Cydia Tweaks list doesn’t actually end. It’s probably like the Great Wall of China – it goes on and on and as we find more interesting tweaks, we keep adding them to the list.

However, right after the jailbreak, if you were to think of the most essential tweaks that should be up on your iPhone/iPad, you might like this list a lot.

Having jailbroken our devices on the day Evasi0n came out, we’ve been testing a lot of tweaks ourselves and there’s just one thing we can say: it’s a really addictive world. Cydia kind of opens up an entire universe to tweak and add functionality to your iPhone/iPad.

Best Cydia Tweaks

If you’re a first-time jailbreaker, this is a highly recommended list. If not, you probably know of these tweaks already but just take a look. Do tell us your favorite tweaks in the comment.

Roundup of Best Cydia Tweaks of 2013:

1. LockInfo: LockInfo has come a long way since the initial days. Although I am not much of a fan, LockInfo is certainly a great lockscreen tweak. Like all the information on your lockscreen? LockInfo is the tweak you should use. Every single notification, every single alert and every single mail – and add weather info, clock, etc. – gets listed in a beautiful way right on your lockscreen. I don’t like the information overload (my LS is pretty empty and minimalistic) but if you’re someone who wants all the info to be instantly accessible, LockInfo is an awesome tweak.

Here is the dedicated post on Best LockScreen Cydia tweaks.

2. IntelliscreenX: IntelliscreenX is the precursor to LockInfo. I sometimes think of these as Firefox and Chrome. You know both are good and classic and both have a fan following. IntelliscreenX is pretty much LockInfo but since it came a long time before LockInfo, it still sticks. But wait, I am not taking sides here. If you love IntelliscreenX I’ve got nothing against you. Both are good and both put enough information on instant-access mode on the Lock screen.

3. biteSMS: If there’s one thing that jailbreakers the world-over accept open-heartedly, it’s that there’s no tweak like biteSMS. This one just blows away all your expectations and turns your normal messaging app into something amazing. No words can describe biteSMS because it’s an experience in itself.

4. Zeppelin:I like having Dark Knight’s logo instead of the usual carrier thingy. Sometimes, I freak my friends out by having an Android/Windows logo there. Sounds like replicating? Use Zeppelin: the eternally popular tweak that lets you change the carrier logo to something jazzy right away. No resprings required and that’s my favorite part.

5. Fake Operator:Oh did you say you want your own custom text replacing the carrier’s name? No Zeppelin? Okay! There’s Fake Operator for you! This doesn’t need resprings either and works like a charm. Fake Operator conflicts with Zeppelin so you can have either this or that. Choose for yourself. Or if you’re like me, you’ll have Zeppelin for a while and then a custom text for the next few hours.

6. Springtomize 2: Springtomize 2 is a must-have for anyone who likes to play around with all the icons of your dash. Springtomize 2 is the Winterboard for icons and there’s literally tons of icons you can grab and customize your springboard with. You’ll also find more options within the settings.

7. Iconoclasm: If not Springtomize, you go to Iconoclasm. It’s another classic example of a long-standing tweak that has been well-received over the years. Springtomize, Iconoclasm: these are tweaks that cost you a bit but they’re definitely worth the penny you shell out for them.

8. Auxo: But oh, nothing has taken the jailbreak world by storm than this one. Auxo! You should’ve been living under a rock (or totally new to jailbreak) if you haven’t heard this name before. Auxo is that amazing $1.99 tweak that completely changes the way your task-switcher looks, behaves and works. Auxo’s features, I believe, would be something that Apple will introduce by the next few iterations of iOS.

9. Activator:If you like to convert your iPhone into a gesture-monster, Activator is a tweak you can’t miss. This is mostly helpful if you are a power-user (most Mac and iPad users are comfortable with multiple gestures) and Activator makes interacting with your iPhone much simpler. And faster.

10. SBSettings:SBSettings needs no introduction. This is the answer to Android’s power widget: only, you have this on your Notification Center. SBSettings provides valuable information on memory, capacity, usage etc. Over the years, SBSettings has grown into a very powerful tweak.

11. NCSettings:Or if you like something minimal and cool, NCSettings would be it. This was one of the first things I installed after jailbreaking. NCSettings has pretty much the same basic premise as SBSettings: control settings toggles right from the NC.

12. Winterboard:Winterboard is another must-have. At its base, Winterboard doesn’t change much but you can make the dock disappear, make the icon names disappear, have a transparent status bar in the lock screen/elsewhere, and many more. Several UI tweaks need Winterboard so you better have this installed.

13. Clear Slider HD:Clear Slider HD brings you a very simple and very neat slider in place of the original unlock slider in LS. We covered this in our post on alternative sliders so you can check it out. And yes, you’ll need Winterboard to have this theme enabled.

14. ReSpring: Of all the things, ReSpring is one nifty tweak I’ve found useful. Very useful. Cydia lets you Respring whenever things get updated but sometimes, you need to ReSpring your device for certain tweaks to work.  Instead of doing a hard-reset or a reboot, you can use this little tool to respring your springboard easily.

15. BrowserChooser: Ryan Petrich’s very popular tweak. BrowserChooser changes the default browser to Chrome (or whichever you want to set as the default). The tweak is one of the most essential tweaks as iOS opens links in Safari which is annoying after you’ve fallen in love with Chrome for iOS.

  • Aleksander Azizi

    «Sticky Icky» is definitely worth checking out. You can find it on the ModMyI repo

  • Ajay Abishek

    ‘fullforce for iphone’ extends the non updated apps to fot iph5 screen. top on my list

  • Lp

    Waitîng for a quasar update for ios 6!!

  • Timpster

    I think f.lux is essential haha, it’s on the HOME PAGE of cydia and it still doesn’t get much attention

  • Paolo

    Browser changer is better because unlike browser chooser, it uses directly whatever browser you made as default. With browserchooser, it opens safari first then your browser choice :(

  • LockInfo 4 was great and the devs are doing all they can to get the updated one (5) work seamlessly. I guess many users do face issues with LI but as many users have had success installing and using it too. So from my perspective, LockInfo does get to be on top of this list ;) Remember, we have a lot of users on iOS 6 too.

  • disqus_tihkfp1doU

    Thank’s for the info, very informative. :-)

  • gutheid

    Thanks dude! I like them all! Auxo is great, in the past i had multiflow, great tweak too.. I miss barrel, gridlock and Unfold.. and manual autocorrect.. ;-) Oh and Fake Clock up! Great tweak!

    • Jason Jones

      Barrel still works

  • Andy

    I am really surprised to see Lockinfo at the top of this list. Is the writer aware of all the problems which are reported about Lockinfo in the last 4 days, since the release of ios 6.1?

  • guest

    Aquaboard – water effects :)