For those who have jailbroken their device and relished the beautiful tweaks available on Cydia, going back is not exactly a great option. Cydia tweaks do bring in some really good changes if you pick the right ones. There are tons of them right now but with iOS 6, compatibility issues have been cropping up all too often. Not every tweak on the curb is ready for iOS 6 but quite a few work good.

This is intended to be a series of posts that lists the best Cydia apps and tweaks that are known to work good on jailbroken iOS devices running iOS 6 or 6.0.1. Not all the Cydia tweaks have been updated to be compatible with iOS 6 but they work nevertheless.

Of course, as the usual case is with Cydia and jailbreaking, results may differ. Do let us know if you face issues using the following tweaks on your iOS 6 device. For most users, the tweaks are working just fine.

10 Best Cydia Tweaks for Your Jailbroken iPhone:

Best Cydia Tweaks

1. Activator

Well, what would we do without Activator. If there’s one tweak that’s absolutely essential – and that’s because shortcut actions are very helpful – Activator would be it. Fortunately, Activator is compatible with iOS 6 and works perfectly fine.

2. SprintBoard

SprintBoard is a cool tweak that’s best when you’ve got a lot of home screens on your springboard. It does what the name says: you sprint across your Springboard with this tweak. This comes in handy when you have a lot of home screens and need to shift from the first to the last pages immediately.

3. Zeppelin

Zeppelin is a very popular Cydia tweak that allows you to replace the carrier name with a custom logo of your own. It works wonderfully well on iOS 5 and it has been shown to work on iOS 6 too. Now, we’re not so sure of how useful this tweak would be, but if you’re concerned about customizing your iPhone to the core, Zeppelin is one of those tweaks you must have!

4. SwitcherPages

When you double-press the home button, you get to the multi-task switching bar. Now, how cool would it be to have those page dots in this screen? This would let you know instantly, how many apps are running in the background and draining your battery. It’s a simple tweak with very little functionality but useful if you’re in for details.

5. VLC Media Player

Well, Apple kicked out VLC out of the App Store a long time back but you know how it works with jailbreakers. They got it on Cydia pretty quick. Interestingly, it works well on iOS 6 too and if you’re looking for a cool tweak to play all the media files you download off the net, this is the one.

6. StyleUnlock

How about unlocking that lock screen in style? For those of you who aren’t familiar with StyleUnlock, it’s a fantastic tweak that lets you unlock the lock screen through other gestures like pinch, swipe up etc.

7. TapSong

TapSong is an alternative to control music right from the lock screen on your iPhone. The reason it comes up on the list of popular Cydia tweaks is because it makes audio control from the lock screen simpler than the default double-press-home-button shortcut. Tap once, it plays. Tap again, it pauses. As simple as that.

8. SwipeSelection

If you’re a fan of swipe typing – where you just swipe your fingers across the keypad over the letters to type a word – this tweak is essential. SwipeSelection works on iPhone and iPad.

9. Webspot

Webspot lets you add a webpage to your Spotlight search page. This functionality is nothing new or unique but it’s quite useful nevertheless. Webspot is great if you would like to have, say, the Google homepage instead of your Spotlight search.

10. Arrangestatusbar

If you’d like to arrange your status bar to your liking – say, push that time display to the left or move the WiFi away – this tweak will get that done for you. Simple, neat and some really good customization.

  • Dawg

    “This would let you know instantly, how many apps are running in the background and draining your battery” -> WRONG. It shows the RECENT apps, not RUNNING apps, and also running apps don’t drain your battery. That’s the point of iOS’s multitasking bro

    • you idiot

      you idiot… yes it is running… try closing app then opening app again.. it takes longer unless you leave it RUNNINg in background DOH