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We have already posted roundups of best paid iPhone games for 2016. Today, we are presenting a roundup of free games for iPhone that will definitely drive you crazy. Above all, they are completely free to download and play.

To make it a universal search for all users, we have selected games from almost all the categories. That way everyone will have a game of their choice.

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Best Free iPhone Games 2016

Best Free Games for iPhone of 2016

#1. Mr. Jump

Mr Jump iPhone Game IconI guess everyone is familiar with Flappy Birds; Mr. Jump is somewhat similar to that. Instead of a bird, here you'll have the guy with a box on his head. Apparently, having a box on the head will block his vision, and it's your job to jump him off the obstacles. The game is pretty interesting and at times, frustrating. The reason is that the obstacles are sometimes very tough to cross. Honestly, I wasn't able to clear the first level as well. So go and give it a try, you might surely perform better than me.

Download Mr.Jump

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#2. Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

Sandstorm iPhone Game IconExperience the post-apocalyptic scenario with high-end 3D graphics in Sandstorm: Pirate Wars. The game has a stunning HD graphics with a solid storyline. You get to choose from many different game modes like challenge players around the world, compete with your friends, or fight for your reputation and improve your global rankings. The gameplay is of a brutal war field, where your fighting skill is your only friend. You'll be driving a sand cruiser with many different weapons to help you survive. The game is free to download and play with optional in-app purchases.

Download Sandstorm

#3. Headshot Heroes

Headshot Heroes iPhone Game IconIt's not an action game as suggested by the name. In fact, it's a funny soccer game where you need to hit the keeper's head to collect it in your collection. The teams consist of Sushi chefs, cats, and many other funny characters. It's a one tap game and thus, best for the lazy fellows. The graphics are designed to look like the 8-bit game, and that refreshes our childhood memories.

Download Headshot Heros

#4. Game of War – Fire Age

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Game of War iPhone Game IconGame of War – Fire Age is a never-ending online game where you build your empire and take on the world. There are four different ways to chat: chat with friends, chat with the world, chat with your alliance, and one-on-one chat. Besides that, the game has superb graphics and storyline. The game will get you hooked up within 10 minutes, and I am sure on that. There are optional in-app purchases but not mandatory. So go on and give it a try.

Download Game of War

#5. Madden NFL Mobile

MADDEN NFL Mobile iPhone Game IconMadden NFL is undoubtedly one of the most promising iPhone game for 2016. It has superb realistic graphics, daily event, and what not to keep you engaged for a long, long time. There are in-app purchases which you can disable in your iPhone's Settings. If you are a football lover, then you should have this game on your iPhone. The file size is almost 100MB, so make sure you are on a Wi-Fi before downloading.

Download Madden NFL Mobile

#6. Eternity Warriors 4

Eternity Warriors 4 iPhone Game IconThis game is dedicated to players who like to play RPG games. Eternity Warriors 4 will get you hooked up within first few minutes of playing. There are tons of features and game modes in the game. Wisely choose your Hero and engage them in Person-Vs-Person battles to get loot and improve your stats. This post is not enough to describe all the features of this game, so better rush to App Store from the link below to download it.

Download Eternity Warriors 4

#7. Signtist

Signtist iPhone Game IconMost of you aren't going to like this game, as it is dedicated to people who like to churn their brain with toughest puzzles. Signtist is that one game that will surely boggle your mind. The game presents you with different patterns, and you have to guess the right word for the pattern. The game is pretty simple to play, but the puzzles are not that simple. In case you love puzzle games, then head to the link below and download it.

Download Signtist

#8. Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower iPhone Game IconTiny Tower is a light and fun playing game. It does not contain any racing kind of adrenaline rush or any killing actions. All you need to do is to build floors of the building and earn money. Watch out for the VIP's that gives you a surprise visit, letting you earn more from the building. There are many customization options, Game Center support, and much more in this game. You'll surely like this game as your time killing partner.

Download Tiny Tower

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Which is your favorite from the above list? Do leave your feedback in comments, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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