In our roundup of more Cydia tweaks and apps that are compatible with iOS 6 and more, here’s another list of top 10 Cydia apps and tweaks that are known to work on jailbroken iPhone running iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 without a problem.

This time around, the tweaks are largely focused on adding better functionality, some customization options and speeding up your iPhone. Take a look:


DisableUninstall is a vital Cydia tweak if your iPhone gets handled by kids – and there’s a chance that the kids might delete the apps accidentally. It prevents apps from getting deleted right on the homescreen (hold, wiggle and tap on the ‘x’ deletes the app normally but not with this tweak installed).

Best Cydia Tweaks

BatteryDoctor Pro

BatteryDoctor Pro, a hugely popular app once, is luckily compatible with iOS 6 too (although the official specs put it at iOS 5 only). This Cydia tweak is known to have improved battery performance by up to 30% (although typical usage puts it at 50% enhancement). A good app if you’re conscious about saving the battery on your iPhone.


FakeCarrier is a well-known app utilized by plenty of users – especially blogs that deal with iPhones. We’ve used it ourselves in the past and the thing works seamlessly. FakeCarrier lets you change the name of your carrier to your choice: so put your name, spice up the status bar and weave magic to your friends!


If you’ve ever wondered how some iPhones have strange fonts, this is the tweak you’re looking for. BytaFont lets you customize all the default fonts on the iPhone to make it truly customized and personalized. Make sure fonts are readable though.


Sending a very personal SMS and then realizing you sent it to the wrong person is not exactly a good thing. That’s where confirmSMS comes in: it asks you to confirm the sending of the SMS every time you send so that you’re double-sure of the recipient. An obtrusive but safe way.


ActionMenu is by our favorite Cydia dev, Ryan Petrich. It brings additional options when you copy a number. These include more than the regular options of Dial and Copy. Pretty handy if you handle numbers frequently.


Again, another gem of a tweak from Ryan. BrowserChanger was developed right after Chrome came into the iOS ecosystem. We all needed a way to make Chrome the default browser and this tweak just made that possible. BrowserChanger is great if you don’t want Safari to open the links you click from other apps.


More often than not, I turn to Google for meanings of words. DictGoogle is a tweak that does the same for you on your iPhone. DictGoogle makes searching for meanings of words faster instead of opening the default iOS dictionary. Frankly, DictGoogle is faster.


How about speeding up the iPhone animations: unlocking the screen, opening the Settings etc.? FakeClockUp actually speeds up animations by a factor of 10 (or so they say). It has been known to work good on iOS 6 too (with some minor lags occasionally). The tweak is great if you’re not much interesting the animations and would rather do away with them for the sake of faster processing.


Customize Springboard icons with Bigify. No, not the Winterboard type of a customization where you can change the icons but with Bigify, you can make icons transparent, tilt them, and change the size.