Best Mail App Alternatives for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Tired of the default Mail app on your iPhone? I know. It’s sometimes excruciatingly slow and very bland to the point of being boring. That’s why; I love those alternative Mail apps for iPhone and iPad.

Comparatively, some third-party email apps are more elegant. They allow you to manage your inbox more comfortably and offer a better user experience. So, if you want to have some break from the Mail app, give these worthy rivals a try.

Best Mail App Alternatives for iPhone and iPad in 2020

#1. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Yahoo! Updated its mail app for the iPad recently and believe it or not, it’s a complete overhaul that can blow your mind away. That is if you love flat UI. It has won rave reviews, and frankly, the overhaul is fantastic. Full-screen reading, amazing gesture-based controls for managing your inbox and a smooth workflow are all now part of the new Yahoo! Mail for iPad.

Price: Free

#2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Microsoft Outlook is at par with the best email apps for iPhone. It allows you to easily access all of your emails, calendars, and files. It features “Focused inbox” that shows an important message at the top.

You can easily switch between emails and calendar to create and manage your events effortlessly. With the use of swipe gestures, you are able to carry out the task comfortably. You get the option to view and attach any file from your email, Dropbox, OneDrive.

Price: Free

#3. Gmail

Gmail Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Most of us use Gmail as work and personal email. Interestingly, the Gmail app built for iDevices works pretty well. Recently, Google acquired Sparrow (which produced the runaway hit mail client for Mac and iOS). Sparrow is much better than Gmail, but if you’re looking for a familiar interface, the Gmail app is the way to go.

Price: Free

#4. Email

Email Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Email” is a worthy alternative to the Mail app for iOS. Featuring a built-in assistant, it allows you to let you organize your shopping, expenses, travel, etc. with more convenience. You can instantly access and manage all the inboxes a lot easier.

With the use of handy features like unsubscribing from junk, snooze messages, it lets take the desired control of your mailbox. There is also an option to undo the sent message. It supports Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmail, Exchange and AOL, IMAP, Outlook 365 mail accounts.

Price: Free

#5. Spark

Spark Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Spark is one of the most excellent email apps. It’s extremely fast and allows you to manage your emails with utmost ease. As the unified inbox knows the difference between newsletter, notification and personal emails, you can quickly check out all of your important emails.

It lets you reply to any email quickly by sending Like, Thanks or another custom reply. The email app quickly finds out your most used signature to let you add it quickly. There is also an option to save an email as PDF.

Price: Free

#6. myMail

myMail Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

myMail may not be as competent as some of its more popular rivals, but it has got enough quality to let you manage your emails with the needed flair. It lets you easily take full of the messages from Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo and more.

Through instant notifications, it keeps informed about the new messages. As per your need, you can turn on/off notifications. You also have the option to customize your messages to suit your particular taste.

Price: Free

#7. Blue Mail

Blue Mail Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Blue Mail” is simple yet highly user-friendly. What makes it super handy is the ability to let you manage an unlimited number of mail accounts. The easy-to-use features offer unified account experience.

Once you have viewed any email, mark it as done so that it won’t appear at the top. You can use a custom signature per account. Use Touch ID or passcode to provide more security to your emails.

Price: Free

#8. Newton Mail

Newton Mail Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Regarding functionality, Newton Mail is very handy. Once your email is sent, it shows read-status. It notifies you when your email is read by the receiver.

You can schedule emails to be sent later. Just in case you sent an email by mistake, you have the option to pull it back. Using 2-factor authentication, you can provide more safeguard to your account.

Price: Free

#9. Mail+

Mail+ Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For those of you who need to send bulk emails at all times – say, a team working on a project – Mail+ provides one of the easiest ways to manage that. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s one of the best group email apps we’ve ever seen. The price is justified by the range of features that the app gives you. These include mail attachments, cloud sync, and an elegant interface that’s been overhauled for the iPad.

Price: $9.99

#10. iMailG

iMailG Alternative Email iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For those of you who aren’t quite happy with the Gmail app built for iPhone, the iMailG might be an alternative you’ll like. iMailG is described as one of the fastest Gmail clients for the iPhone and iPad (iMailG HD). The app is fast not just regarding how quickly it pushes email but also regarding multiple account switching, search functions, etc.

Price: Free
Download iMailG

The Bottom Line

Assuming, these email apps have been able to pass your acid test. Which one has been able to win your vote from all aspects? Do let us know that in the comments.

Best Mail App Alternatives for iPhone and iPad

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Best Mail App Alternatives for iPhone and iPad
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