While Cydia, in itself, is a huge search engine which lets you search for jailbreak tweaks, apps, themes and other mods, it’s not exactly the way you find interesting tweaks. To me, Cydia is just that place from where I download the tweaks I find from elsewhere.

But where exactly does this “elsewhere” point to?

A lot many users ask us where we find these interesting Cydia tweaks. (Note: if you’ve not seen our humongous list of Cydia tweaks, go right here).

Google is relatively the place where most people want to search when looking for Cydia tweaks but you’re most likely going to end up with popular tweaks that you’ve already used or tweaks that are of no particular importance to you.

Cydia Tweak Resources

This is why I thought it would be a great idea to point a few websites which are active in this regard, bringing you a ton of new tweaks almost every day. Of course, this is just a partial list right now. As we find more sources and interesting blogs where new Cydia tweaks get covered, we’ll add them here.

And there’s one thing I want you to do: a lot of your friends using the iPhone/iPad are also looking for such resources. Don’t keep this information to yourself. Share it far and wide and help people!

1. ModMyi.com
ModMyi – the default repo that comes with Cydia app – is one of the coolest resources. It’s a must-have on your reader if you’re looking for new, cool interesting tweaks. ModMyi covers tweaks not just from their own repo but from most other repos too (like BigBoss). But what’s even more interesting is that the website also covers tweaks that are in the pipeline. Remember the ‘Reminders for Messages‘ video? We did that based on ModMyi’s post.

2. Bigboss.com
In comparison to ModMyi, Bigboss isn’t all that “nice” but if user-friendliness isn’t on your list, this should probably be enough. BigBoss has some of the best tweaks ever developed and it is a continuously growing repo of the coolest tweaks you’ll find on the web.

3. iDownloadBlog’s Cydia Page
Folks at iDB are very popular when it comes to anything that’s got to do with the iPhones and iPads. These guys get to know about jailbreak tweaks that aren’t even released yet. The Cydia tag page on iDB is quite rich with some of the most popular tweaks in recent times. Needless to say, we keep a track of these folks.

4. CydiaForums.com
CydiaForums is a good place to start if you’re looking not just for popular tweaks but also tweaks that people just tried out. Active but not overly so, CydiaForums can be your daily dose of Cydia tweaks if you’re a minimalist who likes to try just the most interesting ones.

5. Cydianews.net
CydiaNews is one of the most superactive blogs when it comes to Cydia tweaks. Cydia tweak discovery is terrific on this blog and I’ve found myself getting sidetracked from work one too many times. If you’re really interested in testing out various Cydia tweaks in a day, CydiaNews should be on your feed list. Right on top.

6. iFans
iFans.com’s jailbreak page has some really interesting, curated Cydia tweaks. Like iDB, these guys post on most interesting and fresh tweaks. The curated list is not huge but it’s definitely a worthy addition to your feeds if you’re into well-crafted Cydia tweaks.

7. Planet-iPhones’s Cydia Search
Cydia search can be hard on the iPhone depending on your level of comfort. Planet-iPhone’s Cydia search for the web is awesome because it just makes it all so simple. It’s not exactly a resource for tweak discovery but it sure makes search on Cydia all the more easy and interesting.