iPhone comes equipped with plethora of useful applications, you might have never used. There is whole gamut of professional developers who offer feasible third party applications for iPhone users. Users can still delete apps which come with their iPhone, but let us take a quick look at some of the best alternatives which will help you to get rid of boring grips.

Best iPhone Stock Apps Alternative

Best iPhone Stock Apps Alternative

#1. Messages | GroupMe

GroupMe iPhone App IconIt offers one of the best ways to chat particularly among different groups of relatives, colleagues or buddies. The best thing about this app is that it allows group messaging and calling. This app is totally free and can be used on any platform which you can think of and even works over SMS.

Price: Free
Download GroupMe

#2. Mail | Mailbox

Mailbox iPhone App IconMailbox is a free fantastic app which has smooth interface and brilliant features. It proves useful for organizing, responding and addressing to E-mails. The best thing about this app is that it is fast, easily navigable and it learns about the crap mails that user is more inclined to delete it off from the mailbox.  This app has been designed with the purpose to carry out rapid operation. Users have to just swipe E-mails after they have completed sending mails to trash. It has received coverage on numerous technology blogs owing to its useful features and ease-of-use.

Price: Free
Download Mailbox

#3. Phone/Facetime | Skype

Skype iPhone App IconSkype is the best free phone app you can find. It is an instant messaging and voice chat application which allows users to connect with other users from any global location with internet access. Using this app, users can make national/international calls. It can be considered as the best cross platform video chat application around. With help of Skype, you can do a face-to-face communication with people other than your Apple buddies and kinsfolk.

Price: Free
Download Skype

#4. iTunes | Spotify

Spotify Music iPhone App IconSpotify has brought change in the world of online music streaming, whilst providing users with access to massive music catalog. Users can use this application to listen to any music from Spotify’s huge music library. The browse section lets you discover organized playlists of different music genres. It is possible to use this app, even if you don't subscribe to a premium Spotify account.

Price: Free
Download Spotify

#5. Podcasts | Pocket casts

Pocket Casts iPhone App IconIt is a nice podcast application equipped with tweaks, setting and options. It helps users to systematize podcasts with its useful features. It syncs casts across Android/iOS, takes backup of data in the Cloud and works in a perfect way when used with Chromecast/AirPlay. It comes equipped with useful playlist-making feature, so users can any-time listen to mixtape’s worth of their preferred podcasts.

Price: $3.99
Download Pocket Casts

#6. iCal | Sunrise

Sunrise Calendar iPhone App IconIt is a free calendar application which pulls in your Facebook and Google calendars to show weather conditions for the day. This app gives you directions for scheduling your events with the use of Google Maps. Another best thing about it is that you can wish your friends/relatives or loved ones happy birthday through text without leaving this app. Thus, try out these applications and experience the change yourself!

Price: Free
Download Sunrise

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