Best tech Christmas gifts for kids of all ages in 2021

Best tech Christmas gifts for kids of all ages

Buying the perfect Christmas gifts for your tech-savvy kid or teen is not an easy task. What can be something they would love to play with and enhance their skillset? Don’t worry; my team and I can help you out. Here’s an especially curated list of the best tech Christmas gift ideas for kids that are equal parts fun, educational and entertaining.

  1. iPad
  2. Fisher-Price ultimate learning bot
  3. Circuit Explorer
  4. Nintendo Switch Lite
  5. Kodak portable camera
  6. LilGadgets Wireless Headphones
  7. Micro Kickboard scooter
  8. Kindle Paperwhite kids
  9. Audible membership
  10. Light-up Terrarium Kit
  11. Force1 Mini Drone
  12. Echo Dot Kids
  13. 4M tabletop robot
  14. Yoto player
  15. Little Tikes Electric Guitar

1. iPad – For the all-rounder kid

iPad tech Christmas gift for kids of all ages

An iPad can open unending avenues for your children. They can learn and practice several things, from their school work to coding, drawing, coloring, video recording and editing, and more.

Overall, it sparks and encourages their creativity, knowledge, skill development, etc., and supports them in achieving their every big or small dream.

Although it is an expensive Christmas gift, it will help them for years to come; so totally worth it. The good thing is that you can choose between four models, depending on your child’s age and budget.

Price and age:

  • iPad mini: Starts from $499; for kids between 5–10 years of age.
  • 2021 iPad: Starts from $329; for kids between 7–15 years of age.
  • iPad Air: Starts from $599; for teens, 12–19 years of age.
  • iPad Pro: Starts from $799; for teens & young adults, 15-22 years of age.

Apple | Amazon | Best Buy

2. Fisher-Price ultimate learning bot – Top Christmas gift for kindergarteners

Fisher-Price ultimate learning bot for kids

The ultimate learning bot is a 4-in-1 toy that grows with your child. Each toy is packed with fun activities that can be explored separately or joined together to form an interactive electronic robot.

It also boasts 3 smart stages (learning levels) – explore, encourage, and pretend. So, your child gets to explore activities more suited to their age, whether it’s clapping to music and lights or running after a zooming robot.

And thanks to its cute looks, the ever-evolving games, and the learning program, your child will cherish the gift till next Christmas (if not more).

Age: 6 months-5 years

Check out on: Fisher-Price | Amazon | Best Buy

3. Circuit Explorer – For budding engineers

Circuit Explorer tech Christmas gift for kids

Designed by Educational Insights, the Circuit Explorer is a series of STEM toys based on the fundamentals of circuitry. The idea is simple – when the right pieces are connected, and the circuit is complete, things light up, produce sound, and move.

Subtle learning lies under the euphoria of attaching things successfully and exploring new stuff. The Deluxe Base Space Station boasts tons of parts from towers, color-changing planetarium, spinning diner signs, rotating radar dish, freewheeling Space Rover, and more.

And if your little Bob the Builder enjoys constructing things, this will be the coolest Christmas gift for them.

Age: 6 years and above

Check out on Amazon

4. Nintendo Switch Lite – Best Christmas gift for gamers

Nintendo Switch Lite tech Christmas gift for kids

If your kids love gaming, I don’t have to tell you why this is the most wonderful and wanted Christmas present. It’s sleek, lightweight, compatible with all physical and digital handheld Nintendo Switch games, and sports a built-in Control Pad.

However, the only thing stopping Santa from bringing this to your address is the product availability, so you better hurry up and order it before it’s out of stock, again!

Age: 7+

Check out on: Nintendo | Amazon | Best Buy

5. Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retro – Best instant camera for kids

Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retro Christmas gift for kids

While a hi-tech gadget will bring immense joy, an old-school toy like a portable camera can spike their creativity, inquisitiveness, and more. Most importantly, it will distract them from their screen addiction, albeit for some while.

Thanks to Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retro; they can shoot and instantly print snapshots anytime and anywhere. This instant camera can come in handy, whether for collecting memories, homework, scrapbooking, decoration, or others.

Plus, it connects with iPhone and Android devices via Bluetooth. So, you can also print directly from your devices.

Age: 10+

Check out on Amazon

6. LilGadgets Wireless Headphones – For young audiophiles

LilGadgets Wireless Headphones tech Christmas gift for kids

Whether your child loves music, books, podcasts, or gaming, a good pair of child-friendly headphones can make for a great surprise. The LilGadgets Untangled PRO headphones are specially designed for kids and young adults.

It boasts comfortable, soft, and breathable mesh on earpads and headbands. There’s also a child-safe decibel limit and audio sharing features that make them safe and fun for the kid.

Age: 5+

Check out on: LilGadgets | Amazon

7. Micro Kickboard scooter – For the adventurous soul

Micro Kickboard scooter tech Christmas gift for kids

Between the pandemic scare and online classes, 2021 has been a hard year for kids as well. A scooter can encourage them to go outside and play, something they really need right now.

The Mini Deluxe scooter by Micro Kickboard offers a wide platform and sturdy make that helps with balance. Plus, it sports an adjustable handlebar to match your child’s growth spurt.

And it is available in an array of colors!

Age: 2 – 5 years

Check out on: Micro Kickboard | Amazon

8. Kindle Paperwhite kids – For little readers

Kindle Paperwhite kids tech Christmas gift

Designed for reading, the kid’s edition Kindle boasts a 6.8” glare-free, black and white display, up to 10 weeks of battery life, and Vocabulary Builder. Plus, there are no distracting apps, videos, or games loaded into the device.

Suitable even for the pickiest kids in town, Kindle sports an IPX8 waterproof rating and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. You’ll also get a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ with access to thousands of kid-friendly books and hundreds of Audible books.

Moreover, an easy-to-use parental dashboard keeps you in control. You can view the child’s reading progress, apply age-filters, add books to their library, and more.

Age: 7+

Check out on Amazon

9. Audible membership – To inculcate reading habit

Audible membership for kids this Christmas

While reading is a great habit, not everyone can be enticed into this world. Thankfully, there are more ways to learn. There are audiobooks and podcasts on almost every topic, from fairy tales to coming-of-age stories, science fiction to electronics, meditation to self-help.

An Audible membership can bring all that and more to your child’s fingertips. Plus, they’ll have something to keep them intrigued when traveling the bus, cleaning their room, or doing other chores.

Age: 12+

Check out on Amazon

10. Light-up Terrarium Kit – For nature lovers

Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids gift this Christmas

A smart and involved gift to nurture your child’s curiosity and love for science and nature. The terrarium kit has everything the child will need to build their miniature garden in a jar from scratch.

It would surely make for a fun Christmas morning activity. Once done, they can care for it and see it grow. What’s more? The jar’s lid houses an LED light that instantly transforms the terrarium into a gorgeous night lamp.

Age: 5+

Check out on: Dan & Darci | Amazon   

11. Force1 Mini Drone – Let’s gift them wings!

Force1 Mini Drone tech Christmas gift for kids

A remote control indoor/outdoor drone, now if this doesn’t make your kid jump up and down with joy, what will? How about ultra-bright neon-colored LEDs that look mesmerizingly beautiful, especially in the dark?

Well, the Force 1 UFO 4000 has got it all. Designed for kids and beginners, it is equipped with features like Altitude Hold and Headless Mode, making flying super-easy. Plus, the kid-friendly propeller guards ensure your child’s safety at all times.

Age: 8+

Check out on: Force1 | Amazon | Wallmart

12. Echo Dot Kids – Smart speaker for smarter kids

Echo Dot Kids tech Christmas gift for kids of all ages

An Alexa-enabled smart speaker made especially for kids. It can answer their wildest of questions, help them with homework, wake them up in the morning, and even entertain them throughout the day with stories, music, and more.

Plus, they get access to a world full of kid-friendly content, from audiobooks, games to skills, as a year of Amazon Kids+ subscription is included with the purchase.

And rest assured, parents, because this Alexa will auto-filter explicit songs from any streaming service. You can also set daily limits and review daily activity with Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Age: 5+

Check out on Amazon

13. 4M tabletop robot – For the young tech geek

4M table top robot tech Christmas gift for kids

If your child is a techie in the making, the 4M tabletop robot is a great way to introduce STEM mechanical and robotic engineering concepts. They’ll experience hands-on learning while constructing the scuttling mechanical crab.

Once completed, they can enjoy, admire, and show off their handy work to friends and family. The crab will scuttle around the house on its power and change direction when hit by an obstacle.

Age: 9+

Check out on: Amazon | Wallmart

14. Yoto player – Audio Player for toddler

Yoto player kids tech Christmas gift

When you want to limit your child’s screen time but not their learning, the all-in-one audio player by Yoto is a must-have. The kit comes with 7 pre-recorded audio cards to start your child’s learning journey.

You can get more audio packs to suit your child’s choice and age or self-record audio cards for personalized learning, whether it’s a song, their favorite bedtime story, or lessons in a different language.

Moreover, the Yoto player also doubles as a child-friendly night light, customizable clock, sleep trainer, and an independent Bluetooth speaker.

Age: 3-8

Check out on: Yoto | Amazon

15. Little Tikes Electric Guitar – For the future rockstar

Little Tikes Electric Guitar tech Christmas gift for kids

If your kid shows musical aptitude, all you need to look for this Christmas is Little Tikes’ range of kid-friendly musical instruments. The electric guitar offers the right mix of musical and pretend play with four modes: free play, solo jam, band play, and Bluetooth mode.

What’s more? The realistically designed acoustic guitar comes with a strap and a reusable guitar case. And the best part? Parents have control of how loud or soft the instrument plays.

Age: 3+

Check out on: Wallmart | Amazon

The relation between kids and Christmas is extraordinary. They wait all year, try to be nice, and plan an extensive wish list for Santa. So, don’t disappoint your kids and fill their stockings with some cutting-edge tech gifts this Christmas.

I hope this list of the best Christmas gifts for kids helped you out. If you have any queries or worthy suggestions for our readers, share them in the comments section below.

Here are some more Christmasy things that might make your holiday merrier:

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