or sit as comfortably as you like without having to hold your arm out in front of you to see the screen.

Price: £14.68 (£12.33 on Amazon)
Buy it from Amazon

#5. iKross Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Got fat fingers? Owning a portable keyboard that will connect to your iPhone can make writing blogs and text messaging much easier!

iKross Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

A flexible Bluetooth Keyboard is a portable and fold up keyboard that you can carry anywhere with you. So if you have work to finish off, you can whip out your wireless keyboard on the train or at your local cafe, especially since it is built to be waterproof, no need to worry about your coffee spilling! This keyboard has a very quick connection with your device and will work in any environment.

Price: $39.99 ($24.99 on Amazon)
Buy it from iKross.com or Amazon.com

#6. Speakers for iPhone

An iPhone will not function alone as a boom box, however, there are speakers out there that can be compact yet effective and be plugged in directly to your sound output compartment.

Some of the best iPhone speakers are produced as portable devices by many of the biggest sound specialists.

Ultimate Ears BOOM iPhone 5s 5 Speaker

With a phone that has no need of wires, why wouldn’t we want a speaker without them too? Bluetooth speakers are wireless yet rechargeable and can be connected with an easy click of a button and a quick sync action.

‘Ultimate Ears BOOM’ are available for purchase on the Apple store & UltimateEars.com and includes fantastic features. With this speaker, you can easily share the music from your iPhone and even combine more than one speaker to create even louder and bigger sound. The 360 degree rounded angle of this speaker means that there will be no more “being behind the music”, sound will burst into every direction.

For such a jam-packed device, this speaker also has a battery life of up to 15 hours and can be controlled through your iPhone from up to 50 feet away.

Price: £169.00/$199.99 ($179.74 on Amazon)
Buy it from UltimateEars.com or Amazon.com

This post was written by Rachel Jensen on behalf of Cloud Solutions.co.uk, the Google apps specialists.