Best feminist movies and shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Best feminist movies and shows on Netflix and Amazon

March is Women’s History Month, and it’s the perfect time to catch up on some of the best feminist movies and shows. From heartwarming tales of courage in the face of adversity to inspiring stories of travel and adventures, strong female leads are refreshing to watch and give women the hope that it’s possible to rise above the hurdles that life and society throw our way.

So, put your feet up for some well-deserved rest and celebrate womanhood with these best women-centric movies and shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

1. Thelma and Louise – Best adventure movie

thelma and louise movie poster
Source: Wikipedia

My travel-loving soul adores this classic road-trip movie starring the brilliant Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon. The two friends set off on a short fishing trip that soon turns into a thrilling adventure. The duo gets on the wrong side of the law, and the plot unfolds to keep you captivated the whole way through.

It is one of the more iconic films of its decade, which will still give you the laughs and the feels. It’s unapologetically feminist in its themes and characters, but at the same time, it’s a whole lot of fun! The locations are beautiful, and the script is seasoned with sharp and witty dialogue.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

2. The Color Purple – An empowering movie

the color purple movie poster
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If you enjoy women empowerment movies, The Color Purple is it! I have to warn you; this one’s a tearjerker. Based on the eponymous novel, it spans forty years in the life of Celie (Whoopi Goldberg), an African-American woman who survives unimaginable abuse and bigotry.

Every scene shines through to pull at your heartstrings and take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. I especially love its tender portrayal of how women are each other’s support systems. The film is driven by great performances and a beautifully nuanced script.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

3. Wonder Woman – Best women superhero movie

wonder woman poster
Source: Amazon

Say goodbye to all the gendered notions about superheroes. Wonder Woman is among the best feminist action movies that prove how a strong female lead can shoulder a franchise to achieve massive commercial success.

With spectacular fight sequences and an engaging story, this movie is a must-watch for all ages. Gal Gadot, playing Diana, is a much-needed role model for young girls as she rises above the typical gender roles expected by society. It’s a heartwarming and thrilling film, sprinkled with just the right amount of romance and humor.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

4. Wild – Best travel movie

wild movie poster
Source: IMDb

Movies based on books don’t always get things right, but here’s an exception. Wild is the story of American author Cheryl Strayed and her real-life experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. The breathtaking natural vistas are juxtaposed against the complex emotional struggles that the protagonist faces as she grieves her mother’s loss and tries to make sense of her life.

It will have you smiling with tears in your eyes and, of course, longing to explore the great outdoors. Reese Witherspoon does an impeccable job playing the lead as she meets every challenge that the trail throws her way. It’s one of the most inspiring movies for women and men who love travel and adventure.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

5. Little Women – Best in drama

little women poster
Source: Sony Pictures

Little Women was one of my favorite stories as a child, and the adult me loved this adaptation of it. It’s a story of four sisters and how they each deal with the challenges life throws at them on the path toward achieving their distinct dreams.

With nuanced performances and a multifaceted storyline, this film offers a captivating viewing experience for everyone. I especially admire how it captures the essence of Louisa May Alcott’s novel while also adding a fresh, modern touch.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

6. Moana – Best animated movie

moana movie poster
Source: Amazon

Disney is notorious for propagating gender stereotypes, but Moana is a refreshing change. It’s the captivating tale about an adventurous teenager who sets sail on a daring mission to save her people with the help of the once-mighty demigod Maui,

In true Disney fashion, this movie is rife with magic and beautiful animation. It’s terrific to watch Moana come into her own without any love story track dominating the narrative. I admire this film for the subtlety with which it tells a feminist story, giving a relatable role model to girls everywhere.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

7. Frida – An inspiring biopic of the feminist icon

frida movie poster
Source: IMDb

Over the years, artist Frida Kahlo has become a feminist icon of sorts. And this visually-stunning biopic does justice to her story, tracing her controversial relationships and progressive political and sexual attitudes.

Salma Hayek does an incredible job portraying Frida, and you won’t be able to look away. Although the screenplay could have been more powerful, it does a commendable job of expressing the passion, pain, and artistic process of an unforgettable woman.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

8. Legally Blonde – Best romantic comedy

legally blonde poster
Source: Amazon

There are countless sexist perceptions and assumptions that women battle every day. And one that has been propagated widely by pop culture is the trope of the “dumb blonde.” Here’s a movie that turns this on its head to show how women don’t need to fit into boxes and can be simultaneously beautiful and brilliant.

It’s the perfect choice when you’re in the mood to watch something breezy and lighthearted that still has substance. I adored Reese Witherspoon’s performance and the sweet and silly yet self-empowering plot!

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

Shows for women

1. The Queen’s Gambit – Golden Globe Award-winning TV series

the queen's gambit poster
Source: IMDb

This miniseries traces the life of a child prodigy who takes on the traditionally male-dominated world of competitive chess. It’s based on Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel of the same name and keeps you hooked from start to finish.

The lead actor Taylor Joy’s performance is riveting and inspiring. I especially loved how she portrays a fierce and independent woman who confidently handles the challenges that come her way. It’s enthralling, beautifully shot, and incredibly satisfying. And its recent win at Golden Globe Awards for the best television film stands testimony to it. Watch it already!

Watch it on: Netflix

2. Self Made – A women-centric show based on a true story

self made poster
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Have you heard about Madam CJ Walker? She was the first self-made female millionaire in America who built an empire out of her signature hair-care products. She is portrayed by Octavia Spencer in this short series that delves into her life and struggles.

It exquisitely represents the social and cultural complexities that women historically face on the path to entrepreneurship and independence. The setting and story are far from our current reality, but it is still relatable and deeply inspiring to watch.

Watch it on: Netflix

3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Best sitcom

the marvelous mrs maisel poster
Source: Amazon

For anyone who believes the sexist comment that women can’t be funny, the marvelous Mrs. Maisel, played by Rachel Brosnahan, is here to prove you wrong. She’s a New York City housewife who discovers her knack for stand-up comedy.

It spans three seasons, and I especially like the witty, thought-provoking dialogue about women. It offers wholesome entertainment replete with a great story and powerful screenplay. Everything about it, from costumes to sets and camerawork, will grab your attention and keep you returning for more.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

4. Fleabag – The most candid series

fleabag poster
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Here’s an offbeat and refreshing tale based on a one-woman show by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also plays the lead. It’s a realistic yet entertaining take on a philandering thirty-something woman’s life coping with the loss of a best friend and an eccentric family.

At the same time, she’s trying to pursue her dream of running a cafe. Everyday struggles can be a lot to deal with, and this show brilliantly captures that. I loved Phoebe’s electrifying screen presence and the creative storytelling that breaks the fourth wall to talk directly to the viewer.

The most interesting aspect is that we never get to learn the protagonist’s real name!

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

5. Orange Is The New Black – Best feminist drama

orange is the new black poster
Source: Wikipedia

This Netflix original is a must-watch feminist show for its diverse representation of women and their stories. It is based on Piper Kerman’s memoirs about the time she spent in prison, but along the way, we get to meet a diverse range of characters with unique stories.

I love the ensemble cast that boasts so many talented women of color taking you on their deeply emotional journeys. It touches on larger issues like racism in a nuanced way that shows all the grey areas in our current reality. Overall, I’ve found it to be incredibly well-written and binge-worthy.

Watch it on: Netflix

Which are your favorite women-centric movies and shows?

So, how many of these have you watched already? Do you have other recommendations for me? Please share in the comments below! You might also like to check out my list of the best apps for women.

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