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When it comes to weight, you need correct guidance to shred those extra pounds. This can only be done if you know how to carry forward your exercise regime. The below apps are designed to help you doing it. Compatible with iPhone, these apps will guide you with all areas of weight loss.

From food to exercise to body weight, get customized solutions for every niche.

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Weight Loss Apps for iPhone iPad

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Runtastic Six Pack

Runtastic Six pack is an all-rounder app. You can use the app anywhere and anytime. The app helps in reducing weight, waist and toning abdominals. The app has two realistic female and male avatars for guiding you. The app comes with more than 50 workout videos, pre-step workouts and 10-week six pack plan. You can even enter your customized workouts for specific target areas. The app keeps a check on your heart rate and visualizes your body fat & provides you perfect plan to tone it down. The app gives you your progress graph and has in-built reminder that will never make you lose your workout.

Price: Free
Download Runtastic Six Pack

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#2. BMI Calculator

BMI calculator app tells you what your ideal weight should be. The app calculates your Body Mass Index and your waist-to-Height Ratio depending on your age and gender. The app has easy User Interface that allows you to enter your height and weight values. With this app, you can decide your exercise pattern to reach to your goal.

Price: Free
Download BMI Calculator

#3. Fooducate

Fooducate app displays the exact food value. You need to scan the barcode of your food product to know its nutritious value. The app will display pros and cons of the food and will give you better substitutes for it. You can even enter your own food to track and check. The app gives personalize features after you have subscribed to it. The upgrade features include customized feedbacks, tips on basis of age, gender, weight, health conditions etc. You can buy them for the in – app purchases that range from $1.99 – $14.99.

Price: Free
Download Fooducate

#4. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is specially designed for women. The app has structured workouts for four-week program. You can customize or select your favorite drills to be toned, or shaped. The app has various workouts with visual and video support. The app features free workouts from famous female athletes to keep you motivated. You can access to your progress that gets stored in the app and share them on social media to compare results with others. The app has a progress bar that will calculate minutes for each workout and help you in reaching your aim.

Price: Free
Download Nike Training Club

#5. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker app allows you to track your fitness regime. You can add every sport and its details you have done. The app will send you an audio feedback for each Kilometer covered by you. You can even keep a training diary to analyse and compare your sessions. You can even fix in a goal you want to cover and audio guide will help you with it. Upgrade to premium account for $2.99 or more to avail customized benefits.

Price: Free
Download Endomondo Sports Tracker

#6. Pact

Pact is a free app that allows you to make money while you exercise. You need to enter your exercise for a week and money. If you crack all the workouts, you will be paid. If you lose, you have to pay. You can connect with other fellow users and keep track of what you ate.

Price: Free
Download Pact

#7. Hot5

Hot5 app comes with various types of exercises in one app. The app has extremely high quality videos to give you real gym feeling. You can have customized music with the workouts you choose. The app works offline: the videos get stored, so you can even play them if your internet connection is off. You can avail amazing discounts of fitness apparel by earning points. You can track your day-to-day calories burnt after workouts and keep an eye on your progress. For a premium account, buy it from in-app purchase for $7.99.

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Price: Free
Download Hot5

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