While @pod2g and the entire @evad3rs team work (or probably not, because the jailbreak is already done and ready) to get the Evasi0n untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x out into the open, wouldn’t it be great to find out what you’ll be installing first thing (from Cydia)?

Sure, biteSMS, SBSettings (we’re with NCSettings) and Winterboard are going to be on top of that list. I am also guessing Auxo, IntelliscreenX and may be InfinityDock or InfinityFolders. But then, did you know that there are literally tons of iOS 6-compatible tweaks from Cydia?

Best Free Cydia Tweaks Compatible with iOS 6

That’s precisely what I tried to nail down from the publicly available list of iOS 6.1 compatible tweaks from Cydia. Take a look. May be you’ll get a few ideas or few leads to make your jailbroken iPhone / iDevice look/work cooler!

Most Popular Cydia Tweaks By Demand

  • Activator: Needless to say, this is going to be one of the most-downloaded for power-users.
  • Autolock SBSettings
  • biteSMS
  • Battery Doctorpro
  • Browser Changer (Ryan’s very popular tweak to make Chrome your default browser)
  • Data Usage SBSettings
  • f.lux (one of the coolest )
  • Fake Carrier
  • Five-column Springboard
  • Five icon Dock
  • NCSettings
  • SBSettings
  • Safari Omnibar
  • VLC Media
  • Winterboard
  • Zeppelin
  • (I’ve heard Zephyr is working on iOS 6 but I also think the folks will test it for iOS 6.1 later).


  • 140+ for twitter
  • 20-sec Lockscreen
  • Activoice
  • Animatebattery
  • Appcent
  • Appsize
  • Appstore update size
  • Aptdate
  • Clear Lock Notifications
  • Delete All Contacts
  • Disable Uninstall
  • Fast Copy
  • Grooveshark
  • Foldercloser
  • Iconmaker
  • iSHSHit
  • Lockscreen Clock Hide
  • Mobileterminal
  • No Lockscreen Camera
  • Octopus Keyboard:
  • Omnistat for NC
  • Open in Chrome
  • openSSH
  • Passwordpilot
  • Protube
  • Quick Mail
  • SBVolume
  • ShakeToUndo killer
  • Silent Vibrate Toggle
  • SMS stats
  • Switcher Pages
  • Veency
  • Weecloseapps
  • Weekillbackground for NC
  • Wifi passwords
  • YoutubeToMp3

  • Grrr

    Why isnt there atleast a short description of each?

  • Qooqly

    Hi Arunim. Just wanted to say thanks for putting out this list! It’s been fun tweaking so far. I didn’t know about ncsettings until I read your post — it’s great.

  • Of course they are free…

  • Arunim

    Are all these tweaks free?

  • xcitedscreamer

    Thank a lot, Really Very useful..