Best Apple Watch Series 4 Charging Stands: Charge Your Smartwatch Elegantly

The best charging stand for any Apple Watch is the one that firmly stands on any flat surface. Also called as a charging dock, it provides better stability to your watch. Buy the best Apple Watch Series 4 charging stands and let your watch rest on the cradle.

Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a lot of new features in its software and hardware. While the software updates are taken care of by the brand itself, you need to pay extra attention to the hardware once you buy the watch. Apart from screen protectors, watch bands, charging stands are also essential accessories for your Apple Watch Series 4.

Each Apple Watch dock listed here is made of different material. You can pick up any one or more as per your requirement. Note that charging stands add to the beauty of your desktop, which might flaunt other smart accessories for your Mac and iPhone.

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10 Best Apple Watch Series 4 Charging Stands

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#1. YoFeW

YoFeW Charging Stand for Apple Watch Series 4

YoFeW presents four-in-one Apple Watch charging stand, which not only serves as your watch stand but also charges AirPods and an iPhone. Keep your watch at 45 degrees angle and use the nightstand mode. Moreover, your AirPods will never go missing as long as you put them together on this charging stand.

YoFeW has manufactured a rare case, which boasts strength and style. This dock is built with premium aluminum alloy; it is further refined and polished meticulously to highlight edges smooth the surface.

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USP: Solid body
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YUUDIS Apple Watch Series 4 Charging Stand

YUUDIS brings a four-in-one charging stand that powers up your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods. Next, to the Apple Watch dock, you have a compatible Apple wireless charging station to charge your iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and other latest devices.

The watch stand doubles as AirPods charger. This single charger can charge four Apple devices, leaving other charging accessories redundant.

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USP: 4-in-1 design
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#3. Spigen S350

Spigen S350 Charging Stand for Apple Watch Series 4

Spigen is a name to reckon with among brands that manufacture accessories for Apple products. This Apple Watch charging stand comes with a nightstand mode to decorate your bedside desk.

This dock allows you to keep the watchstrap open or closed as this product has an open dock structure. You can use the crown and power button on your watch while you are charging it.

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USP: Open dock structure
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#4. Ottim

Oittm Charging Stand for Apple Watch Series 4

Ottim understands users’ need, and therefore, it has crafted this charging stand in the shape of a container. On this multipurpose charging stand, you can see a magnetic charger for your watch. For other products, Ottim gives USB ports on the wall of this container.

Inside the container, you can put the Apple Watch charging cord, USB adapters, card readers, and other stuff. Smart IQ charging technology protects your Apple Watch from over-voltage and over-current.

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USP: Stylish flat desk design
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#5. Elago

elago Apple Watch Series 4 Charging Stand

Elago presents a vintage design in a charging stand made for Apple Watch. This charging dock reminds you of an old Apple monitor. And therefore, it is a trip down memory lane for many Apple Watch users, who began their career in the eighties.

The design looks complex, but advanced silicone material makes it easy for you to charge your watch. Stretch the soft and flexible silicone frame, and place your Apple Watch to charge.

USP: Vintage design
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PEMENOL Apple Watch Series 4 Fast Charging Stand

PEMENOL’s charging dock is convenient and sturdy for iPhone and Apple Watch. The impressive design of this charging stand provides firm support to your devices. Remove unnecessary cables from your desk by using Pemenol’s wireless and magnetic charging base for your iPhone and iWatch.

Your iPhone and Apple Watch are safe as this dock intelligently identifies your devices and delivers power accordingly. You can charge your iPhones without removing cases, but make sure the case has a thickness of 8mm or less.

USP: ABS and PC material
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OLEBR Charging Dock for Apple Watch Series 4

You won’t find any corner in this charging dock, which boasts rounded corners everywhere. The sheer elegance of this dock captures your attention as the beauty is achieved by polished metal. You can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.

Once you install the cables, this solid watch stand charges your devices with subtlety. The dock is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with refined polishing, which highlights edges and smooth surface.

USP: Aluminum alloy material
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BEACOO Apple Watch Series 4 Charging Dock

BEACOO has made this Apple Watch stand from ABS material to make it durable and strong. Look at its large and strong base that provides greater stability to your smartwatch. Even if you are using a stainless steel band for your iWatch, this watch dock stands firmly on the surface.

Whether your watch band is open or closed, this charger will charge your Apple Watch. BEACOO brings innovative lift platform design that makes this product compatible with all Apple Watches.

USP: Strong ABS material
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#9. Tranesca

Tranesca Apple Watch Series 4 Charging Stand

Tranesca brings a classy Apple Watch charging dock, which is made of high-quality aluminum. A notable feature is color options; this charging stand is available in three different colors: silver, gold, and rose gold. These colors coordinate with your Apple Watchbands. The best way to personalize your smartwatch is to buy some more watch bands.

It is incredibly easy to set up this charging stand as the holder of your Apple Watch charger is customized to precisely fit to the watch charger. You can also use this dock as a bedside Apple Watch nightstand.

USP: Classy design
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HAPTIME Charging Stand for Apple Watch Series 4

HAPTIME offers a unique design in its brilliant charging stand for Apple Watch. Made of top-notch acrylic materials, this charging stand looks elegant as it has discarded rough edges. At the bottom, Haptime has put a silicone rubber pad, which keeps this charging dock in one spot and doesn’t move it.

This charging stand looks like an Artistic piece. The ‘U’ shaped charging dock embellishes your working desk at the office and at home. This dock stand can also be used as iPhone or iPad stand as you can rely on its strength and stability.

USP: Artistic design
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Oittm Apple Watch Series 4 Charing Stand

This one from Oittm is an extraordinary charging stand, which can smartly detect your devices and prevent the damage from over-current, overheating, and short-circuit. Since the charging stand is made of premium quality material (aluminum, silicone, and ABS plastic), it is lightweight, durable, and fashionable.

You can use this stand every day to avoid scratch on your Apple Watch and other iOS products. Even if you are using a long cable, this stand can do excellent cable management with its built-in cord organizing space.

USP: Cable management design
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Summing up…

Instead of placing your Apple Watch in your bag or wallet, you can put it on a charging stand to protect it from any damage. When you keep your watch offhandedly, there are chances your watch gets scratches and stains. Charging stands are the perfect accessories for your Apple Watch to rest upon.

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