Though Apple’s stock Camera app has traditionally been up to the mark, it can still be empowered with some effective Cydia tweaks. After all jailbreak tweaks are made to enhance limitations. When there are some excellent tweaks around with terrific features, you are always tempted to go an extra mile. And why not, they are especially designed for that.

Best Camera Cydia Tweaks

Willing to customize your iPhone/iPad Camera app exactly as you desire? We have presented you a range of remarkably efficient Cydia tweaks to do the same. If you have jailbroken your device, you wouldn’t be in two minds in grabbing them. Let’s drive ahead to see if they are really appealing enough to catch your attention!

Best Camera Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

#1. QuickShoot Pro

QuickShoot Pro Cydia tweak allows you to capture videos and photos from home screen itself. No need to launch the Camera app and take the custom process to doing the same. Just tap on the QuickShoot Pro icon on the home screen and it is done!

It gives you many configure options in its preference panel such as flash, HDR and more. It is compatible with iOS 6 or later. However, it works best with the iOS 7 or 8.

Price: $1.49 | Repo: BigBoss

#2. FrontFlash

FrontFlash is equipped to enable flash in the front-facing camera. This tweak provides the attractive illumination to your photos by flashing the screen with white colour as well as maximum brightness. Configure options are available such as photo mode, video mode and the choice to select colour from Settings.

It is compatible with iOS 5 or later.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#3. Grabby

Grabby is a smart little Cydia tweak that lets you have quick access to apps from the lock screen. This tweak has the support of Activator actions and flipswitch switches. It allows icons that make it very easy to have the instant access to any apps you want to launch on.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#4. CameraTweak HD

CameraTweak HD has been specifically optimized for iPad only. This tweak enhances the stock Camera app to capture more improved photos and videos. With features like separate focus and exposure views, timer mode, lapse timer mode, composition overlays, burst mode and easy to zoom for photo, it enables you to have attractive pictures.

There are killer options for improving video quality as well such as separate focus and exposure views, frame and rate settings, resolution settings and snapshot while filming.

The CameraTweak will strengthen the already robust HD camera of your iPad.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#5. Burst Mode

It’s amazing to take photos and videos in burst mode. Though the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have got this feature and to some extent it is good too; it’s not of top notch quality. Burst Mode Cydia tweak helps you in capturing attractive photos and videos in burst mode with precision.

You can configure it from Settings as per need. This tweak is compatible with iOS 5 or later.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#6. Effects+

If you want to add exquisite effect filters for Camera and Photos app, Effects+ is an automatic choice for you. With 25 extra filters such as Sepia, Vibrance, Gloom, Bloom, Mirrors, Circular and more with fabulous performance, the tweak can be a welcome addition to your device camera.

This tweak provides you configure options from Settings from you can manage filters properly. Moreover, you can also set the required parameters for particular filters. It is compatible for iOS 7 or later.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#7. FlipCam

There are times, you find switching from rear camera to front camera a little difficult as it might not be convenient for every to tap on the small icon at the top of the Camera app. That’s where a smart tweak like FlipCam can be pretty handy.

FlipCam lets you switch between cameras by just tapping and holding on camera view. This tweak is made to work with 32 as well as 64 bit devices.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#8. Live Effects Enabler

Live Effects Enabler allows you to enable live effects filter on older devices such as iPhone 4 which doesn’t support it. When you install this tweak, a button is added in the Camera app. Simply tap on this button to enable all the nine live filters that Apple introduced with iOS 7. There is no option to configure from Settings.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#9. Minimal Camera

So much for the extravagant features, what about the distractions that camera controls can create while capturing photos? Minimal Camera allows you to toggle off all the camera controls so that they can’t distract you while taking your favorite videos or photos.

Just press and hold on the camera screen till all the controls are hidden or shown. There is an option to enable or disable it from Settings app. It is compatible with iOS 7 or later.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#10. Camrix

With Camrix capturing photos or videos has a unique experience. This tweak allows you to take photos or video from anywhere you wish thanks to the Activator gesture. Drag the Camera app anywhere on the screen of your iPhone, use it inside any app, the tweak lets you not just take photos but also play with it.

It is compatible with iOS 7 or later.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

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