Best Books about Apple, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and Jony Ive

People have always been intrigued by Apple Inc. and everyone related to it. Over the years, Apple Inc. has made a very secretive image of itself and that adds all the more interest in people to know more about one of the largest companies in the world.

Apple employees also maintain strict secrecy that adds up to the curiosity of people. There has been a long list of books that give you an insight into the company that Apple Inc. has become today and all the other people related to it. It can be quite daunting and overwhelming when you have to select the best amongst them.

Here at iGeeksBlog, we are excited about all things Apple and every member of the team has read at least one book on this list. So coming from personal experiences we have curated a list of best books to read about Apple, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and Jony Ive that will hold you on until the very last page and the very last word.

Best Books About Apple, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and Jony Ive You Need to Read

#1. Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson

Book Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson

The official biography of Steve Jobs is one of the best books you can pick to know this visionary person, up close and personal. Walter wrote this book over a span of 2 years and with more than 40 interviews with the man himself and hundreds of interviews with the people directly or indirectly connected to Jobs.

This book will surely give you an inside story and snippets of the life of the man who is responsible for revolutionizing the tech world. Jobs gave Walter full control over the books and even urged the people around him to be brutally honest. He said he didn’t want sugar-coated compliments about him to be published. He wanted the book to be completely honest and candid.

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#2. Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apples Greatest Products

Book Jony lve

In his biography about Steve Jobs, Walter has described Steve Jobs and Jony Ive as Soul Mates. Many people near and dear to the two have said that they were more than just co-workers and friends, they had this different language of communicating with one another.

The design guru of Apple has designed some of the most remarkable products in the history of Apple including Apple Park. In his book, Leander describes the world’s most celebrated dyslexic tech designer, in-depth. He has also disclosed the life of this shy spiritual partner of Jobs, in a more personal and insightful manner.

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#3. Tim Cook: The Genius who took Apple to next Level

Book Tim Cook

Another remarkable book by Kahney about the man who held the realms of Apple Inc., after Steve Jobs. Jobs’ death left a gaping hole in one of the most innovative companies in the world. But it was Tim Cook who took the reins of Apple in his hands and steered the company towards enormous success. One must not forget that it was under Cook’s leadership Apple achieved the status of a trillion-dollar company.

In this book, Kahney describes the life of a man who took the place of someone who is irreplaceable and succeeded in doing so. Nobody would have actually believed that anyone can fit into Steve Jobs’ shoes, but Tim Cook took up this mammoth task, and rather than fitting into Jobs’ shoes, he created his own.

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#4. Apple Confidential 2.0

Book Apple Confidential 2.0

Apple Confidential 2.0 takes you through the turbulent 30-year history of Apple Inc., since its inception. The company has had a fair share of Ups and Downs. From its beginning in 1976 to the company ousting its founder Steve Jobs in 1985 to Steve Jobs returning as the CEO of Apple in 1997 and to the company becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar company.

The author has dug really deep and has included lawsuit battles, timelines, and personal insights of the company’s key executives and players. If you are interested in knowing about the history of Apple, then this is the best book for you.

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#5. Small Fry by Lisa Brennan Jobs

Book Small Fry by Lisa Brennan

Penned by Lisa Brennan Jobs, the book is a heart-wrenching yet beautiful memoir of a troubled father-daughter relationship. Lisa in this book accounts, for her relationship with her father Steve Jobs, who was like a mythical figure in her growing years.

The book is beautifully written and very well describes the angst of a daughter craving for her father’s love. Towards a later stage in the book, the father-daughter duo settles their demons when Jobs is diagnosed with cancer. It is a complex book about a complex family that will keep you glued to your spot until you reach the very end. This book offers a different look at Steve Jobs’ life and is a worthy read.

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#6. Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda

Book Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda

Ken Koncienda was among the few, who got an opportunity to sat on the drawing desk at Cupertino, Apple’s headquarters. In his autobiography, Ken offers an insider’s view of the creative process employees follows at Apple.

Ken accounts for the moments of victories, struggles, crisis, and all the lessons he had learned while creating some of the most revolutionary and ground-breaking software that are used by millions today.

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#7. Revolution in the Valley by Andy Hertzfeld

Book Revolution in The Valley

The Macintosh revolutionized the computers and it is considered as one of the most remarkable products of Apple till now. Andy Hertzfield, who was one of the core members on the Macintosh project, recounts the whole journey in this book.

To know about what the people at Apple had gone through during the inception of this radical product that was about to bring a whole new era of computers with it. The book is filled with illustrations and period photographs, which will inspire all the tech nerds out there.

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#8. iWoz by Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith

Book iWoz by Steve Wozniak

While Steve Jobs was the front face of Apple Inc., there was a shy yet mischievous genius who stood tall behind him. Being the inventor of the first true personal computer, Wozniak was often mistaken for a grim-faced engineer but he was far from that. Wozniak in his true identity was an intelligent inventor.

This book is quite different from all the autobiographies that we have read. Rather it is an emotional narrative of one’s life. Wozniak quite literally rambles through the book, describing his experiences while working on the Apple 2 that brought Apple Inc, back on its feet.

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#9. Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky

Book Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky

Have you ever wondered how the most secretive company in the world operates from the inside? This book is the ultimate answer to all your questions. This is hands down the best book to know how the tech giant operates.

From the process of innovating a product to dealing with suppliers, this book is like a candy store for people who are fascinated with Apple. Not only does this book give you a tour through the operations of Apple Inc., but it also has some lessons that entrepreneurs can implement in their businesses.

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#10. Insanely Simple by Ken Segall

Book Insanely Simple by Ken Segall

Simplicity and Apple go hand in hand. If Apple Inc. is to be described in one word then it has to be simplicity. Keeping things simple is more than just a design principle at Apple, it is one thing that the company strongly holds on to. It was also the reason for Apple’s resurrection in 1997.

This book gives a detailed overview surrounding this one principle of Apple that the company has no plans on letting go of.

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Well, with that we have come to an end of this post. You could get your copies of these books from Amazon or iBooks App. I would really want your opinions and reviews about this book; you can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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