Best Mac Font Manager Software in 2023

Best Font Management Software for Mac

Well, fonts have been an integral part of our lives ever since man invented digital writing. Every individual who has to make essays or draft e-mails or write anything and everything on their electronic devices have a preference for fonts. Some are fond of Arial. Some are using Times New Roman, so on and so forth. But the people who are working closely with writing (in any form) as their primary and core form of work are in dire need of software and tools to manage fonts.

While our MacBook comes preloaded with a decent font management software, it certainly is not the best around the block and lags a couple of features. That is why you would need third-party font management software for your Mac. A Font Managing software organizes and manages your Mac’s fonts by activating, renaming, installing, uninstalling, viewing the fonts, and many other tasks related to the fonts on your Mac. Thus, we’ve come up with the best Mac Font Management software and tools to manage the fonts.

1. Typeface

Typeface Font Management Software for Mac

While using these font management apps or tools, we have to keep in mind that they are merely there for our convenience, and we should be spending much time in making it aesthetically pleasing. This app keeps that in mind and gives you a perfectly user-friendly UI along with functionality.

You would be able to compare various fonts based on categories. It will also list the fonts according to their nature and your usability. It has supports dark mode to avoid any sort of damage or strain to your eyes.

Price: $19.99

2. FontBase

FontBase Font Manager for macOS

Built by designers, for the designers. This font manager is amongst the most widely used font manager across all operating systems. Not only it is free, but it offers a very fresh and seamless font navigation experience for its users.

This software is majorly used by tattoo artists and others. It allows you to create and manage your collections along with browsing through the default ones and setting your preferences all with one single click.

Price: Free

3. Flipping Typical

Flipping Typical Font Manager Tool for Mac

Flipping Typical is a website that you can simply navigate to from your web browser, this is a pretty cool way of exploring the fonts that are available on your Mac. You are not required to install any particular app or software or any plugin or extension for that matter.

Simply head on to the website of this light-weight font manager, and you would be redirected directly to the font selection page. The first page shows you about 70 fonts from your Mac that you could choose from, if you wish to explore more, you need to have Adobe Flash installed on your Mac.

Price: Free

4. Font Picker

Font Picker Software for macOS

Font Picker is another one of an effortless application that lets you browse through your installed fonts and concise it according to your preferences and keeps narrowing it down until you find your perfect match.

It is very simple to use, just click on the sample text to transform it into the text of your choice. You can also remove fonts you don’t like or select the ones you do. You can also adjust the display to see the fonts that you have shortlisted.

Price: $3.99

5. Right Font

Right Font Tool for Mac

Created solely for artists and designers, the app is one of the best font management tools for macOS. While there are other simple software and apps that have similar functionality and UI, this app has an edge because it was specifically built for designers and curators.

You can not only enable or disable fonts, but you could also preview local fonts from the app. You could also add fonts to Photoshop or any other such apps by creating a layer and double-clicking on the desired font. It also allows you to share fonts via cloud drives.

Price: $40

6. Font Agent

Font Agent Tool for macOS

With Adobe Typekit integration, font search engine, Table View, auto-activation plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud and FontAgent Sync, the Font Agent software for font management on Mac is just the right choice for all of us.

With a dedicated sidebar for folders and other font management features, this software excels in simplicity and functionality. The best this that I love about this software is that it offers multiple font preview displays so that comparing fonts would become very easy.

Price: $59

7. SuitCase Fusion

SuitCase Fusion Font Management Software for Mac

Manage all your fonts irrespective of their number, location, and sync seamlessly with this excellent software. SuitCase Fusion integrates system fonts, purchased fonts, fonts synced from Adobe Typekit, Google Fonts, and other installed fonts on your Mac and offers you a full vault of fonts.

This software offers the best way to organize, search, view, and use fonts within your existing workflow without any disruptions.

Price: $119.95

Well, that was the list of all the software that you could use to manage the fonts on your Mac. Although all of the software mentioned above is pretty decent, in my opinion, Font Explorer has the upper hand only because it identifies fonts from websites and documents. Let me know in the comments below if you have taken your pick of the software yet.

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