Best Apple Watch Series 5 Leather Bands in 2019: Show off Your iWatch in Style!

Leather strap when paired with Apple Watch, looks alluring when you attend parties, weddings, office meetings, etc. If you're too looking for the best Apple Watch Series 5 leather bands and straps of 2019, we've got you covered! Read the detailed reviews now!

With always-on display and the screen size of 44mm and 40mm, Apple Watch Series 5 looks glossy and has impressed me with its look! The wider display area now gives you the best viewing experience than ever. While your smartwatch is on the way, why not get an alluring leather band for Apple Watch Series 5? 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Apple Watch 5 leather bands that suit your style! More often we go crazy when we hear “Genuine Leather” word in a particular product. But we hardly understand that many other materials go into the process to create a perfect leather strap for a new smartwatch. Many come with a fake tag of premium leather, so stay away from such products.

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Of course, the leather used in all the products below is genuine and we’ve picked only those products which you’ll love for sure! So let’s have a look at some of the finest Apple Watch Series 5 leather straps now!

Best Leather Bands and Straps for Apple Watch Series 5 in 2019

Before you pick the best leather band, cross-check your wrist size and match it with the size given in product reviews below. Here we go!

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#1. Pad & Quill

Pad & Quill Apple Watch Series 5 Leather Band

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Pad & Quill’s strap is made of full-grain leather along with sand-colored stitching. And the stitching is done in such a way that it’s marine-grade and UV resistant too. With durable matte black & polished nickel hardware, it always adds a charm to your Apple Watch. 

The bands are crafted by hands and it’s signed by an artisan which is simply amazing! Leather color used in this strap is whiskey and the metal type colors are silvers and black, you could choose any of the two while ordering. Use this band with your iWatch and wear it on a formal attire to see the difference! 

You’re sure to enjoy every moment when you have such elegant and glossy leather band for your Apple Watch Series 5. The strap comes with 25-year leather warranty and 30-days money-back promise! 

USP: Elegant & Solid
Check out on Pad & Quill

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#2. Kulor Cases

Kulor Leather Band for Apple Watch Series 5

There’s no denying that Kulor Cases is one of the finest companies that deliver premium products for Apple devices. And the same goes with their leather straps for Apple Watch 5 as well. The band gives you a luxurious feel as it’s made of premium leather and the stitching is done in such a way that the product is durable. 

It weighs just 2.4 ounces and it looks simple but when you wear it on your wristband, you’ll surely feel the difference. The buckle is made of stainless steel and comes in black color whereas the adapter comes in silver color only. Kulor Cases offer a 30-day money-back or exchange policy for non-personalized products. 

USP: Lightweight & Durable
Check out on Kulor

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#3. Goseth

GOSETH Apple Watch Series 5 Leather Strap

If you’re looking for a classic yet premium leather strap, Goseth is your way to go! With over 500 positive ratings on Amazon, it’s the most preferred brand when it comes to Apple Watch Series 5 bands. It’s not just a band but it gives complete protection for your Apple Watch. 

The layer below protects your watch from flat surfaces and scratches. Moreover, it can also protect it from sudden drops and impacts as it’s made of genuine leather. The band comes with a stainless steel clasp and buckle which adds a wow factor to your iWatch. 

Stylish design, anti-slip, sweat-absorbent, and the pin of the band is inside the bar, with such amazing set of features in just a single band, you’re sure to get impressed when you wear it. It’s available in 5 color variants and comes with an 18-month warranty as well. Take note that it fits for wrist size in between 6.3″ to 7.9″ only! It’s same for both men and women. 

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USP: Leather Underneath the Apple Watch
Check out on Amazon

#4. Lovelop

LOVLEOP Apple Watch Series 5 Leather Strap

Lovelop’s iWatch strap is a perfect example of elegant design.  The adapters at both the ends are renewed with more screw depth which ensures a perfect lock to the watch from both ends. Top-grain genuine leather is used to build this masterpiece and it’s anti-slip, breathable, durable and comfortable as well.

The layer of the band is smooth as silk and it looks pretty when you wear it along with your Apple Watch 5. It fits the wrist size in between 5.71″ to 8.07″ only. So ensure that your wrist size falls in this category or might have to punch-in extra holes to adjust the size. That doesn’t work all the time but it might turn out handy if you try it. 

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Lovelop’s band comes with a free TPU scratch-resistant flexible case for your Apple Watch 5. Well, that just like icing on the cake. The strap is available in 12 vivid colors and my favorite coffee/black variant. With a warranty period off 18-months, it’s easy to return or replace the product if you face any issues. 

USP: Free TPU Case
Check out on Amazon

#5. Spigen

Spigen Apple Watch Series 5 Leather Band

With an adjustable length and easy installation (press the release on the watch and slide) process, Spigen is the most comfortable band you’ll ever wear. It’s sleek and simple in design. The outer layer is made of synthetic leather and the inner layer is made of soft silicone making it sweat resistant by keeping it cool inside. 

The soft material lining is a perfect recipe for everyday wear and is compatible with 44mm and 42mm both the variants of Apple Watch Series 5. When it comes to Spigen, the best part is the quality which is never compromised! 

USP: Easy Installation
Check out on Amazon

#6. Finite

Fintie Leather Strap for Apple Watch Series 5

Finite is a perfect blend of a stainless steel buckle which is made from premium material and the leather band is crafted from exquisite genuine leather. The buckle color goes perfectly with your Apple Watch showing that this strap has a perfect color combination of all the ones present in today’s lineup.

It’s ultra-soft and makes you feel comfortable when you wear it. The butterfly buckle comes with a double button which is usually seen in stainless steel bands. It locks the adjustment done by you for wrist size and it’s easy to open it just with a press on double button. The wrist sizes from 5.91″ to 8.07″ get a perfect fit with this band. 

The lugs on both ends lock your Apple Watch securely and with preciseness. It comes in black, blue, brown, maroon and chocolate colors. 

USP: Double Button Buckle
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JSGJMY Apple Watch Series 5 Leather Band

If you’re in a search of a funky designed strap for Apple Watch Series 5, JSGJMY would be a perfect choice for you. Dotted, floral, rainbow, leopard (dots), polka dot, stripes, and a lot more designs got my attention right away when I first saw it. Leather doesn’t mean that you should go for traditional colors like brown and black because JSGJMY has got many variants and they are adorable!

The band is made of genuine leather and it comes with a free TPU bumper case attached! All the designs which are printed on the leather don’t fade away and instead, it shows the finest details of the design. It’s the best leather band which is made especially for women and girls out there! 

It easily fits the wrists that are between 5.5″ to 7.5″ size. And if you have quality issues with the band, it can be easily replaced as it comes with a warranty of 1 year. 

USP: Free TPU Bumper Case
Check out on Amazon

#8. Goton

Goton Leather Band for Apple Watch Series 5

Want to play with multiple colors on your Apple Watch band? Goton has got you covered! It comes in Indigo + White and Rose + Purple color combinations. The band has a simple buckle which fits perfectly and ensures that your Apple Watch 5 is safe. The buckle is made of high-quality stainless steel which resists the erosion of sweat as well. 

As the strap is made of genuine leather material, it’s breathable with no irritations attached! The steel connectors go perfectly with the color of your smartwatch. It comes with a 12-month warranty too. 

USP: Perfect Blend of Colors
Check out on Amazon

#9. Tasikar

Tasikar Leather Strap for Apple Watch Series 5

To install this strap, you don’t need any tool as the process is simple and straight! Tasikar is made of premium leather material which is comfortable to wear and keeps the sweat away with its fast drying feature. The adapter locks into the watch precisely giving ample amount of protection. It fits 6.3″ to 8.6″ wrist sizes for both men and women. 

The black stainless steel clasp adds an alluring design to the leather band and it goes perfectly with the smartwatch color as well. It’s available in black and brown colors and it comes with a warranty for 1-year. 

USP: Easy Installation Without Any Tool
Check out on Amazon

#10. Lovelop

LOVLEOP Apple Watch Series 5 Leather Band

Here’s yet another band from Lovelop but this one much cleaner and looks astounding, to be honest. It’s made of top-grain leather and gives you a comfortable feel when you wear it on your wrists. The wrist size in between 5.32″ to 7.48″ fits perfectly with the Apple Watch. 

The depth of the screws in the adapters is renewed and it locks both the ends of your Apple Watch Series 5 precisely. They are easy to install and remove whenever you’re not in need or want to replace the band. Its matte finish is what I loved and it looks insane!

Along with the band, it comes with a free TPU flexible case for your smartwatch. It comes with an 18-month warranty through which you can get a refund or resend the product if there are any quality issues. 

USP: Free TPU Flexible Case
Check out on Amazon

That’s it, folks!

Final Verdict!

So which of these leather bands for Apple Watch Series 5 you would choose? Do let us know in the comments and if you ask me to pick one of these, I would go with Pad & Quill for look, design & quality and I would also recommend JSGJMY if you want a free bumper case along with a leather strap. 

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