If you love audio books, then you very well know that it can be an enthralling way to keep you occupied during extended travels or long road trips. Once you go with a suitable audio book app, your iPhone can become your mobile library and you don't have to miss out on an interesting book ever again.

Best iPhone and iPad Audio Book Apps

There are different types of audio book apps. It is difficult to classify one particular app as the best as the choice mostly depends on what exactly you’re looking for. The subscription services take different approaches in their functioning. Some offer unlimited online streaming while some give you a limited number of downloads every month and letting you own the downloaded books.

Best iPhone Audio Book Apps

#1. Audiobooks

Audiobooks iPhone and iPad App IconThe Audible app is arguably the biggest and most popular among the audio book apps available in the market. Audible offers fantastic audio book file management by segregating audio books into two types, the audible direct downloads and the iPod library content. This app also translates and shows most of the iTunes meta-data such as chapter, summary and categories thus helping you organize your library more effectively. Audible offers you the usual player controls such as play-pause, R-F, chapter navigation, bookmarking options, scrubbing and speed of narration. Audible's best feature by far is the option to directly download the audio books from audible.com for offline listening.

Price: Free
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#2. AudioBookShelf

AudioBookShelf iPhone and iPad App IconAudioBookShelf app gives a welcoming starter package of fourteen public domain classic audio books. You also have the choice to add on to this initial collection by purchasing or downloading additional books. When you launch the app, you can select your book by simply tapping on it. Once you tap on a book, the app gives you a brief summary of the author, narrator, duration of the audio book and a play button. The audio book player is also designed in the layout of a book and it offers you the typical F-R and Play-Pause buttons along with a narration selector and a sleep timer. The AudioBookShelf has a relatively limited audio book collection but it does offer great audio book playback with good narration and is a credible choice to consider.

Price: $1.99
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#3. Overdrive

OverDrive iPhone and iPad App IconThe Overdrive Media Console app offers you mp3 audio books that can be downloaded to the iDevice library. Presently, this app only allows direct library downloads using Safari. You may find the downloading process slightly awkward at first. The app also needs a valid library card for downloads as it works as a gateway to the public libraries' collections. Using the “Get Books” feature in the app, you can locate close by libraries and add them to the app. The one not so likeable aspect of this app is the download limit of 3 imposed on the user. The app gives you a standard audio book player with all the usual features and a useful file management system including selective file downloads and rapid file deletion.

Price: Free
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#4. vBookz – Free Audiobooks

vBookz iPhone and iPad App IconvBookz is a great audio book app for kids learning how to speak and read or for people with visual impairments. It offers a unique read along male or female voice synthesizer, which can be enabled or disabled. Even if you do not like voice synthesizers, the app provides a great collection of e-books to keep you hooked. The app gives you the facilities to bookmark, choose and resize fonts, opting between night and day reading, a pretty good search feature and animated page turning. If you are a German, French or Spanish speaker, then the app offers some book versions in these languages.

Price: $4.99
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#5. Ambling BookPlayer Lite

Ambling BookPlayer iPhone and iPad App IconThis app gives you both classic titles like “The Iliad” and well-known bestsellers for your enjoyment. You can select bestsellers or new additions or even free content from the download tab. You can also search by sub-categories in both fiction and non-fiction books by simply tapping away. The one slight drawback in this app is the uninspiring design of the audio book player that’s not as pleasing as other apps. However, the app does offer you great download rate, impressive file management, bookmarking and rating system.

Price: Free
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#6. Audio Books

Audio Books iPhone and iPad App IconAudio books by audiobooks.com is a cloud based platform that provides a good audio book app for both the iOS and Android users. As a subscriber you can pick from a collection of about 50,000 audio books encompassing almost every genre. You can use the search feature to discover new audio books and then can either stream these audio books or download them for offline listening. The app gives you the necessary controls like playback speed, auto bookmarking and other such features. It also lets you sync across devices letting you to continue listening to the audio book on whichever device you are using.

Price: Free
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#7. Scribd Audio Books

Scribd iPhone and iPad App IconScribd is a famous platform hosting a ton of e-books that can be read online. Now, it is offering audio books as part of its on-demand service letting users stream or download an unlimited number of audio books from it 30,000 title collection. You can get this for a monthly fee of $8.99 along with access to Scribd's huge e-book collection. After finding the book you want from Scribd's library, you can add it to your library and you can even download it if you wish to read it offline. At the price point it’s offered at, Scribd’s new audio book service is certainly enticing enough to try out.

Price: Free
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#8. LibriVox Audio Books

LibriVox Audio Books iPhone and iPad App IconIf you are one of those audio bookworms who are not after the most recent bestselling books, then LibriVox can be a pretty good audio books app for you. This app gives you access to more than 15,000 free titles predominantly filled with public domain works including classics and out of print books. You can search by the book’s title, author or genre. On finding the right book, you can save it and listen to multiple books as you desire. You can also have limitless bookmarks along with a sleep timer. You may find the narration standards to fluctuate but for the cost of nothing, you can get access to great audio books.

Price: Free
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#9. Audiobooks 7000+

Audiobooks 7000+ iPhone and iPad App IconAs the name suggests, this neat little audio book app offers you a selection of over 7000 books for your listening pleasure. Once you download the app, simply search through the different titles in varying genres like classical, fantasy, children, etc. Just select the one you want and download it for listening to it anytime offline. All the books have proper descriptions and also the option to be played back in split tracks. You get the usual audio book playback controls. Best of all, this app is completely free yet provides you decent audio book collections.

Price: Free
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#10. Bookmobile Audiobook and Podcast Player

Bookmobile Audiobook iPhone and iPad App IconThe Bookmobile app is designed particularly for reading out audio books which means that it's optimized for spoken voice and therefore delivers a clean, clear output. This app provides a nice audio book player that's easy to use while loaded with playback adequate features. This app lets you import content from your iTunes library, the Internet and even from RSS feeds. The app functions very smoothly with both DRM-enabled content and non DRM-enabled content. In fact, you can download non-DRM audio directly into the App.

Price: Free
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