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A shrewd business person would always keep his finances up-to-date because finance is the backbone of any business. A lot of things go into making a business successful, and judicious financial decisions are a key to making a grade.

Apart from your financial advisors, you must have somebody to rely on while you are analysing the position of your business in the market. We have listed the best business finance apps for your iPhone & iPad. The list is a potpourri of several apps that a business person needs during a day. Check out each app carefully and explore how you can fit one into your business.

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Best iPhone Business Finance AppsBest Business Finance Apps for iPhone/iPad

#1. Expensify

Expensify iPhone and iPad App Icon

If your business pushes you to count airports of the world or metro stations in the US, you should download Expensify on your iPhone. Gone are the days when you had to keep a careful track of all expenses by jotting down all expenses in Excel sheet. With Expensify on your iPhone, you can create a neat and clean account of all expenses you have done during your business trips. Just take a photo of the receipt and the app will convert it into a nicely formatted report.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Expensify

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#2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks iPhone and iPad App Icon

For small business owners and consultants, FreshBooks takes all the hassles of creating and receiving invoices. Keeping invoices in order is also a challenge. FreshBooks manages everything in a neat and precise order. The app partially automates several steps throughout the process. Moreover, it helps you track the billable time against the project budgets. Your FreshBooks account can be accessed from everywhere on all devices from iCloud.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download FreshBooks

#3. Square Cash

Square Cash iPhone and iPad App Icon

Square Cash is a simple sending & receiving money, and nothing more. Apart from this iOS version, Square Cash is also available on the web. The app is absolutely straightforward, and perhaps this is the reason square is popular in young business persons. Any Square Cash user can raise his weekly spending limit from $250 to $2500; for this, a user has to provide personal details like last four digits of social security numbers, which can prevent fraud and keep you secure. Though Square Cash has some limitations, it is beneficial to users as the app doesn’t incur any extra fees on transactions besides 1.5% Square Pro tax on businesses.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download Square Cash

#4. Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg iPad App Icon

Keep yourself updated on world business. Bloomberg is a trustworthy resource to browse financial information. The app offers stock and currency information. Its news coverage sets Bloomberg apart from the rest. Bloomberg brings a variety of categories in the news section, which includes topics like health care, municipal bonds, and insurance. A passionate businessman will surely download this app on his iPad.

Compatibility: iPad Only
Price: Free
Download Bloomberg Business

#5. OfficeTime

OfficeTime iPhone and iPad App Icon

OfficeTime is a great help for small and medium businesses. The app manages finance and billing of the firm. With the help of OfficeTime, business owners can track billable hours and expenses; it is best used by business persons, who run services as freelancers or contractors, part-timers or offshore consultants. This app generates invoices and reports automatically; it also helps you keep track of all income and expenses. Forget the paperwork!

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: $7.99
Download OfficeTime

#6. Mint

Mint iPhone and iPad App Icon

Apart from its personal finance benefits, Mint is good for business owners for managing finance, budget, online banking and more. The app is developed by Mint.com. It allows businesspeople to track cash flows, prepare budgets and take care of their finances. They can perform all their finance and budget related tasks efficiently. Pay close attention to where your money goes and make smart decisions about your business finances.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download Mint

#7. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed iPhone and iPad App Icon

Keep all your business receipts in one place with the help of Shoeboxed. The app helps you at the time of paying tax as you can easily manage your business expenses in Shoeboxed. The app is particularly designed for small business owners, who can easily take pictures of receipts and organize expenses in Shoeboxed account. Businessmen can also store receipts online. Apart from expense management, Shoeboxed can manage contacts as you can take pictures of business cards and save them for online contact management.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Shoeboxed

#8. SurePayroll

SurePayroll iPhone and iPad App Icon

SurePayroll is for business owners, who are constantly travelling. With SurePayroll, such businessmen can do their payroll from anywhere. It is free to download, but for full access, users have to create an account. Make payment for salaried, hourly and contract employees. Moreover, you can feed all your earnings, deductions, hours worked, and any other payroll data. Summary reports and miscellaneous data can also be tracked.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download SurePayroll

#9. PayPal

PayPal iPhone and iPad App Icon

PayPal is one of the most popular business finance apps worldwide. The app came to limelight post the flourishing of offshore business; many companies send and receive payment through this app. If you have hired freelancers or contract agencies for your business, PayPal is better option to transfer money. You can quickly send money to other PayPal users only with email ID or mobile number. The receivers will immediately get money with a single tap. Get notifications of sending or receiving money on your mobile.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download PayPal

#10. Google Wallet

Google Wallet iPhone and iPad App Icon

Google Wallet works like PayPal. You can send money from any part of the US. Primary reason for its popularity is that you can send money to a person, who doesn't have any existing Wallet account. With the help of email address or mobile number, you can send money to anybody in the US. You can send money directly from your debit card, bank account or Wallet Balance. Like PayPal, Google Wallet is an excellent app to transfer money to the accounts of freelancers and contract agencies you are working with.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Google Wallet

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