The Best 5 iPhone 5C+Case Color Combinations You Should Try


So the multi-colored iPhone rumors were proved right by Apple. But in its typical style, Apple had something more up its sleeve. The $29 case.

As the joke goes, would you spend $29 on a $99 iPhone? Well, may be you do because it’s Apple after all and the cases aren’t run-of-the-mill. Apple was smart enough to make the cases multi-colored as well.

When Apple showcased different color combinations, it was apparent that some where good, some were not.

We thought we’d take a walk through the different combinations and see what we’d like to see. We ended up making a small list of favorite color combinations of iPhone 5C shell and case cover.

Beauty is perception and what’s beautiful to me might not be so to you so take this as just a personal opinion. Nevertheless, dive right in:

Green iPhone 5C + Yellow Case

Green iPhone 5C with Yellow Case

You have this subtle, eco-friendly green iPhone 5C but you want to add a dab of vibrant rebellion. Strap the yellow case on and here we go! It just makes it kind of contrasting and mildly rebellious.

Green iPhone 5C + White Case

Green iPhone 5C with White Case

Anything draped in white makes good due to the effective contrast but white case on green iPhone 5C looks like a charming favorite. Although I’m not sure if I’d pick one if I was to see it, I’m sure I’ll have my eyes fixed on it for longer than most other combinations. Who knows? This might be your combination!

Pink iPhone 5C + Yellow Case

Pink iPhone 5C with Yellow Case

Contrast at its best, vibrancy at its best and yet quirky. You might not particularly be a fan of this color combination (may be it’s girly and you are a guy?) but some might just pick this one!

White iPhone 5C + Black Case

White iPhone 5C With Black Case

This is actually tricking the game because a white iPhone 5C wrapped with anything is going to look okay-good-great but the white and black combo is the most brilliant, fascinating and awesome ever.

White iPhone 5C + Green Case

White iPhone 5C with Green Case

If the green interior and white exterior spoke of a balance, the reverse speaks of a fresh and ecological outlook. The white iPhone 5C draped in the vibrantly green case should draw a lot of attention towards your iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C is releasing on 20th September (pre-orders start on 13th) with a price tag of $99 (16 GB) for contract phone. You can read about the iPhone 5C here. [iphone 5c features]