Best Christmas Gifts For Kids in 2019

It may seem that selecting the best Christmas gifts for kids during the 2019 holiday is simple; after all, the wish list they sent to Santa has all the answers. However, being a parent, you very well know that the gifts on that list are not always feasible.

So, would Mr. Santa disappoint your kids this year? Of course not!! Here are some fantastic ideas for those empty stockings.

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#1. A Mighty Device For Your Bright Kid – iPad Mini

iPad Mini as Christmas Gift for Kids

An iPad can open unending avenues for your children. Whether in terms of knowledge, skill development, or entertainment, this mini device can help, encourage, and support them in various ways. The best part is that the ‘Mini’ does not apply to features!

Incorporated with the A12 Bionic chip, 7.9‑inch Retina display, cellular data support, and Apple Pencil support, you are gifting a beast to your children. A dragon that can help them achieve every big or small dream they envision. Since it’s an Apple product, security, privacy, parental control, and everything else is best in class.

USP: Apple Pencil support
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#2. LilGadgets Premium Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

LilGadgets Bluetooth Headphones as Christmas Gift for Kids

Music is a great teacher; from building character or expressing oneself, it can help your kid to come out of their shell. Moreover, it’s not just music, nowadays audiobooks, and podcasts have greatly improved the prospect of learning and entertainment. The LilGadgets Untangled PRO headphones are specially designed for kids/young adults.

Both the ear pads and headbands are covered with a SoftTouch breathable mesh material for optimal comfort. The decibel levels are maintained to ensure the kid’s safety. A one-of-a-kind feature, SharePort enables untethered audio sharing via daisy-chain. Made from high-quality polycarbonate and reinforced stainless steel extenders, the headphones look super-stylish while staying durable.

USP: Soft breathable material
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#3. Boost Creativity with Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box for Kids

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box as Christmas Gift for Kids

Whether a toddler or a teenager, kids love to scribble. The art box has 125 easy to use rainbow mini notes that your kids could use to their heart’s content. The matte coating hides bright colors underneath, and when scratched via the included wooden stylus, they show themselves.

For the younger ones, this is like the magic trick they performed. And for the slightly smarter ones, this is a quick trick for creating beautiful artworks. Appropriate for ages four and above, it also makes for a perfect Christmas gift for your nieces and nephews.

USP: Budget-friendly
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#4. Let’s Get Kinetic – National Geographic Play Sand for Toddlers

National Geographic Kinetic Sand as Christmas Gift for Kids

Every parent would agree that kids love the messiest and simplest of toys the most. Their definition of fun includes everything from slime to sand. However, for parents, this may spell disaster and kitsch, but not with this kinetic play sand by National Geographic.

The heap of perpetually “wet” sand makes for an interactive and exciting kinetic sensory activity for your child. Your children could mold, shape, and squeeze it as they deem fit. The pack includes six different molds to build castles, pyramids, etc.

The best part, it sticks only to itself and not to any of your precious furniture. Also, the peculiar mixture does not dry out, enabling your kid’s endless playing opportunities.

USP: Non-toxic and mess-free
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#5. Nintendo Gaming Switch for Kids – Make Them Fall in Love with You 

Nintendo Gaming Console as Christmas Gift for Kids

This one’s a sure shot, no brainer! It might be on your child’s’ Christmas list already. So, they have been more ‘nice’ than ‘naughty,’ give them something they will cherish throughout the year. The Nintendo Switch design enables both console and handheld play. Your kids can play at home or on the go, solo or with friends.

With a battery life of approximately 4.5 to 9 hours, the gaming switch is almost always turned on (pun intended). Add their favorite game to the package and get the best parent of the year award.

USP: Supports console and handheld play
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#6. Calling All Forces – Obuby Walkie Talkies for Children

Obuby Walkie Talkies as Christmas Gift for Kids

Everyone from Delta to Charlie will tell you that this is a perfect gift for kids this Christmas. The kid-friendly walkie-talkie is excellent for both indoor or outdoor activities. Since it is small, light, and ergonomically designed, kids can easily carry it and run around.

An uncomplicated push-to-talk button enables talk operation and activates a beep signal when double-clicked. It also features an LCD screen and a super LED flashlight. For smoother interactions, each device is equipped with a high anti-interference function to reduce noise.

USP: 22 channels and 3 km range
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#7. Coding Robot for 6+ Kids from Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop Coding Robot as Christmas Gift for Kids

As parents, we love to be sly, hide vegetables in junk food, or hide moral messages in stories. Why not gift something that is as much educational as entertaining? This one is a unique Christmas gift for kids that improve their coding and critical thinking skills.

The interactive robot is extremely kid-friendly and incorporates lights, sounds, sensors, and movements. With five free apps, kids get to know the robot better, train it to do specific jobs, learn the fundamentals of robotics and coding. The projects and puzzles enable the child to have a wonderful time while learning a new skill.

USP: Simple and smart interface
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#8. NEWYES 8.5 Inch Writing Tablet for Kids

NEWYES Writing Tablet for Kids as Christmas Gift

Why should adults have all the fun? When your notetaking skills have taken a digital leap, step it up for your kids as well. Teach your kids an environment-friendly way of expressing their creativity. They can either draw on the screen with a plastic stylus or their fingers.

A smart erase lock button does not allow the precious artworks from being accidentally vanished. Moreover, the kids can select between two thicknesses from the stylus. In-built magnets allow seamless mounting on the fridge or other metal objects to showcase your kid’s work.

USP: Built in magnets
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#9. Gift Them A Pet Monkey!! – Fingerlings 2Tone Monkey from WowWee

WowWee Fingerlings 2Tone Monkey as Christmas Gift for Kids

Is there any better Christmas gift for your kids, than a pet? Well, I know we each face some limitations and can’t have one. So why not a finger monkey for your kids to pet, love and blow kisses.

This two-toned monkey, love to hand onto your fingers. As naught as a real monkey would be, the banana lover responds to sound, motion, and touch. It will even kiss you back if you blow it a kiss. Hang them upside-down by the tail, and they will monkey around.

USP: Available in multiple colors
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#10. Trofoty Digital Video Camera with 32GB SD Card for Kids

Trofoty Digital Video Camera as Christmas Gift for Kids

If your kids love clicking pictures and capturing moments, then your search might end right here. Trofoty has designed a digital camera, especially for children that can take high-definition picture and video recording function. The clicks are stored in a 32GB SD Card.

The camera is lightweight and comes with a lanyard so kids can easily carry it around. A 2-Inch LCD Screen shows them their masterpieces. The camera has six different filter effects and 15 built-in photo frame effects. So they can play around with their clicks until fully satisfied with the result.

USP: In-built filters and effects
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Baby!! Santa Claus is coming to town…

The relation between kids and Christmas is very special. They wait all year, try to be nice, and plan an extensive wish list for Santa. And Parents go all out to make things merry for them; we hope our list could help you. Whether you were looking at Christmas gifts for girls or boys, extravagant, or budgeted gifts, this list has it all.

Here are some more Christmasy things that might make your holiday merrier:

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