Over 20 Best AirPods Pro Tips and Tricks

While AirPods had always ruled vox pop, becoming a sort of cultural phenomenon, they were not the best in every aspect. For starters, the wireless earphones lacked super comfy ergonomic design. Moreover, they also didn’t feature noise cancellation which has become a norm these days.

However, with the arrival of AirPods Pro, the earbuds seem to be within touching distance of perfection. That said, having put the earbuds on for the long run, we have lined up over 20 tips and tricks for AirPods Pro, which you would like to explore. So, without any further ado, let’s give ’em all a try!

20 Best Tips and Tricks for AirPods Pro

Tip #1. Use AirPods Pro Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

Switching between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode is as straightforward as it can ever get. Simply, press and hold either AirPod Pro stem to cycle between Noise Cancellation and Transparency. A tiny ding sound will confirm that you have successfully switched to ANC or TM.

Tip #2. Control AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode from iPhone or iPad

As always, Control Center is in the mix. So, if you ever want to take control of noise cancellation or Transparency mode from your connected iOS or iPadOS device, you can do so with ease.

Ensure that your earbuds are connected. Then, open Control Center on your device (On modern devices like iPhone X or later and iPad Pro 2018, swipe down from top right corner to bring up Control Center. On iPhones /iPad featuring Home button, swipe up from the bottom to access CC.) Now, touch and hold the volume bar and then tap on the Noise Cancellation/Transparency strip to enable it.

Side Note:

  • Alternately, you can also control Transparency and Noise Cancellation from the Settings appBluetooth ⟶ tap on the information button next to your AirPods Pro
  • Force Sensor can let you play, pause or skip tracks, and answer or hang up phone calls as well

Tip #3. Turn ON Active Noise Cancellation on AirPods Pro

One of the coolest things about AirPods Pro is that you can choose to enable noise cancellation even for AirPod Pro. Times when you are using just one earbud, it could come in super handy.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad ⟶ AccessibilityAirPods. Now, turn on the switch next to Noise Cancellation on One AirPod.

Tip #4. Control AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation and Transparency from Apple Watch

If you think that controlling noise cancellation or Transparency mode is quite simple from the iPhone, let me tell you that it’s equally straightforward from Apple Watch. When listening to audio through your smartwatch, simply wake the screen of your watch and then hit the tiny AirPlay icon. After that, choose Noise Cancellation, Transparency or Off.

Tip #5. Control AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation and Transparency on Mac

When your AirPods are connected to a Mac running macOS Catalina, you will be able to take control of transparency and noise control right from your computer. Click on the volume icon in the menu bar and select AirPods Pro. Now, choose from Noise Cancellation, Transparency, or Off.

Tip #6. Use AirPods Pro as Remote Mic

Just like AirPods, the all-new AirPods Pro also works efficiently with the Live Listen feature. It takes advantage of the iPhone as a microphone and relays what the device catches. Whether you want to secretly pay heed to what your sweetheart is talking or listen to what a speaker says in a hall, it will come into play seamlessly.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone ⟶ Control CenterCustomize Controls. Now, tap on the “+” button next to Hearing.

Step #2. Now, bring up the Control Center. Simply swipe down from the top right corner (on iPhone X or later) or swipe up from the bottom of the screen (on iPhone 8/8 Plus). Then, choose the Hearing icon and hit Live Listen. Now, all you need to do is simply put your iPhone close to the subject you wish to hear.

Tip #7. Customize AirPods Pro Force Sensor Duration

Depending on your convenience, you can fine-tune the duration of Force Sensor. For instance, you can choose to keep the default option when it seems to be in line with your taste. But if you want to get the better of it, you have the option to choose short or shorter.

Step #1. Open the Settings app on your device ⟶ Accessibility.

Step #2. Now, tap on AirPods Pro.

Step #3. Below “Press and Hold Duration” section and then choose from three options: Default, Short or Shorter as per your needs.

Tip #8. Customize AirPods Pro Control Press Speed and Duration

While most folks would find the default press speed of the AirPods Pro up to the task, it might not suit everyone’s convenience. If it’s the case with you, you can choose to fine-tune the press speed of your earbuds with ease.

Step #1. Navigate to the Settings app on your device. Tap on Accessibility and choose AirPods Pro.

Step #2. Below, “Press Speed” section, choose from three options: Default, Slow, or Slowest as desired.

Tip #9. Share Audio with Two AirPods Pro in iOS 13

You guessed it! This one is primed for the folks who love to listen to music with their close buddy. The Audio Sharing feature works efficiently, allowing you to share your device’s Bluetooth audio with a second pair of AirPods. Thus, you can relish music with your pal while having a gala time or sweating it out in the gym.

Step #1. Assuming you are already wearing AirPods and playing audio on your iPhone or iPad, bring up Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen or swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Step #2. Now, you need to tap on the icon with the triangle and three circles in the audio playback controls.

Now, put your friend’s AirPods Pro inside their case and be sure they are close to your device. Then, open the lid of the case. Next, a prompt will show up on your device’s screen with the option to Share Audio with the second pair of AirPods.

Tip #10. Check AirPods Pro Battery Life

With the battery widget, keeping a track of the charge status of AirPods is quite easy. Simply swipe right towards left on the screen to access Today View and then check the battery widget.

Note: When the charging case is open, the battery widget will show its percentage as well.

Tip #11. Check AirPods Pro Battery Percentage from Apple Watch

Tracking the battery level of AirPods from Apple Watch is just as upfront. When the earbuds are connected, swipe up on a watch face to access Control Center and then hit the battery icon. You should see the AirPods’ battery level as a ring below the Apple Watch battery percentage.

Note: When you place the AirPod in the charging case, it will show the individual percentage charges.

Tip #12. View AirPods Pro Battery Life on Mac

No prizes for guessing! Checking the charge status of AirPods isn’t complex either from Mac. Ensure that the lid of the charging case is open or take your earbuds out of the case. Now, click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and then hover the pointer over your AirPods. Now, check out how much juice is left on your earbuds.

Tip #13. Check AirPods Pro Battery Status with Using Siri

Tracking the charge status of the AirPods is a lot easier using Siri. When the earphones are in your ear, ask Siri “How is my AirPods’ battery?” That’s it! Now, the virtual assistant will show up the individual percentage level for each earbud.

Tip #14. Keep Track of AirPods Pro Wireless Charge Status

Thanks to the support for Qi-enabled chargers, you can power up your AirPods wirelessly. What’s more, there is a quick way to check the charge status to figure out whether or not the earbuds are fully ready to go.

When you put the charging case face up on a charging mat, the light will turn on for a few seconds and turn off after that, confirming that charging has begun.

To find out the charging status, simply tap the case to make the light show up again. Now, if you see an amber light, it means the charging case is still charging. But if the green light appears, it means charging is over.

Tip #15. Reset AirPods Pro

Save this hack for the times when you find your earbuds embroiled into issues or just not working as expected.

Step #1. Ensure that your AirPods Pro are in their case and the lid is closed. Now, wait for 30 seconds and then open the lid.

Step #2. Next, head over to SettingsBluetooth and hit the circled “i” icon next to your AirPods.

Step #3. Next up, tap on Forget This Device. You will need to tap on Forget this device again to confirm. Now, press and hold the button on the back of the case for about 15 seconds until the status light starts flashing amber.

With the case lid open, now put your AirPods close to your device and go through the usual steps on your device’s screen to reconnect the earbuds.

Tip #16. Have AirPods Pro Announce Your Calls

Now you no longer need to take your iPhone out of the pocket or look at your Apple Watch to find out who is calling. Didn’t get the trick? Well, you can now have Siri announce who it is over your AirPods.

Step #1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and choose the Phone icon.

Step #2. Now, Tap Announce Calls under the Calls heading and choose Headphones Only.

Tip #17. Find Lost or Misplaced AirPods Pro

For the users who are a bit oblivious and often misplace their earbuds, this hack could be worth a million dollars. Well, Find My app can let you easily find the misplaced earbuds. Needless to say, it can also prove to be enormously helpful in finding out he lost earphones.

Step #1. Launch Find My app on your iOS device and choose the Devices tab at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose Airpods Pro on the list.

Note: You can also open Find My from iCloud.com.

Step #2. Now, you can tap Play Sound to easily find the misplaced the earbuds.

You should see the last place where the earphones connected to the map. Then, you can tap Directions to get directions to the last known location. To check out Find My works, head over to this complete guide.

Tip #18. Take Out the AirPods Pro Comfortably

While it’s easy to take out the AirPod from the case, some of you might find it inconvenient – especially the ones who hold the earbud wrongly. To take the earphone out comfortably, simply push on the back of each earphone and it will pop out between your forefinger and thumb.

Tip #19. Use AirPod Pro to Extend Listening Time

Often find your AirPods’ battery life falling short of your expectation? Why not use one AirPod at a time to extend the battery life. While you are wearing one AirPod, keep the other one in the charging case so that it remains powered up. One thing worth noting is that when you are wearing AirPod stereo signals are automatically converted to mono output to ensure your user-experience remains smooth-sailing.

Tip #20. Protect AirPods Pro from Bumps and Scratches

Considering how expensive the earbuds are, you better offer them the needed safeguard so that they remain protected from bumps and scuffs. If you haven’t yet found the right suits for your earphones, check out our roundups:

Bonus Tips

Tip #21. Clean AirPods Pro

I know that it’s something that most of you would be already aware of. However, in case you aren’t aware of the care that the AirPods Pro warrants, let me tell you that they demand a little extra love.

Be sure to clean them with a cloth dampened with fresh water. And dry them with a lint-free cloth. Make sure not to use them until they are completely dry.

Our Suggestions:  MR.SIGA Microfiber cleaning cloth | MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths

Tip #22. Connect AirPods Pro to Android Device

Even though AirPods Pro are designed to work with iDevices, you can use them with your Android devices as well. Of course, they can’t deliver the best but they can definitely rev up your music time. To get going, jump over here.

Tip #23. How to Skip Songs on AirPods Pro

Force sensor on the stem of an AirPod helps you skip forward and back. To skip forward, double-press and to skip back, triple-press the force sensor. Apart from force sensor, you can use Siri to skip the track on your AirPods Pro.

Like second-generation AirPods, you can summon Siri with your voice (Hey Siri) on AirPods Pro as well. You can also summon Siri with your touch; on your AirPods Pro, you set either of your AirPods to summon Siri when you press and hold the Force Sensor. Once Siri is invoked, you can ask the voice assistant to ‘Skip to the next track’ or ‘Go back to the previous track’.

Use AirPods Pro Like a Pro…

So, these are the cool hacks to get the most out of the earbuds. I hope you have found these tricks worth having a go.

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