Best Apple Watch Series 5 Charging Stands of 2020: Protect Your Premium Watch in Style

Along with three iPhones, an iPad, Apple tv+, and Arcade, Apple announced its Apple Watch Series 5 during its special event. Watch users would certainly like to explore Always-On display feature introduced by Apple in this latest smartwatch. However, you should also be worried about your watch’s security and safety. For this purpose, you can rely on some of the best charging stands for Apple Watch Series 5.

Charging docks for Apple Watch Series 5 listed below are made of high-quality materials to protect your premium watch. Notable features are of the charging docks are scratch-free silicone and vintage design. Elago has won our hearts by making watch stands similar to Macintosh Plus and iPod media player. Now, check the charging stations yourself and make the right decision.

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10 Best Charging Docks for Apple Watch Series 5 in 2020

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#1. Spigen S350

Spigen S350 Apple Watch Series 5 Charging Stand

Spigen has left its mark of excellence in several turfs. Whether it is iPhone cases or Apple Watch charging stands, Spigen provides you the best product. This charging stand for your Apple Watch is crafted to charge your watch easily with the strap open or closed. The charging dock is compatible with Apple Watch nightstand mode. You can charge your watch with the case installed on the watch.

This dock has a trademarked Nanotac Pad, which firmly sticks to a surface. The adhesive silicone pad holds your Apple Watch with enough strength.

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USP: Nanotac Pad
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OLEBR Apple Watch Series 5 Charging Stand

OLEBR presents three-in-one charging dock for your Apple Watch. Aside from your smartwatch, this stand can also power up your iPhone and AirPods. Your entire Apple ecosystem is organized neatly and cleanly. OLEBR uses its patented silicone tray, which holds your watch steadily at 45 degrees with nightstand mode. You can view time or alarm in the morning.

The entire dock is easy to assemble, and you can quickly put your Apple devices on the respective charging ports. Once your iPhone is charged, you can place it horizontally as this dock has innovative three pebbles design.

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USP: Three pebbles design
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#3. elago

elago W2 Charging Stand for Apple Watch Series 5

Elago has mastered the art of crafting an Apple Watch charging stand. Compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand mode, this stand shows precise cut-outs to hold your watch effectively. At the same time, the stand provides great cable management.

The scratch-free silicone material protects your Apple Watch no matter where you have placed this stand. You can use this dock in your office and at home as well.

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USP: Scratch-free silicone
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#4. Spigen S330

Spigen S330 Apple Watch Series 5 Charging Stand with Aluminum Body

Spigen has created a unique design for an Apple Watch charging stand. This aluminum frame is creatively twisted from a single sheet to design a stand for your Apple Watch. At the bottom of this stand, Spigen has pasted four nanotac pads for a firm grip to the surface. Your Apple Watch will not shake when you operate it.

This silver Apple Watch charging stand gels well with your existing furniture and Apple devices like Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and others. You can set your Apple Watch at a comfortable viewing angle so that you can quickly glance over the face of your watch.

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USP: Creative design
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#5. Deszon

Deszon Wireless Charger Stand Dock for Apple Watch Series 5

Manage your smart life with a single charging dock that can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously. Deszon’s Apple Watch stand prevents your devices from falling off. The brand has used patented silicone tray, which firmly holds your watch at 45 degrees with nightstand mode to view time.

Since the dock includes a wireless charging pad, you can put your latest iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max for charging. You can easily install this stand on your work-station or desk at home.

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USP: Easy to assemble
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#6. elago – Vintage Media Player Design

elago Vintage Media Player Design Charging Dock for Apple Watch Series 5

Elago is taking inspiration from Apple to design accessories for the products made by Apple. This Apple Watch charging stand actually looks like an iPod touch; if you place a real iPod touch next to this charging stand, you cannot differentiate between the real and dummy. A vintage media player design is appreciated by young users of Apple Watch.

It is made by scratch-free silicone, which protects your watch from scratches. Once you install your Apple Watch, it firmly sticks there, and you can operate your watch with your fingers. Experience unshakeable Apple Watch use!

USP: Vintage media player design
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#7. Sincetop

Sincetop Apple Watch Series 5 Charging Stand Holder Dock

Sincetop has come up with an open-dock structure in its Apple Watch charging dock. This stand enables you to install and remove your Apple Watch quickly, without untying the band. This aluminum stand holds your watch with Nightstand mode.

This is a compact and stable dock made of premium aluminum alloy with a smooth surface and a non-slip base. Your Apple Watch is protected against scratches and scrapes. Open-dock design helps you operate your Apple Watch smoothly.

USP: Open-dock structure
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#8. elago – Vintage Old Apple Monitor Design

elago Vintage Design Apple Watch Series 5 Charging Dock

This charging stand reminds me of Macintosh Plus, which was released by Apple in January 1986. The vintage design of this charging dock makes it more adorable when it is placed on your desk in the office or home.

Elago has manufactured this stand from scratch-free silicone to protect your watch from damage. The classic design of this stand is appreciated by all those users, who love Apple brand more than any other technology brand in the world.

USP: Classic design
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#9. JingooBon

JingooBon Apple Watch Series 5 Charge Dock

JingooBon has made a three-in-one wireless charging station for your Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods. You can fast-charge your devices with 10W wireless charger. You are not required to use any cable or USB interface. It is a solid dock with an elegant finish; when placed on your desktop, it looks like an artistic piece of home decor.

Apart from being an Apple Watch charging stand, this can be a great gift item you can give to your friends, family, and colleagues. Organize your desk efficiently by placing your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch on a single dock.

USP: Solid dock
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#10. elago – Classic Handheld Game Console Design

elago Vintage Game Console Design Charging Dock for Apple Watch Series 5

Another vintage design from elago. It’s a blast from the past. Like a classic handheld gaming console, this charging stand lines up your watch perfectly. The stand is easy to use; just put your Apple Watch on the stand to charge it. You can use some of the key functions of your watch if you put the stand near your bed.

Elago has used scratch-free silicone, which protects your Apple Watch against scratches and other damages. The flexible material allows you to insert your Apple Watch comfortably, without any hassle.

USP: Vintage design
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That’s all, friends!

Wrapping up…

Your Apple Watch Series 5 is a pricey piece, and therefore, you need to take special care of this smartwatch. When you place the watch on a dock, you ensure the full safety of the device. The charging docks listed above provide complete protection to your Apple Watch.

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