Best Bluetooth Trackers: Locate Your Key, Wallet, and Other Tiny Stuff

Living in a fast-paced digital life has its own curses. Losing your important stuff is one such curse. Misplacing your car/house keys, phones, wallets, watches, travel bags etc. is common. Not any more! Use a Bluetooth tracker that can locate your key, wallet and other small stuff.

Bluetooth trackers are useful accessories especially for users, who tend to misplace items in their household or office. For example, people forget where they put their car keys last night. Likewise, there are other things you might misplace anywhere in your home. This is where Bluetooth trackers come handy.

Also called Bluetooth locators, these devices locate those misplaced items and send alerts on your iPhone. For this purpose, you may be asked to download an app on your mobile device.

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Best Anti-loss Bluetooth Trackers

#1. Tile Mate and Tile Slim

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

This is a Bluetooth key finder from Tile – Mate and Slim. There are four trackers including two Tile Mate and two Tile Slim. Note that Tile Mat comes with a convenient hole to loop onto key chains or drop in a bag.

Tile Slim is as thin as two credit cards; you can easily slide it into your wallet or attach it on your laptop. The app remembers the last time and place it saw your Tile; so when you cannot locate your thing, you can make your Tile ring when it is nearby but not in sight.

USP: Extremely thin profile
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#2. Cube

Cube Bluetooth Tracker

Cube has gone beyond its primary role of Bluetooth tracking as it helps you take photos from your iPhone camera. This Bluetooth tracker also works as a shutter button for your iPhone. If you misplace your iPhone, you can use Cube to locate the device with a ring, vibration, or flash even as the Cube app is not working.

This Bluetooth locator comes with an extra battery, which you can replace every year; you don’t need to replace Cube every year.

USP: No need to replace each year
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#3. TrackR

TrackR pixel Bluetooth Tracking Device

TrackR’s Bluetooth technology is powerful enough to detect your misplaced items even if they are 100 feet away. This small and lightweight Bluetooth tracker is easy to attach to anything. Next, you have to use the TrackR app to ring your device.

This tracker now also helps you with flashing LED lights, so that you can locate misplaced things in the dark also. When the battery of this tracker is running low, you can replace the battery and not the tracker.

USP: 100-feet range
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BCKAKQA Bluetooth Finder Device

BCKAKQA’s Bluetooth locator gives you a real-time notification and tracks your lost items. This is one of the best smart products for those, who tend to forget or lost their valuable belongings like wallet, car keys, office keys, expensive toys, and other things. This tracker has two-way tracking alarm, which not only tracks items but also alerts you when they are out of range.

It is small and lightweight; therefore, you can quickly put it in your pocket, wallet, purse or any other stuff. You can also use the button on this iTrack as a camera remote to capture group selfies and photos.

USP: Real-time notifications
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#5. Safedome

Safedome Bluetooth Tracker for iPhone

Safedome brings some uniqueness to its product. This Bluetooth tracker is rechargeable; there is no battery. When the battery runs out of the card, simply put it on the wireless charger, which also works with compatible iPhones.

This Bluetooth tracker card is extremely slim at 1.6mm width, and you can easily slip this card in your pocket or wallet. This card boasts Bluetooth 5 with improved signal stability and strength between the tracker and your smartphone.

USP: Bluetooth 5 connectivity
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#6. Bari

BARI Bluetooth Locater Device

Bari has designed a Bluetooth tracker that works two ways. You can find your misplaced wallet or car/house keys, and you can also find your iPhone in case you have placed somewhere in your home. Apart from your wallet and keys, you can also locate your luggage, purses, backpacks, cameras, kids’ toys and other valuables.

You can connect this Bluetooth tracker with your iPhone and then take selfies and group photos efficiently. The tracker is so powerful that you can control your phone camera from a distance of 15 meters in optimal conditions.

USP: Two-way tracking system
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#7. Njoiii

Njoiii Bluetooth Tracker

Njoiii application remembers the last known position of your item or important stuff so that you can easily locate it the next day. It is one of the best smartphone finders and selfie remotes that enables you to hold the button on Njoiii to trigger your iPhone’s alarm.

The low energy hardware maximizes the battery life of Njoiii device. The smart location tracking works quickly to find your iPhone or the Njoiii fob when they are too far away from each other.

USP: Fast results
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#8. Luxsure

LUXSURE Anti-Lost Tag Bluetooth Tracker

Luxsure brings an effective Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to your child’s cloth so that you can always stay close to your kids. This key finder quickly locates your valuable belongings like phone, key, wallet, credit cards and others.

A notable feature of this tracker is sharing management. Certain items are used by many people in your household. Here, you can use the Find-it mode to share with your families.

USP: Sharing management
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#9. Huafly

Huafly Nut Anti-loss Bluetooth Tracker

Huafly meets all your needs for finding the lost or misplaced items. This Bluetooth tracker can impress you with its multiple abilities to locate different things like keys, wallets, travel bags, pets, camera, and other electronic items.

Its awesome features include smart anti-loss, one-touch find, lost & found network, left phone alert, and ultra-long standby. When you have misplaced your phone somewhere, simply press Huafly Nut color to make your phone ring even if it is on silent mode.

USP: Smart anti-loss
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#10. iTrack 3

iTrack 3 Bluetooth Tracker

iTrack 3 has created a truly smart Bluetooth tracker. This finder, together with your phone, makes the sound alert when somebody tries to move your keys, handbag, and luggage. When your phone and Bluetooth tracker goes out of range, both the devices will make the sound alert.

Unlike other Bluetooth trackers, this one has bigger and effective range of 160 feet outdoor and 32-50 feet indoors. Moreover, this tracker sends out the louder sound of up to 98 decibel, which is equal to your phone ring.

USP: Three times louder sound
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#11. Sunny&Lucky

SunnyLucky Bluetooth Locater Gadget

Sunny&Lucky presents a Bluetooth tracker that is perfect for your kids, luggage, pets, and more. You need to download its cTracing app on your iOS device and then you can locate your misplaced items in the range of 75 feet or 22 meters.

The tracker takes you to your lost item; apart from your misplaced stuff, you can locate your iPhone by using this Bluetooth tracker.

USP: Intelligent search function
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That’s all, folks!

Signing off…

We are living in the fast-paced digital life, and it is quite natural to forget or misplace important things like our car/house keys, wallets, phones, watches, travel bags and more. Bluetooth trackers listed above are now essential accessories for every household.

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