While Microsoft just released Office Mobile, it apparently seems very limited. For starters, you can’t use it unless you’ve got an Office 365 account – which is costly. Also, even if you do get to start creating documents with Office Mobile, you’re going to see that some important features are missing; spell-checker, for example. Or the ability change fonts.

There are dozens of better alternatives. Some of them need no introduction.

We’ll take a look at four of these alternatives: four really good Office-like apps that will help you create documents / spreadsheets / powerpoint presentations right on your iPhone.

Office Mobile Alternatives iPhone iPad Apps

Free Alternatives of Office Mobile App


CloudOn iPhone App LogoCloudOn is perhaps the best app out there when it comes to creating documents. The best thing about CloudOn is that it reads and creates Microsoft-compatible documents (and spreadsheets and powerpoint). Also, it supports cloud storage and it’s totally free. Ad-free too.

Download CloudOn

Documents Free (Mobile Office)

Documents Free iPhone App LogoDocuments Free is a lite-version app that enables some basic (and therefore, limited) document processing capability. Interestingly, this is almost comparable to what Office Mobile from Microsoft does. Documents Free is a light-weight app. You can do basic document editing and have a pocket-spreadsheet to work on. The app allows you to upload documents directly to your Google Drive. And of course, there’s iCloud support too.

Download Documents Free

Paid Alternatives of Office Mobile App

Apple’s iWork

Apple iWork App LogoFor some reason, only users who’ve used Pages, Keynote and Numbers (on the Mac) understand that it’s a far better, usable solution than Microsoft’s offering. One of the greatest advantages of using the iWork collection is that you can link it to the iWork for iOS suite and make your work easily transferable and readable. Apple’s iWork for iOS is the triad-collection: Pages, Numbers, Keynote.

There’s wide compatibility because you can export the files in Microsoft Office-formats (DOC, PPT, XLS).

Check out Apple’s iWork for iOS

Each app (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) costs $9.99. Still, a far better solution than the $99.99 Office 365 thing with yearly fees.

Documents To Go

Documents To Go iPhone App LogoWhile not as elegant an alternative, Documents To Go can get the job done if you don’t mind the interface. Built for someone who needs a little more than the normal document creation app, this app does let you use a lot of features that are native to document processors.

Price: $9.99
Download Documents To Go

Got other cool apps that work great for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations? Let us know and we’ll add to the list!