Now that we're officially in iOS 8 jailbreak zone, a lot of old tweaks are getting updated but even more excitingly, a ton of new iOS 8 Cydia tweaks are cropping up. There's a lot to catch up to and if you are a jailbreak tweak enthusiast, we hope this list would help you find and try out new tweaks.

Here's a roundup of some of the finest tweaks that came out in the past few days/week. We already have covered some of the best iOS 8 Cydia tweaks. We've got a collection of another 20 cool Cydia tweaks that have been tested to work in iOS 8.0-8.4. (Note: If you have upgraded to iOS 9, here are some of the top Cydia tweaks for iOS 9 you would love to try.)

Best-iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks

20 Best iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks

#1. Vine++

Vine++ was released about a week back. It's a quintessential tweak for users of the Vine app. With Vine++ installed, you will be able to download Vine videos. But even more importantly, it turns off autoplay so if that feature annoys you, Vine++ can help you out there.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#2. StopSend

StopSend is in beta and the developer (u/Sassoty) is working on adding more features and support. However, it's a fantastic tweak that can save you from embarassingly bad messages caused due to autocorrect. Once installed, StopSend will disable the Send button when there's an autocorrect prompt is active. Basically, a simple way to prevent autocorrect fails.

Price: Free | Repo: Private )

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#3. Segue

Segue adds an amazing collection of photo slideshow transitions to the stock Photos app. Apple's stock collection only offers a handful of animation effects for the Slideshown feature in photos app. With Segue, you get transition effects like cameraIris, flip, moveIn, rippleEffect, suckEffect and more.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#4. Lockspeed

If you'd like to access your Favorite contacts quickly from the lockscreen (without inputting the passcode or unlocking the iPhone), you should check out Lockspeed. The tweak adds an extra screen to the lockscreen (swipe left) where you'll find 9 of your favorite contacts on speed dial. The interface is neat and compact and the contacts are shown as avatars just like the ones you see in the task switcher.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#5. Sleekcode

Sleekcode (originally written for iOS 7 but works in iOS 8 although not officially tested) is a neat little tweak that lets you customize the passcode screen. Nothing fancy but it lets you add more blur and alpha, hide components on the LS and do a bit more with the passcode screen.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#6. SBFlip

SBFlip is a cool little tweak that does two things.

  1. It lets you control rotation of the homescreen/springboard on all iOS 8 devices. Currently, you can prevent the rotation of homescreen only by using the lockscreen rotation toggle (which prevents rotation everywhere). With SBFlip installed, you can have rotation for apps but toggle rotation for the homescreen icons.
  2. SBFlip will also let you control the style of dock icons when you rotate the screen. You can pick from stationary or dynamic (which arrange/spaces the icons on the side as in iPhone 6+)

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#7. BackupAZ

If you play around with the filesystem of your iPhone occasionally, BackupAZ should be a cool tweak to have. It takes essential backups of your device and stores it in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/BackupAZ which you can then copy to your computer. Although it isn't as extensive as an iTunes backup (it can't be), it’s far simpler and easier. Most importantly, though, BackupAZ will backup all Cydia tweaks and their settings! Can't beat that.

Price: $2.99 | Repo: ModMyi

#8. ForceGoodFit

ForceGoodFit makes apps that size-up to fit the iPhone 6/6+ screen fit correctly instead of zooming up. Older apps that aren't configured for 6/6+ show up with zoomed interfaces which looks a little ugly (to say the least). This happened with Cydia too. With ForceGoodFit, that won’t happen. App UIs will be forced to fit the screen proportionately.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#9. TapSpring

With Respring8, you can respring your device easily by going into Settings -> Respring8 but if you think even that is a long process for a simple respring, use TapSpring. Currently in beta (at the time of writing this), TapSpring will let you tap on an app icon to respring your iPhone. For instance (as the dev says), you can have the Tips app configured to be your respring app. Tap on it and your iPhone will respring.

Price: Free | Repo: RCRepo (

#10. CalcBase

CalcBase is a tweak built for iPhone users who need to shift between different base operations (basically, students, researchers etc.) If you constant find yourself shifting between decimals and hex and binary and oct, CalcBase should be useful. Swipe on the LCD part of the calcular app and you can switch through all available bases.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#11. Air Traffic Control­

Air Traffic Control works while your phone is on airplane mode. It disables the airplane mode message alert every time you open an app. After installing the tweak you do not get airplane message alert while using any app.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#12. AutoTouch for iOS 8

AutoTouch tweak is useful in recording and playing back any touch/swipe operation done on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod touch. It is very important when you want to repeat the very action you have done earlier on your phone (automation). It is very significant for playing games. You can score more points or coins automatically by playing back the recorded operation. Apart from these, you can replicate human operation to test programs automatically. And last but not least, it can significantly be used for running Lua Script written previously.

The tweak costs $4.99 but there's a trial version you can test.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Trial – $4.99

#13. CroppingScreen

CroppinScreen is a Cydia tweak which lets you take a screen shot of selected area. When you press the home button and lock button together, you can drag your finger to select the area or part of the screen. And if you want to take a normal screen shot then simply press home button instead of selecting an area.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#14. UntetheredHeySiri

In iOS 8, you can invoke Siri without pressing the home button through a feature called “Hey Siri”. However, your device needs to be plugged in for this to work. UntetheredHeySiri gets rid of this limitation so that you can use “Hey, Siri” even when your iPhone/iPad is not plugged in.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#15. PrefDelete

PrefDelete is an absolutely useful Cydia tweak which lets you delete tweaks without going into Cydia. You can delete any tweaks by tapping and holding on the tweak's name from Settings app. But it will delete only those tweaks which come with preference pane.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#16. OSLite8

OSLite8 is very helpful to keep your phone's folder clean. It removes automatically installed temporary files such as application name/temp; application name/library/caches, in your folder. No important file will be deleted by this tool.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#17. Reachability Action/Toggle Flipswitch

Reachability Action is a very important tweak which enables Reachability on your phone. Currently, Reachability is available only in iPhone 5s, 6 or 6+. But after you have downloaded the the tweak, it will enable reachability feature on devices that do not have Touch ID. This tweak is a Flipswitch toggle/action.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#18. Resring8

Respring8 tweak is used to quickly respring your phone. It's useful in scenarios where you need to Respring your iPhone but don't find a way to do it easily. You can quickly respring your phone by going on Settings app directly.

Price: Free | Repo: Private

#19. No Tracking

No tracking tweak is essential for many reasons. First, you can stop apps from tracking your data. Let me be honest, none wants his/her private data to be tracked by third party. Next, it improves your battery life. It is obvious that when you disable apps from tracking, the battery life will improve.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#20. AlienBlue++

AlienBlue++ is a tweak which can be used as a plugin for the AlienBlue app. But there are some essential features missing in AlienBlue. Features like creating a meme, downloading images and videos to your Camera Roll, copying GIF to the clipboard etc. This tweak brings all those capabilities to the official Reddit app.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

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    do not download heysiri mod. It’s a battery KILLER.

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  • Anyone know of a tweak that increases screen transition speeds. Back in iOS 6 jailbreak there was one that made transitions move lightning fast . Thankyou

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      It’s noslowanimations

    • NoSlowAnimations is what you want. Working fine on my 6Plus.

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