The best way to discover cool Cydia tweaks, themes, mods and get troubleshooting help is through the community. The jailbreak community is spread over a vast area, with some really awesome forums being hosted by popular websites.

If you're looking to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad, there's Pangu for iOS 7.x. Here's a list of the most popular and most useful iOS 7 Cydia repos / sources of 2014.

Best iOS 7 Cydia Sources-Repos

Best Cydia Sources/Repos for iOS 7.x

Repo: BigBoss

BigBoss is the single largest source of most popular tweaks. You'll find most of the popular iOS 7 tweaks showing up on BigBoss. Developers submit their tweaks here to reach a wide audience. The tweaks in BigBoss are usually checked for inconsistencies etc. This comes as a default repo with Cydia but you can remove it. Well, removing it doesn't make any sense though.

Repo: ModMyi

Right next to BigBoss, it's ModMyi (although some folks would argue the opposite). ModMyi hosts a lot of tweaks too, many of them insanely popular. ModMyi also comes with a lot of mods too although it would be less interesting than the tweaks themselves.


Ryan Petrich is a lead developer when it comes to intelligent, smart and ingenious tweaks. He is the guy behind tweaks like Activator, DisplayRecorder, BrowserChooser. We hear he's got a lot of new stuff on the works for iOS 7 and it would be pretty interesting to test them out. This is a must-have repo for everyone interested in Cydia tweaks.

Repo: iSpazio

iSpazio is a good source for tweaks, mods and other things. As the community develops compatibility and stability for iOS 7 tweaks, I expect iSpazio to feature new tweaks and mods that would work on iOS 7 devices.

Rogue Repos

Besides the genuine ones, there are also other repos which feature cracked versions of the tweaks. It's piracy and we don't support it. But in certain cases like HackYouriPhone, we've had the chance to download some interesting tweaks and mods that are not available elsewhere. Proceed with caution.

Features: tweaks, mods

Repo: BiteYourApple
Features: tweaks, mods

Repo: HackYouriPhone
Features: tweaks, ringtones, mods

If you've upgraded to iOS 8.x, take a look at a coulpe more Cydia sources for iOS 8.

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