On Amazon, there’s a lot of price variation for any product that you can think of. And since you get the best deals on that website, it is almost the first place that someone checks out for good deals on the things someone wants to buy.

But is there a way to make sure you are notified when a product you’re watching has a price-drop? Sure there is. There are a handful of iPhone/iPad apps that can notify you (through useful push notifications) when a product you’re watching/waiting to buy has a price drop (or a deal offer).

Best Amazon Price Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Amazon Price Tracker iPhone and iPad Apps

#1. PriceRadar

PriceRadar iPhone and iPad App IconInterface-wise, PriceRadar is one of the simplest, coolest and most beautiful app that helps you track a price-drop/raise of any product in Amazon. You don’t even need an Amazon account to track the products. At the time of writing this, PriceRadar has gone free. You can set up to 10 products to track (in-app purchases let you increase that number). PriceRadar works for all international websites of Amazon which is great if you’re, say, outside the U.S. The app works seamlessly, there are no bugs and it’s a go-to app if you’re looking for a quick way to monitor prices.

Price: Free
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#2. PriceHERO

PriceHERO for Amazon iPhone and iPad App IconI’m not a big fan of the interface of PriceHERO but it’s a free app that gets the job done. If that’s all that matters, this could be a great app. (I’m including this as an alternative so that when PriceRadar becomes a paid app, you have a free app to switch back to). PriceHERO works good when it comes to adding items to your tracker list; and it is easy enough to work with.

Price: Free
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#3. Buyers Remorse

Buyers Remorse iPhone and iPad App IconBuyers’ Remorse is a kickass app. It not only lets you add products manually through the built-in search but you can also use the barcode scanner. That’s mighty handful when you are out shopping, find a product you want to buy, and decide to wait for a price-drop on Amazon for the same product. All you do, in this case, is scan the barcode and Buyers’ Remorse will automatically add that product to your tracker list. When there’s a price drop, the app will send you a notification. Cool, eh?

Price: Free
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#4. Amazon

Amazon  iPhone and iPad App IconPrice Check comes directly from Amazon. It’s the official app from Amazon to compare and check prices of products. Technically, that doesn’t make it a price tracker per se but there’s one benefit: you can login with your Amazon account and access data about your Wishlist products instantly. And securely. Also, you can even buy products directly from within the app. Also, Price Check is free so it’s a no-brainer to have this one on your iPhone or iPad for quick access anytime, anywhere.

Price: Free
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#5. PriceTracker

Price Tracker iPhone and iPad App IconExtremely simple and a no-frills kind of an app to track Amazon products easily. There’s one downside: it is sometimes a little buggy, occasionally too limited in features.

Price: Free
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