Tired of the default Mail app on your iPhone? I know. It’s sometimes excruciatingly slow and very bland to the point of being boring. Email shouldn’t be boring! That’s why, I love those alternative apps that replace the stock apps on the iPhone. I’ve been using Chrome instead of Safari and I know how good it feels to prefer a change that’s interesting.

That’s why we got ourselves some alternatives for the Mail app. We wanted something that had more features, a better interface and an interesting functionality.

Top 6 Alternatives to Mail App for iPhone and iPad:

#1. Gmail

Gmail App for iPhone and iPadMost of us use Gmail as work and personal email. Interestingly, the Gmail app built for iDevices works pretty good. Recently, Google acquired Sparrow (which produced the runaway hit mail client for Mac and iOS). Sparrow is much better than Gmail but if you’re looking for a familiar interface, the Gmail app is the way to go.

Price: Free
Download Gmail

#2. iMailG

iMailG App for iPhone and iPadFor those of you who aren’t quite happy with the Gmail app built for iPhone, the iMailG might be an alternative you’ll like. iMailG is described as one of the fastest Gmail clients for the iPhone and iPad (iMailG HD). The app is fast not just in terms of how quickly it pushes email but also in terms of multiple account switching, search functions etc.

Price: Free
Download iMailG

#3. iPriorityMail

iPriorityMail iPhone AppiPriorityMail takes the cake for combining email and productivity. You set up all your accounts in iPriorityMail (including those of Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail etc.). When a mail comes in from one of these accounts, depending on how you’ve configured the app, you will be notified of the mail. You can set specific ringtones for the type of mail that you want to be notified of. The recent update added Twitter too.

Price: Free (ad-supported)
Download iPriorityMail

#4. Group Email

Group Email iPhone AppFor those of you who need to send bulk emails at all times – say, a team working on a project – Group Email provides one of the easiest ways to manage that. It’s a bit pricey but it’s one of the best group email apps we’ve ever seen. The price is justified by the range of features that the app gives you. These include mail attachments, cloud sync, and a neat interface that’s been overhauled for the iPad.

Price: $4.99
Download Group Email

#5. mailPro

mailPro App for iPhone and iPadIf you use a Hotmail or Live account and would want an app that’s specifically designed for Windows Mail, mailPro could be one of the simplest choices. It isn’t all that great interface-wise, but it gets the job done in a way that’s hard to explain. It works pretty much like the default Mail app but it’s smoother, faster and specifically for Hotmail accounts.

Price: $1.99
Download mailPro

#6. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! updated its mail app for the iPad recently and believe it or not, it’s a complete overhaul that can blow your mind away. That is, if you love flat UI. It has won rave reviews and frankly, the overhaul is amazing. Full-screen reading, amazing gesture-based controls for managing your inbox and an easy workflow are all now part of the new Yahoo! Mail for iPad.

Price: Free
Download Yahoo! Mail

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    have you looked at mailbox

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    “…works pretty good.”

  • These mailing options are looking great. I have used alta mail. It is also good.

  • Marina Diamondez

    can you add altamail to the list? its brilliant, just been updated to include push notifications which you can customize