Father’s Day 2019 Gifts Ideas: 10 Tech Gifts for Your Geeky Dad

This Father's Day, appreciate the unsung hero of the family with these top-notch gadgets and tech accessories. Let's check out our list of best tech gifts ideas for Father's day 2019.


Well as 2019 Father’s Day is just around the block, I am pretty sure everyone must be frantically searching for the best perfect gift you could present to your father. After all, he is the first Hero of our lives. But the question arises what could you ever give to the man who has spent his entire life in making your life perfect, what could be able to suffice all the gratitude and love that you have towards him? Well, that’s where we come to your rescue.

Technology has made its place very prominent in our day-to-day lives, and we are not the ones complaining I mean, who wouldn’t want to make their lives easier. And what could be better than making our Hero’s lives more comfortable with a simple piece of technology? Well, Greeting Cards, Pens, Flowers, Clothes, etc. have been long overdone, so why not gift the dads an excellent piece of tech? So, Here is the list of best Father’s Day 2019 tech gifts ideas that every dad would love to receive as a token of appreciation.

10 Best Father’s Day 2019 Gifts Ideas for Your Techie Dad

#1. Smart Home Speakers: Amazon echo or Sonos Play 1

Smart Home Speaker Gift Idea for Fathers Day

Wouldn’t it be great if your speaker had more capabilities than just playing music? Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to control your speaker with your voice? Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask your speaker to play the news and it does? Well Yes, Yes and Yes are the answers to all these questions. With these Smart Home Speakers, you could do all of these and much more.

It would be a pure delight for your Dad to find this amazing device in the gift box. Your Dad could save a lot of his time from his busy schedule all the while being entertained.

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#2. Universal Power Adapter

Universal Power Adapter Gift Idea for Fathers Day

Does your Dad travel a lot? If, yes then this is the best possible thing you could give him. A universal travel adapter would be a practical solution for your traveler day, charging his devices would become much more comfortable if he doesn’t have to remember what connector pin (power adapter pin) is supported to the country or state he is traveling. He has to carry this one small adapter, and his devices would be taken care off.

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#3. Amazon Kindle

Kindle Gift Idea for Fathers Day

If your Dad possesses a love for reading than this possibly the best gift, you could give to your Dad. The Kindle eReader is the best solution and alternative for traditional paper books. Saving the nature is an added benefit of this device, but this device is compact, saves a lot of space, and more importantly, your Dad doesn’t have to worry about excess baggage weight because of his books. He could carry thousands of book on this compact device without any hassle.

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#4. Truly Wireless Earphones: Airpods or Power Beats Pro

Wireless Earphones Gift Idea for Fathers Day

Music-loving dads will appreciate these truly wireless earphones. Without the cord getting tangled in the bag or on the desk, these tech pieces are actual life-saving earphones. Apple airpods are the best, but just in case your Dad is not an apple user, you could also opt for its other counterparts.

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#5. Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch

Wireless Charging Dock Gift Idea for Fathers Day

For the Apple Lover Dad’s this one accessory would be a god-gift because this charging dock would let your Dad charge his apple watch as well as his iPhone, at the same time. This uber cool gadget is the perfect gift for his office desk.

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#6. Tile Mate

Tile Mate Gift Idea for Fathers Day

Your Dad has a habit of forgetting or losing his keys and wallet? Then, these Tile Trackers are a must have for him. Attach them with keys or put them in the wallet you would be able to track your things with your smartphone now. Perfect gift for all those forgetful dads, don’t let him lose any more keys or essential items.

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#7. Smart Water bottle

Smart Water Bottle Gift Idea for Fathers Day

Make sure that your Hero is always hydrated with this smart water bottle that keeps track of his water intake and reminds him to drink water. Being hydrated is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle and make sure your father has a healthy lifestyle with this fantastic Smart Water bottle.

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#8. Smartwatch or Fit band: Fitbit or Apple Watch

Smartwatch Gift Idea for Fathers Day

Since you are helping your Dad with being hydrated, why not help him with his fitness as well? If your Dad loves his fitness regime and likes to keep track of his physical activities, then this is just the thing for him. Both these watches keep an accurate record of his activities and calculate the calories burnt. Give your Pops a fitness treat with these cool gadgets, ohh and not to forget these do connect with your phone and serves as a perfect smartwatch, but obviously, you knew it…

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#9. Leather Bag

Genuine Leather Bag Gift Idea for Fathers Day

For all those uber-cool Dads who love to go to the office in style, this leather briefcase cum shoulder bag is a must. With multi-pocket and super fancy yet sophisticated style, this bag is the ultimate bag to take care of all the utilities of your Dad. Multi-pockets and Laptop compartment are the key features of this bag. You could also opt for this other compact folder to the house in all the cables and gadgets. I am sure that both of these are a perfect fit for all kinds of dads out there.

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#10. Television Streaming Sticks: Roku TV Stick or Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV

Streaming Device Gift Idea for Fathers Day

Entertainment is a significant part of our lives and if your Daddy Dearest loves to watch TV series than be sure to gift him either of these TV streaming sticks. These sticks support various streaming services along with all television sets that come with a USB port; thus, this device will make sure that your entertainment is not hindered while traveling. You could carry this stick along with you wherever you go and plug it in a TV set and enjoy.

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Thank you so much for reading. If you have any unique or innovative gift idea, you could shoot them in the comment section below. And Don’t forget to download our app and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to never miss any of our updates.