“Slide to Unlock” is a pretty basic functional design on the iPhone. And let’s accept it: it’s pretty boring. Would I like to get rid of it and have something interesting in its place, no offense? Oh sure, I would.

That’s when I started looking for theme options. Having installed Winterboard, one thing that I know is that I can almost tweak any part of the theme now. So why not the slider? I’m pretty bored of it, despite it being one of the most-used and slickly designed features on the iPhone.

So out I went looking for some really good theme options for the slider. Turns out, not so surprisingly, there are tons of them. Now, I’m not looking for a complete LS package like LockInfo or Bulletin. All I want is a simple and neat slide-to-unlock alternative. The simpler, the better.

Clean Slider HD/SDClean Slider HD SD Cydia TweakI installed this one my iPhone and I’ve not budged ever since. Simply, the most amazing and minimalist slide-to-unlock theme you’ll ever see. Comes in three variants and can be configured from the Winterboard. All you do is search for the tweak in Cydia and install. Whoosh! Respring after Winterboard settings are set and you’re done. Quite beautiful, isn’t it?

Glissade HDGlissade HD Cydia Tweak

Glissade HD is a beautiful slider too. It’s crafted minimally too, with just a lock. You slide the lock and your iPhone unlocks. Glissade isn’t as minimal as Clean Slider HD is, but it’s beautiful. It’s slick. 


I have got no experience here but I’ve heard pretty good things about Stride. It isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill unlocker but it’s inspired from Android’s pattern-draw for unlocking the iPhone. Interestingly, the pattern trace looks beautiful. Adds some “zing” to the unlocking process.

UnfoldUnfold Cydia Tweak

Unfold was one my favorite unlock themes a while back. Unfold simply creates the unfold effect as shown below. A cool tweak, Unfold also comes with some customization options under Settings. It’s free so check it out. It doesn’t need Winterboard!

Pinch To Unlock

Pinch to Unlock doesn’t get rid of the slider but it sure does add a new method to the process of unlocking. Instead of the slider, you can just pinch anywhere on the screen to unlock it. Since you won’t be “accidentall” pinching the screen, it’s safe too!

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    Great! I was looking for something like this