Best Apple Pencil 2 Cases and Covers in 2020

Powered by an industry-leading low latency, Apple Pencil 2 is an excellent tool for drawing, sketching, and note-taking. Such a unique tool deserves every bit of care and the needed protection from damage. To help you choose the right match that can offer the essential care to your investment, we have listed out some of the best cases for Apple Pencil 2. These covers are pretty lightweight and snap around the stylus snugly. And with the anti-skidding texture, they provide enhanced grip.

#1. MoKo

MoKo Holder Case for Apple Pencil 2

This case from MoKo seems to be a complete cover for the Apple Pencil. The reason why I’ve liked it a lot is because it’s very durable.

The soft microfiber interior helps it absorb shock, whereas PU leather exterior strengthens the construction. Plus, it’s also water-resistant.

The zip allows you to close the case holder securely. If you have a special fondness for colorful designs, you will find the 16 color options with attractive patterns adorable.

USP: Water resistant PU leather
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FRTMA Leather Case for Apple Pencil 2

Sporting a professional design, FRTMA pairs perfectly with your Pencil. The genuine leather material reinforces the durability and also gives it an aesthetic look. You can comfortably install and remove the stylus.

With the leather texture, your fingers would enjoy the anti-slip hold. It offers the needed safeguard to the tip against damage. Lastly, I find all the four color options like black, brown, gray, and midnight blue.

USP: Genuine leather
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#3. pzoz

Pzoz Apple Pencil 2 Case

The “pzoz” case for the second generation Apple Pencil looks pretty sleek. The cover fits snugly around the stylus and offers the desired protection from scratches.

The soft silicone material feels nice to the touch, while also providing grippy feel. As a result, your fingers will comfortably hold the stylus. On top of all, the cover comes in three color options: black, pink and white.

USP: Soft silicone material
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#4. Fintie

Fintie Apple Pencil 2 Leather Holder Case

It’s the wide range of colorful variants that have caught my eyes in Fintie. They are beautifully crafted and provide the required safeguard to the digital pen.

The synthetic leather with refined craftsmanship gives it an aesthetic look. And the flap cover makes sure your Pencil stay securely inside. Furthermore, it has a tiny pocket to keep the USB adapter safe.

USP: Colorful design with an attractive pattern
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#5. Hydream

Hydream Silicone Case for Apple Pencil 2

Hydream has come up with an impressive looking skin for the new Apple Pencil. The silicone cover features a soft finish and lets you magnetically charge your stylus. Therefore, you don’t need to remove the case to power up the Pencil.

Another quality of this sleek skin is that it can effortlessly resist dirt and scuffs. It ensures the tip has the necessary shield against damage.

What’s more, seven beautiful color variants like pink, green, purple and more ensure electing a stunning pair isn’t a big deal.

USP: Sleek design
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#6. ProCase

ProCase Apple Pencil 2 Holder Case

What has impressed me a lot in ProCase holder is the pro looking design. If you want the cover to make an ideal match with your executive profile, this one can be worth giving serious consideration.

The composition leather exterior can be trusted to endure bumps. Thanks to the inclusion of flap, you can keep the digital pen safe.

With the elastic rubber band, you will be able to attach the Pencil on your iPad Pro securely. Furthermore, ProCase holder cover is available in just four hues including black, red, brown, and navy.

USP: Pro-looking design
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JIA JUN Apple Pencil 2 Case

JIA JUN presents a transparent case for your Apple Pencil. Once you install this sleeve, you can charge your pencil magnetically without removing the case. It is precisely designed for the second generation Apple Pencil.

This silicone cover provides soft user experience and enhances the grip. Even after using for hours, you won’t feel a cramp in your fingers. You can place your pencil on a sloping desk as its silicone material will prevent falling.

USP: Transparent case
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WERONE Case for Apple Pencil 2

WERONE has specially designed this sleeve for second generation Apple Pencil. It has covered the pencil with small particles to fit your finger and give you the best grip for painting, sketching, signing a document or taking notes.

This silicone case tightly hugs your Apple Pencil and protects it from scratches, shocks, dirt, and other perils. You can charge your stylus magnetically as the rubber skin does not affect the wireless charging of your Apple Pencil. This case comes with a nib cover to safeguard the nib of your pencil.

USP: Protective nib cover
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#9. iMangoo

iMangoo Apple Pencil 2 Case

iMangoo offers you a one-stop solution to store your second generation Apple Pencil and other related accessories like nib and charging cable. The dimensions of this case 8” (L) x 2.4″ (W) x 1.2″ (H) speak volumes about its usefulness. It is a shockproof EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) pouch to store pencil cap, memory cards, and tips.

iMangoo has used premium quality EVA material to prevent scratches on the pencil. Moreover, its smooth coating gives you a comfortable grip while you are using a pencil.

USP: EVA material
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#10. TechMatte

TechMatte Apple Pencil 2 Leather Case

TechMatte is known for manufacturing premium Apple accessories. This high-quality PU leather case is compatible with your Apple Pencil first and the second generation as well. The best thing about this case is it comes with a built-in pocket for lightning adapter and a charging cable.

The cocoon safeguards your pencil from shocks and scratches and provides excellent protection against dust and dirt. TechMate has used premium white PU leather and soft non-scratch microfiber interior.

USP: Built-in leather pockets
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That’s all about our favorite covers for the Apple Pencil!

Your pick?

I think you have enjoyed my company while exploring the above cases. But before you set your eyes on other stories, do share your opinion about them.

Which Apple Pencil cover looked nice to you?

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