Apple has come up with vastly improved Photos app in iOS 8. However, it can still be enhanced to be more user-friendly. You can’t select or deselect all the photos at once in Photos app. Moreover, it doesn’t provide any perfect solution of hiding some of your favorite photos.

When it comes to customizing features of iOS on iPhone or iPad, Cydia tweaks come to the fore thanks largely to having amazing versatility. Look forward to giving your Photos app more enhancements? Here is the list of the best Cydia tweaks to let you not only customize your photos but also provide them the much needed security. Let’s take a look!

Best Cydia Tweaks for Photos AppBest iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks for Photos App

#1. Photo Organizer 8

Photo Organizer 8 offers you a perfect solution to enhance the usability of your Photos app. It lets you select or deselect all photos at once. You can sort photos by date, name or even size. This tweak allows you to import and sync photos without iTunes.

Once you install it, this tweak finds its place in the Photos app itself. As a result, it becomes very easy to customize your photos.

Price: $2.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#2. Photego

Photoge Cydia tweak has been designed to let you protect specific actions of your Photos app through Touch ID. It allows you to restrict photos access from camera app. You can also set it to protect deleted photos, albums and more.

When you install Photego, it provides you configure options to use it as per your need from Settings app. If you wish to safeguard your favorite photos and don’t wish them to be easily accessible by others, then Photego is the perfect way to go.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#3. PhotoRes

PhotoRes allows you to customize the aspect ratio and resolution of your photos a pretty simple task. With more than a dozen pre-defined aspect ratios in the tweak’s preferences, you have plenty of freedom to give your photos attractive looks. This tweak also lets you set the resolution of your photos as per your wish.

Once you have set the aspect ratio as well as resolution in its preferences from the Settings app, you can start taking photos using the customized effects. The best thing about this tweak is that it doesn’t require any respring to effect the changes you make in its preferences.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#4. Photo Timestamp

Photo Timestamp is a pretty interesting Cydia tweak that lets you enhance Photos app or Camera app. Once you install this tweak, you can view the timestamp in photos. In addition, this tweak allows you to customize the background color and transparency, text color and alignment.

You can change the font, font size and even timestamp height and give an all new look to the way photos appear. If you wish to give the personal touch to the photos’ timestamp, then give this tweak a quick look.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#5. PhotoAlbums+

PhotoAlnums+ is a multi-tasking Cydia tweak for your Photos app. You can use this tweak to make your private folders or albums and use passwords to provide them complete protection. This tweak also lets you group albums in folders therefore you are able to arrange your photos as desired. This tweak even allows you to move photos between albums quickly.

With the use of this tweak, you are able to delete photos instantly without having to take lengthy steps. You can prevent photos from being auto-uploaded to photoStream in order to protect your privacy. Moreover, it enables you to add any photos to PhotoStream. With the use of USB, you can also copy the album folders to your PC.

If you wish to make your Photos app a lot handier than what it is with some quality improvements, then you must have a look at this tweak.

Price: $4.99 | Repo: BigBoss