Best Apps and Games on Apple Watch Series 5

Apple released the Apple Watch Series 5 in September. It’s iterative, but a meaningful upgrade over the earlier Apple Watch Series 4. The key new feature is an always-on display for the watch component. The Apple Watch is an immensely versatile device. The 5th gen upgrade makes it an even more compelling buy.

But a device is only as good as the apps that run on it. From games to productivity and more, we’re sharing a list of best Apple Watch Series 5 apps and games that you can download on your smartwatch. There’s something here for all Apple Watch owners. Read on to find out more.

Best Apple Watch Series 5 Apps and Games to Download in 2020

#1. Strava Fitness Tracking

Strava Apple Watch App Screenshot

Fitness tracking is one of the most important use cases for Apple Watch 5 and smartwatches in general. Strava is a well-known smartphone app that ties together GPS tracking and pedometer functions to give you a good idea about your walks and runs.

On Watch, Strava is surprisingly feature-rich. You can track your pace for walks and runs as well as finding out how far you’ve traveled. You even get audio feedback when you start or stop an activity, as well as heart rate monitoring. With a series two or newer Apple Watch, you can use the app independent of your iPhone. Just take your Apple Watch and run.

Price: Free/Offer In-App Purchases

#2. Lifeline

Lifeline Apple Watch Game App Screenshot

This next game on our list here is a text adventure. This is a classic format, and it makes a lot of sense on the Apple Watch’s screen: you get small bits of conversation and one or two reply options that you can tap. The plot has you playing as a stranded astronaut, and it’s great if you’re in the mood for some eerie sci-fi action.

Price: $1.99

#3. iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse Apple Watch App Screenshot

This is one of those apps that makes you feel like the Apple Watch is the future. iTranslate Converse uses the Watch’s built-in mic and internet capabilities to let you have a two-way conversation with someone speaking a different language. You don’t have to do any tweaking. It can tell who’s speaking what language and adjust accordingly. If you’re in a foreign city and don’t have your phone on you, iTranslate Converse is a great use for your Apple Watch.

Price: Free/Offer In-App Purchases

#4. Just Press Record

Just Press Record Apple Watch App Screenshot

You carry the Apple Watch 5 around with you wherever you go. This makes it an almost perfect device for voice recording. Just Press Record is our voice recording app of choice for the watch. It’s remarkably simple to use.

As the name suggests, you just press record to start a recording and then tap again to stop. The best part is that the app has transcription. This means that you get a text copy of your recording synced to your iPhone.

Price: $4.99

#5. Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet Notes Apple Watch App Screenshot

Note-taking is an unsung use case for the Apple Watch. The small form factor means that most people dismiss it for taking down small day-to-day notes, But Cheatsheet might make you change your mind. This is an app for both the iPhone and Watch. The idea is simple: you note down day-to-day things like WiFi passwords and tag them with icons.

On Apple Watch 5, you can not only view your cheats, but you can also add them through dictation. You should also have a look at these other note-taking apps on the Apple Watch.

Price: Free/Offer In-App Purchases

#6. PCalc

PCalc Apple Watch Calculator App Screenshot

While WatchOS does have a calculator app by default, earlier versions did not. PCalc was an essential tool then for Apple Watch users who wanted a calculator on the go. Even with a stock calculated app available, PCalc is still a great alternative. In addition to basic math functions, you also get a powerful converter for metric to imperial units.

A handy feature is to use the digital crown to switch between different units of measurement. Alongside these great finance apps on Apple Watch, PCalc can help you get your financial planning done on the go.

Price: $9.99

#7. ETA

ETA Apple Watch Driving Assistant App Screenshot

The Apple Watch is an “on-the-go” device. This makes it perfect for ETA, an app that you can use to find your ETA to locations and share it with friends and others. This is an iPhone app with added Apple Watch functionality.

On the Watch, you get details about your turn-by-turn travel time, a map with your progress, and (of course) your estimated time of arrival. If you’re looking to do more on your journey, these travel apps for Apple Watch will be of help.

Price: $2.99

#8. Runeblade

Runeblade Apple Watch Game App Screenshot

Runeblade is a great option if you’re looking for a casual RPG on Apple Watch. It features over 2000 levels of fantasy action and an in-depth rune enchanting system. Combat and interaction are simple enough for one-tap play. Meanwhile, a story with a considerable background is expounded through illustrated cutscenes. The Apple Watch might not seem like a device made for hardcore gaming, but Runeblade is a fine example of the possibilities.

Price: Free/Offer In-App Purchases

#9. Cosmos Rings

Cosmos Rings Apple Watch Game App Screenshot

The Apple Watch really isn’t the platform of choice for RPGs. Even then, renowned JRPG developer Square Enix has somehow managed to bring a full-fat experience. This is Cosmos Rings. This game has intuitive controls that let you manage and upgrade skills for your character as they run through the Rift, encountering enemies. You get an interesting story with fantasy and time travel riffs as well.

One thing to note is that the game keeps on ticking in real-time, so you’ll need to get back to it once in a while or risk having to start from the beginning.

Price: $8.99

#10. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit Apple Watch Game App Screenshot

This is a game that makes great use of the Apple Watch’s own hardware, the digital crown, to be specific. In Pocket Bandit, you’re a thief tasked with cracking safes. You do this by rotating the digital crown back and forth as if it’s a combination lock. You get satisfying haptic feedback when you’re close to the sweet spot. All in all, it’s great for passing a couple of minutes on your Apple Watch 5.

Price: $0.99

The Apple Watch is a great on-the-go companion for your iPhone. The Apple Watch 5’s new features make it an even more compelling buy. From productivity apps to games to fitness trackers, we’ve there’s something here in this list for everyone.

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