Best Apple Watch Series 4 Leather Bands in 2020: Remarkable Style to Your Personality

For the fashion-forward Apple Watch users, the leather band is a style statement. Leather has that quality to create awesomeness if it is appropriately used in any product. Well, the watch band makers know how to integrate leather and create elegance for Apple Watch users. Now, explore our list of top Apple Watch Series 4 leather bands.

Apart from style, leather bands can protect your watch from daily rough brushes and bruises. Since brands play an important role in product selection, we have picked up leather bands made by leading brands.

Best Apple Watch Series 4 Leather Bands and Straps in 2020

IMPORTANT: You can use the existing watch bands of 38mm and 42mm watches with your 40mm and 44mm Apple Watches.

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#1. Marge Plus

MARGE PLUS Leather Replacement Band for Apple Watch Series 4

Marge Plus has used a genuine leather band for your Apple Watch Series 4. On the leather, Marge Plus has done superior craftsmanship to make the band more stylish. The icing on the cake is its classic buckle.

This anti-slip and anti-absorbent band is upgraded, and it will never fall off as Marge Plus has renewed the screw and screw’s depth.

USP: Professional look
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#2. Kulor

Kulor Leather Band for Apple Watch Series 4


When premium quality and high-grade craftsmanship gets integrated, you have top-grade leather bands. Having given a close look at Kulor’s wide range of Apple Watch Series 4 leather bands, I can vouch for their premium quality.

These straps are pretty well-built and sport neat finish. Being available in several colors, they can seamlessly fit into different taste or for that matter needs.

On top of all, you also get a chance to personalize your adorable bands with unique monogram and even your name.

USP: High-grade craftsmanship
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#3. LoveBlue

LoveBlue Apple Watch Series 4 Leather Band

LoveBlue’s leather band is inspired by equestrian fixtures. This contemporary band flaunts nicely worked contemporary buckle cuff leather, which is adapted to allow heart rate sensor to stay synced with your wrist.

LoveBlue has used soft, genuine leather to make this high-quality band, which draws the attention of all the people around you.

USP: Inspired by equestrian fixtures
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#4. MIFA

Mifa Apple Watch Series 4 Vintage Lather Band

MIFA has upgraded the watch band with brows dots and stitches. The company has used genuine, soft, and premium leather to manufacture this 3mm thick strap, which has anodized black stainless steel clasp.

Its premium craftsmanship lies in the fact that it is 100% handmade leather band. You are not supposed to use screws to connect the pin. The slide-in and slide-out design allow you to install and remove the band quickly.

USP: 100% handmade
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#5. Benuo

Benuo Leather Band for Apple Watch Series 4

Benuo’s leather band displays sophistication. The vintage top grain leather surface, soft microfiber lining, and handmade tone-on-tone stitching make this band a beautiful piece. Its buckle is made of solid stainless steel; moreover, its clasp pin is stable and long.

The adapter of this band is strong enough to face daily wear-and-tear. You can use a mini screwdriver to tighten the screws before you wear this leather band.

USP: Sturdy adapters
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#6. Top4cus

Top4cus Apple Watch Series 4 Genuine Leather Band

The classic black watch band from Top4cus shows eternal charisma. Its four layers of leather keep the band stiff before use; but once you begin to use the band, the leather will turn softer and more durable.

This band doesn’t fit a relatively small wrist, so you need to measure your wrist before you place an order. The breathable leather band is suitable for all formal occasions or dressings.

USP: Anti-sweat band
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#7. Secbolt

Secbolt Apple Watch Series 4 Leather Band

Secbolt’s leather reminds you of the traditional watch bands that we used to wear with our analog watches. If you want to project yourself as a style icon everywhere, this elegant genuine leather band is for you. Secbolt has used polished stainless steel buckle to make this band more adorable.

This soft watch band is gentle on your wrist, as it doesn’t create any friction. The band conforms to your wrist in such a way that you may even forget you are wearing it.

USP: Gentle on the wrist
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OUHENG Apple Watch Series 4 Band

OUHENG presents a colorful collection of Apple Watch leather bands. This black leather belt is a perfect replacement of the default one that comes with your watch. OUHENG has used genuine cowhide leather and done stylish craftsmanship. You can display a luxurious style and personalize your smartwatch every day.

Since OUHENG uses natural leather, you may find color variation in belts as per the variability of leather. OUHENG gives you metal connector for easy installation.

USP: Cowhide genuine leather
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WFEAGL Apple Watch Series 4 Leather Strap

WFEAGL’s leather bands are known for superior artistry, which looks fantastic around your wrist. In addition to its appearance, the band is comfortable to wear.

WFEAGL has processed the adapter through unique craft to make it easy to install and remove. This sturdy band doesn’t fall apart over time. When top grain genuine leather meets superior craftsmanship, you get the best leather bands for your Apple Watch.

USP: Excellent craft
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JSGJMY Genuine Leather Strap for Apple Watch Series 4

The adapter and buckle match the color of Apple Watch gold aluminum precisely. This band is made of 100% genuine calf leather. JSGJMY has made a skin-friendly watch band that provides a comfortable touch feeling on your wrist.

The adapter of this watch band is strong enough to endure everyday abrasion. In its advanced and durable version, the adapter is easy to install and remove. You don’t need to bother about the adapters fall apart.

USP: Genuine calf leather
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COVERY Apple Watch Series 4 Genuine Leather Strap

Covery has crafted this leather band that is suitable for wrists 6.3 to 7.9 inches. For the security of your watch, the adapters lock into the watch interface precisely and securely. You can easily install and remove the adapter.

Covery has used 100% genuine leather to make this soft leather band, which gives you good feeling and permeability. Since there are ten holes in the band, you can easily adjust the strap length to fit your wrist.

USP: Adjustable strap length
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Signing off…

Do you think leather bands add to your style? When accessory makers use leather, they know they are adding style to the functionality of a product. Leather bands for Apple Watch Series 4 certainly add a style statement.

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