Best Armbands for iPhone 6 for Perfect Workout Session [2020 Edition]

Whether you are a fitness freak or a casual jogger, you tend to worry about your iPhone while you are the workout. Most of the time, we are more concerned about our iPhone than our workouts. Keeping this problem in mind, we have researched some of the best armbands for iPhone 6.

It does not matter if you are lifting weights or biking, these armbands will pamper your iPhone as much as you do. So let’s not waste a minute to explore the 10 best armbands for iPhone 6.

Roundup of Best iPhone 6 Armbands in 2020

#1. Trianium ArmTrek

Trianium iPhone 6-6s Armband

No list of top armbands for iPhone 6 can be complete without Trianium ArmTrek. Thanks to the soft and flexible material, it provides the needed freedom to the muscle to breathe freely.

Another notable feature of this armband is the two arm-strap slots for both small and large arm sizes. Plus, the Velcro strap is fully adjustable to let you keep the iPhone perfectly in place.

Water-resistant design and small key pocket make it a complete package. Moreover, ArmTrek comes in eight color variants with the lifetime warranty.

USP: Water-resistant design
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TRIBE Armband for iPhone 6-6s

I find “TRIBE” a more practical armband. The quality that makes it an appealing option is the soft neoprene and polyester fabric blend. Due mainly to the elastic material, your muscle has the freedom to flex freely. Plus, the double Velcro straps offer additional security and allow you to adjust the armband comfortably.

This armband fits arms with 8-16 inches in circumference. There is also a small pocket for keeping keys. Besides, it features a reflective strip to ensure your running in the low-lit environments doesn’t come to a halt. Moreover, you also have multiple colorful variants to pick from.

USP: Double Velcro straps
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#3. Minisuit Sporty

Minisuit Sporty Armband for iPhone 6-6s

If simplicity is on top of your priority, you shouldn’t give “Minisuit Sporty” a miss. It’s neatly designed and comes with the adjustable Velcro strap.

The soft neoprene bends and twists to let the arm move freely. However, the material doesn’t stretch out of shape. Plus, it’s also sweat resistant to ensure the iPhone remains protected. The reflective strip comes in handy when you decide to go for running even in the dimly lit environments.

USP: Reflective strip
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#4. MyBand

MyBand Armband for iPhone 6-6s

Myband is the only Armband designed for the forearm, for getting easy access to the functionality of your iPhone. This does not only protect your phone, but with zipper pockets, it also protects all your petty belongings like cash, key, and ID cards as well.

Apart from your iPhone and belongings it also protects you with reflective strip during low light. Lastly, you get three color options to choose according to your personality.

USP: Hidden Security Pocket
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#5. Tune Belt

Tune Belt ArmBand for iPhone 6-6s

“Tune Belt” has over three decades of experience and is well-known for producing one of the highly rated armbands for iPhone. Hence, you should keep this one under your radar.

The quality that has called for my attention in this armband is the case-friendly design. That means you won’t have to remove the case before installing your smartphone.

Plus, the top-grade neoprene fabric makes it fully sweat-resistant. With the durable construction, it offers a long-term and reliable solution.

USP: Case-friendly design
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#6. VUP

VUP iPhone 6 Armband

The feature that stands out in VUP is the ability to offer comfortable access to the iPhone. You can adjust the armband up to 180-degree to have a better viewing angle. Plus, the double adjustable design helps it fit both the small and large arm sizes.

Thanks to the case compatible design, you can easily install the iPhone even without taking the case off. Made of high-quality Lycra and neoprene, it’s completely odor-free. Even better, there is extra fabric layer to keep the sweat away from your device.

USP: The extra fabric layer
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#7. Triomph

Triomph Armband for iPhone 6-6s

“Triomph” has you fully covered. Whether it’s letting you firmly hold the iPhone or protect the touchscreen with the responsive screen guard, this armband is very user-friendly for running.

The Lycra fabric material makes it exceptionally smooth. There is an additional layer that safeguards your iPhone from sweat. The key holder and earphones slot make it a suitable asset for runners. On top of all, you have five attractive colors to choose your most befitting waterproof armbands.

USP: Earphones slot
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#8. Spigen

Spigen Armband for iPhone 6-6s

This armband from Spigen is up to the mark. I like its sporty design that fits the iPhone 6 without any case. You can effortlessly fine-tune the strap to hold the smartphone steadily.

The soft and sweat resistant material doesn’t irritate the skin. It comes with a slot to let you keep key securely inside.

The precise cutout for headphone jack ensures your music time continues to be plain-sailing without any disturbance. As for the strap, it works effectively by letting you hold the iPhone.

USP: Sporty design
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LOVPHONE iPhone 6-6s Armband

As a runner, I would like to have LOVPHONE. So, what makes it a useful gym armband? Well, the first quality that has impressed me in this band is that it can fit over your iPhone even with a protective case on. So, if you hate to remove the cover before installing the smartphone, you should go for this one.

Another quality that stands out for this armband is the PVC screen protector that shields the screen from scratches. The reflective strip around the screen makes sure your running in the low-lit conditions remain a pleasant experience. Furthermore, LOVPHONE is available in three colors such as blue, gray and rosy–supported by a lifetime warranty.

USP: PVC screen protector
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#10. Maxboost

Maxboost Armband for iPhone 6-6s

To be honest, it would have been a mistake to keep Maxboost away from this roundup. I say it because I find it right on the money. Talking about the features that make it for everyday use is the flexible yet stretch resistant material.

The screen cover works pretty well in defending the touchscreen against scratch. As the screen guard is highly protective, you can continue to use your iPhone without any hurdle.

Depending on your need, you will fine-tune the strap to keep the device steady. Security aside, you get a trusted lifetime warranty on this armband.

USP: Strech resistant material
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

Which one of the above iPhone 6 armbands has caught your eyes? It would be nice to know your favorite pick.

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