Earphones are a must-have for every music lover. If you want to take it on a run, walk or just sit and enjoy, a good pair of earphones can do wonders. If you are an iPhone user, you should explore original music and sound with Bose earphones. Bose, being the best manufacturing company, has come up with different unique earphones for each unique experience.

Ranging from freestyle to sports to casually enjoying, these earphones will give you the best experience. With having options to let you control call, voice and music, these earphones can be your best friend.

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Best Bose iPhone Earphones

Bose Earphones and Earbuds for iPhones: Take Music and Calls to the Next Level

#1. QuietComfort® 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphone

QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Bose Headphone
QC20 earphone gives you complete control on music and on playing it. The earphones come with a facility that allows you to block/unblock outside noise. You can do this by simply turning on and off the ‘aware mode’ in earphone. The earphone has an inline mike/remote for call buttons. You can pick up or reject calls with it. This helps you to fluctuate music volume, calls and voice fluctuations. A rechargeable battery is also stored inside ‘control module’, giving you 16 hours of long music experience. Once the battery runs out the “aware mode” option will not be available.  On buying, you will receive extra ear tips, cables, cord, and a carry case.

Price: $279.95
Buy it from Bose.com or Amazon.com.

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#2. SIE2i Sport Headphones

SIE2i Sport Bose Headphones for iPhone

SIE2i sport earphones are best for athletes and exercise-freaks. The earphones are sweat and weather resistant for providing high-quality music to your senses. It has Triport® technology for giving you high to low notes in sync with your workout. The earphones have inline microphone facility that lets you switch between calls and music. You can change the song with single touch by its inline remote button. The earphones are built in a way that it fits perfectly in your ear and does not move even during heavy exercise routine or sudden body movement.

They are covered by hydrophobic cloth that locks sweat outside. It comes with armband that fixes your iPhone in one place. You can place earphones inside the armband. These earphones come in multiple color options like green, orange, blue and purple. You get extra ear tips and cables & cords with it.

Price: $149.95 ($119.95 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from Bose.com or Amazon.com.

#3. MIE2i Mobile Headset

MIE2i Bose Mobile Headset for iPhone

MIE2i mobile headset is built for calls and to hear music. The earphone has StayHear ear tips that keeps your earphone fixed in place. It has a 3-button inline remote control that allows you to control the music and calls. The earphones are best when you have to travel and are on the go. It brings out the original sound of the track. The earphones come with a protecting case that keeps your iphone and earphones intact.

Price: $129.95
Buy it from Amazon.com.

#4. FreeStyle Ear Buds

FreeStyle Bose iPhone Ear Buds

FreeStyle ear buds are funky ear buds that suit your style. The earphone gives you clear sound for greater experience. They perfectly fit your ears and allow switching between calls and music. Free Style ear buds come in Indigo and Ice blue colors. Strong and durable, these ear buds comes with extra ear tips.

Price: $129.95
Buy it from Bose.com or Amazon.com.

If you know any other earphones that could have made to this list, let us know in the comments below.