Tracking something using a tiny gadget and Bluetooth/GPS isn’t new but last year, we saw a bunch of startups geared towards making this technology available for everyone. From Tile to Lapa to Guardian, everyone seems to have a gadget ready to help you tag and track things and, in the case of the Guardian, people (kids).

Now, Beluvv – the company behind Guardian – wants to help you track your pet too. It applies the same tech used in its previous gadget to track your pet on those leash-free days of picnic and fun.

Beluvv Puppy Tag

Puppy, the tiny tag that can be attached to the collar, uses Bluetooth 4.0 to send signals to your iPhone. The accompanying app will keep a tab on these signals to notify you when your pet leaves a particular perimeter. That’s your cue.

Like other Bluetooth-based tags, Puppy will, to locate your pet, make use of other iPhone users who have the app installed. It’s crowdsourced information and till many people adopt this tech and use it, the usefulness of the tag will be questioned. But there’s a big advantage to using Bluetooth instead of GPS. It makes the device consume less power and therefore cuts costs.

How does Beluvv Puppy Tag work?

The Puppy tag has a core (which emits the signals) protected by a wrap-pouch (which is the tag that can be attached to the collar). The Puppy core is water resistant so mud, rains etc. are not going to affect its performance.

Your iPhone’s Puppy app will receive signals from the core for up to a distance of 230ft. When your pet strays a little close to this limit, you will get alerts on your iPhone. You can actually set the limit at which you need an alert.

When your pet strays outside this limit and the app loses the signal, the Searching Network starts automatically. When your pet (with the Puppy tag) comes nearby any iPhone user who has the app installed, it’s location will be noted instantly and sent to you anonymously.

Puppy’s battery lasts anywhere between 4 months to 1 year according to the spec. It’s replaceable.

Beluvv’s Puppy is priced $29.95 and you can purchase it from here.