If you are a tech freak and love reading about technology, social media is a platform which can provide you information from all around the world. Apart from that, you can always stay connected with your loved ones.

Of course, you might have used such apps on your smartphones and tablets, but how about using such social media apps on Apple Watch? Yes, you heard that right! You can now use the best Apple Watch social media apps on your wrists.

Best Social Media Apps for Apple Watch

Best Social Media Apps for your Apple Watch

#1. Twitter

Twitter Apple Watch and iPhone App IconHow often do you search with “#” (hashtag) from your Twitter account? Not many times most users say, but they certainly click on the hashtags (from mobile of browser) mentioned in the tweets to know more about the trending topics. You can check the recent tweets, photo tagging, top trends and many more on your Apple Watch similarly. It is now easy to send direct messages from Apple Watch to your friends and family members even if you don’t follow each other.

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#2. Meetup

Meetup Apple Watch and iPhone App IconMeetup app’s features are quite different which you hardly find in any leading social media apps. Meetup app provides you the search option to find some groups around you in a specific domain. If you love cycling with friends, you can search for cycling group or if you love mount climbing, you can such groups too. You can also fix a meeting with your clients and send them notification about the venue for meeting directly from your Apple Watch

Price: Free
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#3. Glide

Glide Apple Watch and iPhone App IconFinding it hard to respond the text messages from your iPhone? No problem, with the help of Apple Watch Glide app, you can use voice to text option to send the messages without taking your iPhone out of your pocket. Creating a group, sending messages and videos, video recording, watching live streaming videos and a lot more is available in Glide app. Cloud storage makes sure that videos don’t eat any space on your Apple Watch.

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#4. Tinder

Tinder Apple Watch and iPhone App IconMeet new people around you with similar kind of interests on Tinder social media app. If you like a particular person and he/she like you back, it’s called a match and you both can chat with each other by using Tinder app on Apple Watch. Many magazines say that it’s a perfect app for woman to find her dream man.

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#5. Instagram

Instagram iPhone and Apple Watch App IconLast but not the least; Instagram is also available for Apple Watch. It is one of the best Apple Watch photo camera apps too. See all your favorite photos and videos on your Apple Watch. Explore the new world by searching with ‘#’ (hashtags) in the search bar. Search with a place, name or anything else which is trending and get the latest news on your wrists. Nevertheless, it is the best social media platform at present as compared to all the above.

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These are some of the best social media apps available for Apple Watch. If you want to give it a try, download any one of the above-mentioned social media apps. Also check out the best Apple Watch apps. Have fun!