It's amazing how quick and dedicated iOS devs have been after the jailbreak was released. A lot many tweaks need updating but the going has been good so far. Many iOS 7 tweaks have been updated to be compatible with iOS 8. Out of them, we set out to look for Control Center Cydia tweaks that work on iOS 8.

Here's a collection of 5 beautiful tweaks to customize the Control Center of your iPhone or iPad. With the help of these tweaks you can customize your iPhone's Control Center by removing the separators, setting a custom background, hiding icons/sections, etc.

Best iOS 8 Control Center Cydia Tweaks

There are a lot of tweaks for customizing Control Center. But only a few of them are currently compatible with iOS 8.x All the tweaks given below are compatible with iOS 8.x. The tweaks are absolutely nice and work good on iPhones and iPads (running iOS 8.x.)

Best iOS 8 Control Center Cydia Tweaks

#1. CC Desepatator

CC Desepatator is a neat tweak that removes the separator lines on the Control Center. It doesn't do much besides this but the lack of separator lines lends a minimalist look to the Control Center.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#2. CCBackground

CCBackground is an amazing tweak that makes your iPhone’s Control Center colourful by letting you add a custom background to it. This is for folks who like extreme customization because picking the right background for your CC can be tricky. You can customize the background by setting an image, style, etc. You get to pick photos from your camera roll to be CC's background.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#3. Polus

Polus is no doubt, an awesome tweak which allows you to customize the Control Center of your iPhone/iPad extensively. You can almost “design” a custom Control Center of your phone by customizing quick launch shortcuts, shape and style of the CC, changing the icons of the shortcut apps and much more.

The tweak can also set Activator actions for each quick launch shortcut. You can set many gestures like tap or tap & hold to access a quick launch shortcut.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: $0.99

#4. CCHide

CCHide is a simple tweak that does what the name suggests: hide specific parts of the Control Center. This is for folks who'd like to hide some sections from the Control Center and make it even more minimal/simplistic. No big configurations here: just install it and hide sections from the Control Center.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

#5. CCSliders

CCCSliders is a very useful tweak. It lets you customize the brightness slider by adding even more options like ringer volume, flashlight brightness to it. Once you install the tweak, tap on the left/right extremes of the slider (that is, on the slider icon) to toggle between the different sliders. You can also enable/disable the sliders.

Repo: Private | Price: Free

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  • nice, cchide is very useful for when you have kids using idevices and they accidentally able to get the control centre up and mess up the sliders in there! ;)

  • F0zzy

    Not sure about the others but still as of today Polus is not fully compatible with iOS 8.1. However a pretty decent tweak for the control center is that you left out, CCSetttings for iOS8. It does a good part of what Polus is supposed to do & works well on iOS 8.1.