15 Best Christmas gift ideas for mom and dad in 2021

Christmas gift ideas for parents

Our parents are our friends, guide, and the best gift-givers. They always knew what to put in those Christmas stockings. And now, it’s time to reciprocate that gesture! But are you too confused? Well, I have done all the leg-work and curated this list of the best Christmas gift ideas of 2021 for mom and dad to help you out!

Read on to find the most suitable and useful gift for your parents!

1. Apple Watch Series 7 – Best for their health  

Apple Watch best Christmas gift for parents

The latest Apple Watch Series 7 might not be the most unique or fun gift for your mom or dad, but it surely makes a statement that you love and care for them. Thanks to an amazing array of features from fall detection, walking steadiness to heart rate variability, the watch has proven itself as a lifesaver.

Moreover, you can keep an eye on their health even when miles apart with the new health sharing feature. You can decide to buy 41mm or 45mm depending on the wrist size of your parents.

Besides, if you are low on budget, you can also go for Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 3. Nonetheless, my vote goes to the latest one.

Check out on: Apple | Amazon | Best Buy

2. AirTag – Budget-friendly Christmas gift

AirTag Christmas gift for parents

An AirTag can make for a wonderful and thoughtful gift. It’s pretty cute, super-easy to connect and use, and amazingly effective. Plus, it has many use cases, from tracking down the dog, car keys, purse to the medicine box.

Buy one to test waters or a pack of 4 to gift your mom and dad. You can even get it custom engraved if you buy from the Apple Store. And whether you want it to be the centerpiece or a side gift, it can easily fit any shoe; just make sure your mom and dad have an iPhone.

This is one of the best Christmas gifts under $50.

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3. Smart wallet – Stylish + secure gift

Smart wallet Christmas gift ideas for mom and dad

A luxurious wallet is always a nice idea for Christmas, but it’s even better when you add smarts into the mix. While there are many smart wallets to choose from, my favorite option is Ekster’s Parliament wallet.

For one, it is crafted from top-grain leather that offers an awesome patina and is available in size amazing colors. It is also pretty spacious and can hold over 10 cards. And thanks to a smart click mechanism, all cards are accessible instantly.

Moreover, it integrates RFID blocking technology that keeps skimmers and electronic pickpocketers at bay. And if your parents are the forgetful kind, you better add Ekster Tracker Card, so they don’t misplace their Christmas gift.

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4. iPad mini – Spark their creative side

iPad best Christmas gift for parents

Whether your parents are 9to5ers, business owners, entrepreneurs, working from home, or retired, an iPad can be of great use. Packed with immense power and versatility, it can help them with anything and everything, work, research, organization, staying connected, winding down, and oh so much more.

Most importantly, this gift will earn you some bragging rights until next Christmas. Plus, iPad mini accessories also make for a great gift. So, you can also bag the 2022 best birthday gift tag.

While iPad Pro is great, it is also pretty expensive. So, you can choose to go for my personal favorite iPad mini 6th generation which is a little more affordable and power packs amazing features.

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5. HomePod mini – Someone who’ll listen to their commands

Smart speaker Christmas gift ideas for mom and dad

Guilty that you should have listened to your parents more? Or do the parents guilt you into believing that you don’t listen to them anymore? Well, it happens to the best of us. Thus, a smart speaker makes for a smart yet cheeky Christmas gift.

From now on, at least, Siri, Alexa, or Google will listen and obey all their commands (almost all). If your parents are part of the Apple ecosystem, HomePod mini would be the best choice.

The mini is mighty powerful and boasts room-filling sound, an intelligent assistant, seamless integration with Apple and HomeKit devices, and more. Plus, it is available in some fun colors to match your parent’s interior.

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6. Charging station – Best Christmas gift for techy parents

Charging station best Christmas gift for parents

What to gift a parent who has it all, iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and more? You give them what they need the most; an efficient charging solution for almost all their devices. I really love Elago’s 3-in-1 Charging Station because it’s both user- and budget-friendly.

Crafted from high-quality silicone material, the charging station is flexible and long-lasting. Plus, it sports great looks that will perfectly suit your parent’s home/office desk or nightstand. And thanks to the lightweight form factor, it is also perfect for globe-trotting parents.

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7. Smart bottle – To improve their drinking habits

Smart bottle best Christmas gift for parents

There are two kinds of parents – one who doesn’t drink enough water throughout the day and one who does. And a smart bottle can help both of those kinds. I would strongly suggest that you invest in HidrateSpark 3.

For one, it has an LED smart sensor stick that glows to remind you to drink water. And it syncs with iPhone and Apple Watch via Bluetooth to track every sip. Moreover, the HidrateSpark app takes the user’s height, weight, activity level, etc., into account and draws up their daily hydration goal.

Amazingly, the app also has a Find My Bottle feature that’ll help your parents to track its last synced location.

Check out on: HidrateSpark | Amazon

8. Mini Projector – Perfect for movie addicts

Mini Projector Christmas gift ideas for mom and dad

A family that watches movies or shows together stays together. And they might or might not say so, but the Christmas movie tradition matters a lot to your parents. So, why not make things more special this year with a portable projector.

Kodak’s Luma 75 could be a nice pick; it’s palm-sized, supports 1080p HD resolution, and can go all the way up to 100″. What’s more? It’s simple to use, with multiple inputs and easy controls; you just have to plug and play.

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9. Kindle Paperwhite – Best for readers

Kindle Christmas gift ideas for mom and dad

It’s time to return the favor and give the gift of reading to those who taught you how to read. I know this sounds a bit too sentimental, but if your parents are avid readers, it will perhaps make their day and year.

Now, even if your parents are a little old-school and prefer physical books, they would still enjoy Kindle. After all, it can carry thousands of books simultaneously, offers multiple useful features, is compact enough to fit their bag, and makes for a perfect traveling companion.

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10. Cord organizer – Small but thoughtful gift

Cord Organizer best Christmas gift for parents

Are your parents a meticulous organizer or the exact opposite? Either way, they would appreciate a Christmas gift that will help them protect their earphones, charging cables, etc. After all, no one loves spending time detangling cables.

While you might get some fancy, personalized options at Etsy, something simple like Caillu’s leather clips is also great. They have everything: looks, strength, dependability, and utility.

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11. Sleep headphones – Unique gift for audiophiles

Sleep headphones best Christmas gift for parents

Don’t judge the book by its title. Sleep headphones work just like over-ear Bluetooth headphones; instead of a stiff over-the-head band, you get an elastic around-the-head band. I love the colors, flexibility, and price point offered by Perytong.

The ultra-thin speakers work perfectly for side sleepers and comfortably block out ambient noise. It doubles as a sports headband and can be used while jogging, yoga, traveling, meditation, etc.

Thanks to the 10-hour battery, it can easily transition from soothing sleep sounds to pumping workout music. And Bluetooth 5.2 ensures a smooth and seamless connection throughout any activity.

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12. Masterclass – Best gift to improve skills

Masterclass Christmas gift ideas for mom and dad

During the course of raising us, our parents might have compromised on their passions. This Christmas, let’s gift them a chance to relive, learn, and revive their desires. Masterclass offers online classes curated and taught by the world’s best in the respective field.

And whether it’s learning a musical instrument, exploring a cuisine, or grasping a new skill, Masterclass can handle it all. The best part is that they can learn at their own pace and time and take any number of classes within the membership period.

$15/month annually on Masterclass

13. Hatch Restore – Gift sound sleep

Hatch Restore Christmas gift ideas for mom and dad

Sound sleep is important. But between a hectic lifestyle, responsibilities, stress, and more, not many have that privilege. And if your parents are restless sleepers or suffer from insomnia, Hatch Restore can be the best gift for them.

Hatch Restore is a mix of a sound machine and smart light that helps users fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up gently. It can also become a bedside reading light, meditation guide, and more. The best part is that you can control it all via a mobile app.

Check out on: Hatch.co | Amazon

14. iRoller screen cleaner – For the non-techy parents

iRoller Screen Cleaner best Christmas gift for parents

If a dirty mobile or laptop screen or glasses irritates you to no end, welcome to the club. My parents love using their devices, but they just can’t keep the screens spot-free. So, I swear by iRoller as a stocking stuffing, and you should too.

iRoller is a cool, non-chemical, liquid-less, and easy-to-use screen cleaner. All you have to do is open and roll it over the screen, and tada, all the smudges, lint, or dirt will vanish. Plus, it is reusable countless times.

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15. Robot vacuum cleaner – Best for busy parents

Robot vacuum cleaner best Christmas gift for parents

How often have you received a scolding for not cleaning your room? I think a robot vacuum cleaner can help you and your parents get over that whole ‘messy’ room trauma. And BoostIQ RoboVac 11S by eufy is a strong, effective, and budget-friendly option.

It boasts a few superpowers, including low operating volume, auto-recharge, infrared sensor to avoid obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls. But most important is its BoostIQ technology that auto-adjust suction power according to need.

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Merry Christmas and happy gifting!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. And I hope this list helped you find the right Christmas gift for your parents. Which gift are you planning to buy for your mom and dad? Share your answer in the comment section below.

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