Best Camera Drones

Best Camera Drones

I assume you have read our earlier post on best drones, which covered drones mostly for beginners. After having tried your hands on the cost-effective beginners’ drone, it is now time to move a step further. Let’s try video and photography from the sky using some of the best drones with a camera. This list also has something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert drone flyer, you’ll find your perfect companion on this list. Let’s start the show.

1. DJI Mavic Starters Bundle

DJI Mavic Air Drone with Camera

The DJI Mavic drone is undoubtedly for professional photo and videographers who are expert drone flyers. This one will cost you almost $800, and it comes with a bundle of necessary accessories, including a VR headset. The camera can shoot stunning 4K videos and mesmerizing 12MP photos from the sky.

To Talk about the flying capabilities, it can fly at a speed of up to 43 miles in sports mode. The flying time is also decent enough of a little more than 20 minutes. All in all, it is a great drone if you are a professional photographer covering events with a large venue.

Who should buy it?

  • Professional photographers
  • Expert drone flyers
  • 4K video capturing abilities
  • VR headset included
  • 20-minutes of flying time

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DBPOWER Discovery WiFi FPV Camera Drone

If you have newly experienced drone flying and have intermediate expertise, this one from DBPower may be a perfect choice. It has a 720P HD camera to capture an aerial view of your surroundings. Since it has a battery life of only 9 minutes, this drone isn’t really for professional photographers.

The drone has a headless design, auto takeoff and landing, and altitude hold features; these are ideal for beginners and intermediates. Besides that, there are also two-speed modes to suit your experience level. Lastly, it is also wallet-friendly from the price point.

Who should buy it?

  • Photography beginners
  • For kids to have fun with friends and family
  • Auto takeoff and landing features
  • Return to Home feature
  • Two speed modes
  • Big in size making it uncomfortable to carry in a backpack

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3. Holy Stone HS120D

Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone with Camera

Holy Stone is one of the well-known brands in the drone industry. They have many different models up for sale, but we selected HS120D. The reason is its feature, price, and build quality. The HS120D has full HD camera with 120-degree Field of View. You can also adjust the camera up to 75-degrees.

On top of that, the product comes with an additional SD card that will store all your beautifully captured pictures and videos. The most impressive part is the flying time. With such a competitive price, the drone offers almost 15-minutes of flying time. Lastly, it has nearly all features like the return to home, auto takeoff, and land, and follow me mode.

Who should buy it?

  • For casual photography, while traveling
  • Intermediate drone flyers to get their hands on aerial photography
  • Durable and strong build quality
  • 1080p Full HD built-in camera
  • SD card support
  • None

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DEERC HS110D Drone with Camera

This drone from DEERC is primarily for the beginners. It has a basic 720p camera to capture pictures and videos from bird’s-eye view. In addition to that, it is Wifi enabled, allowing you to see what the camera sees, right on your mobile screen. Even though it is for beginners, the camera offers 120-degree Field of View to capture stunning images.

It has a 1000mAh battery that delivers a decent flying time. Apart from that, the drone is capable of performing stunts like 360-degrees flips. Also, there’s one-key takeoff and landing function to help newcomers get started.

Who should buy it?

  • Mainly for kids to play with it
  • For the younger audience to learn photography
  • 120-degrees Field of View
  • 1000mAh battery for decent flying time
  • 360-degree flip abilities
  • May break easily if collided with obstacles
  • Build quality is not durable

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5. Wenjuan

Wenjuan Drone Camera

If you are ready to compromise a little on camera for much more flying time, then this drone from Wenjuan is worth giving a try. The drone boasts more than 20 minutes of flying time. Apart from that, it has a 720p HD camera with 120-degrees Field of View. You can also view live-feed from your drone camera, right on your mobile screen.

Besides the camera and other features, the drone has headless design along with altitude hold feature. Lastly, this one also has features similar to all others, like auto takeoff and landing, and one key return to home function.

Who should buy it?

  • Intermediate drone flyers
  • Limited budget for a drone with a camera
  • Durable and strong build
  • Elegant design
  • 22-minutes of flying time
  • Basic 720p camera

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6. HUBSAN H501S X4

HUBSAN H501S X4 Drone Camera

Hubsan H501S X4 is a sort of combination of both the Wenjuan models. You get a full HD 1080p camera along with 20 minutes of flying time. Another notable upgrade is the LCD screen built right inside the controller. Given this facility, you don’t need a smartphone to operate this drone.

With all these features, the drone may look like an expensive gadget to have. Surprisingly, the price is quite wallet-friendly. Last but not least, the drone is packed with all features that most of the other drones in the market offer.

Who should buy it?

  • A user that doesn’t wish to operate drone using the smartphone
  • If a sturdy design is your priority
  • A little funky design
  • Controller with built-in LCD screen
  • Wallet-friendly price
  • Flight radius of 300 meters

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That’s all, folks!

Taking off…

That’s all folks. These are some of the best drones with the camera for you to try. I am pretty sure it has something for everyone. But yet, if you think something is missing on the list, remember that we are just a comment away.

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Which one in the list is the best according to you? And why? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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