Thanks to the growing accessibility of smartphones and tablets, our world is now more connected than ever before. For those conscious individuals, this presents an opportunity to do more than just chat with friends on the other side of the globe. It allows us to make a real difference to non-profit organisations at the click of a button. Charities are now turning to mobile apps as a new source of much needed fund-raising and if you want to do your part to make the world a little better, then these are the five apps to download today.

iPhone Charity Apps

The Best Charity Apps To Download On Your iPhone Or iPad

#1. Instead

Instead Charity App for iPhone

This app challenges us to make small changes in our everyday decisions. By being more aware of our spending and altering our behaviours, by brewing our own coffee instead of buying it for example, we can find spare money that can change the lives of those who need it most. Instead collects micro-donations from its users by clearly showing them the impact of these choices, and benefits a variety of charities.

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#2. Play to Cure: Genes in Space

Play to Cure iPhone App

Not all non-profit organisations rely on monetary donations. The Play to Cure: Genes in Space app, developed by tech experts from The Rational Group, Amazon and Google, sees players map patterns during the game, which can then be used to analyse real genetic data in the fight against cancer. Enjoy a game on your lunch break or during your morning commute, knowing that you could be helping Cancer Research UK to develop life-saving treatments.

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#3. Check-in for Good

Check-in for Good iPhone Charity App

If you enjoy discovering new stores, cafes or restaurants, then Check-in for Good will help you to bag a great deal while benefitting charity. Using geo-targeted advertising, the app connects businesses and individuals that share a passion for the same causes. Then all you have to do is check-in when you visit, and the business will make a donation on your behalf and give you exclusive promotional offers as well.

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#4. Charity Miles

Charity Miles iPhone App

As a nation, we are becoming increasingly more health-conscious, but organising charity runs can often take up too much of our precious time. Wave goodbye to all the hassle and install Charity Miles for instant sponsorship. Select your chosen cause then allow the app to track your workout. When you’re finished, post your results to social media to raise awareness and money, with the app donating 10 cents per mile for cyclers and 25 cents per mile for runners and walkers.

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#5. Donate a Photo

Donate a Photo iPhone App

Our iPhones have become our go-to photo capturing and sharing devices. Instead of just posting your snaps up on social media, share them through the Johnson & Johnson network via the Donate a Photo app and raise $1 per photo for your chosen charity. The images will never be used for commercial purposes, and it gives you a great excuse to roll out your shutterbug skills at every given opportunity.

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